We Defy Any Other Investment Newsletter in the World to Show Us Such a Response From Its Readers

We've only been publishing our work a short time, and already we're changing people's lives

The Palm Beach Letter has become something of a phenomenon in the financial publishing world.

In just our very first year, over twelve hundred readers have written in to tell us how much they appreciate and respect a publication that dares to tell the truth about how real wealth is made (and how it isn't).

Words like "honest", "no-nonsense", "profitable", "great value", and "trust" are common throughout.

Many have commented on our "genuine desire to help" and how they "wish they had this information years ago."

Even more told us our work has "changed their outlook on investing"…"restored their confidence in their ability to get wealthy" and "let them sleep again at night".

And a lot of people told us they're using Palm Beach Letter principles and Mark's "Golden Wells" wealth system to teach their children and grandchildren about wealth…so they can maximize the high, compounding gains Palm Beach Letter investments strive to offer.

I have to tell you, as publisher and co-founder of Palm Beach Letter– and one of a small (but growing) team of folks who pour their hearts and souls into everything we do here…this amazing response has touched us all.

Many thanks to all our loyal readers…

And if you're just learning about our work, we're eager to have you join us!

Tom Dyson

Publisher, The Palm Beach Letter

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Here are some of the notes and letters we've seen so far – more than 1,250 of them:

Your guidance and integrity have been stellar. I am a 60-year-old business owner and only started focusing on investing 6 years ago. Following your advice… my portfolio has yielded over 300k in profit from a 40k investment. You even educated me on how to emotionally handle the volatility that comes with emerging technologies.  I felt like my chance to recover the opportunities I saw and missed in the 80's and 90's (Apple, Microsoft, AOL, etc.).”

Mark Richardson, Excelsior, MN

“Looking right now, theworst performing recommendation is UP 46%, and the best is UP over 5000%!”

Billy T., Ocean County, NJ

Thank you IMMENSELY. Since I purchased [one of Teeka’s recommendations], I am up over 14,000%! This has turned $400 into about $50,000 in 3.5 months1 THANKS!

Kelly B.

“We are up 474% annualized! It’s only been 18 days! Thank you Teeka and team!”

John and Sandy M.

“I just want to personally extend my thanks to Teeka and the team. I’m up 396% and about to pull every dollar of my original investment out and let the ‘house money’ grow!”

John B.

“I placed about $300 in. Was left nearly speechless last night when I discovered that my $300 had grown to over $43,300. I have never heard of such gains in such a short time frame.”

Jon M.

“Thank you and your team so much for all your hard on educating and teaching. I have followed your instructions closely and am happy to tell you that I have completely taken back all my initial investment (save 5K) and now have $300K in my accounts. I know you have been spending time away from your family but if this works out? It will really help peace of mind for my retirement. Thank you all again.”

Kathleen S.

I am up almost $1 million since May. I've not ever traded on any market in the past, so many thanks for the step by step ‘hand-holding.’”

Jim R.

“Thank you very much for your great newsletter. It helped me to make about $30,000 in about a month! Thank you a lot. The best newsletter ever!


“I was just admiring your portfolio. It is like nothing I have ever seen before – I mean nothing bearing any semblance to ANY portfolio page results I have EVER seen before. Not sure how to thank you… but THANK YOU!”

William T.

“I joined nearly four months ago and have followed your portfolio carefully, plus a couple of the short-term picks. I have made a profit of $110k. That's a lot more than my gross wage for an entire year! Do I dare dream about buying a place to live? This is life changing stuff.”

Stuart O.

“My $20,000 initial stake is now over $100,000. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with the nominal fee I spent for your service.”

George W.

“Your plays have grown my savings from $20,000 into $135,000 in just three months. Like the majority of America, I was gradually slipping from the middle-class due to the economy. Retirement was a huge worry and I did not believe it would be possible. However, with gains like this I am confident it will. I can’t thank you enough.”

Michielle O.

“Your information has been absolutely outstanding. I started investing in your recommendations back in December 2016, and as you know, returns have been mind-blowing. I never imagined the results would have occurred so quickly. I can’t thank you enough.”

Raymond W.

“Just a note of thanks. I am now close to $200,000 after my initial funding of $8,000. Couldn’t be happier. Keep them coming.”

Pete A.

“I am up over $200,000. Loving all your recommendations.” –

Dan S.

“I pulled a bunch out of the stock market and bought [one of Teeka’s recommendations] at $88. Was up over 21-times on my trade. This stuff is changing my life.”

James R.

“Teeka, you have made me so much money. I initially invested between $6-8K. My investments are now worth over $43,000. They have changed my life and the life of my family. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Jose H.

“Your education and portfolio are the best things since gold and silver”

Don B.

“I wanted to send a big thank you. Turned $600 into $10,000 in less than a year. Guess I’m a fan for life now.”

Ron L.

“I joined a month ago with no prior knowledge or experience. Frankly, I didn’t know what I was doing. But I followed your recommendations and placed my first trade. Today, one month later, I’m up 151%. I am blown away. I have never experienced anything like this.”

Richard G.

“My $220 is now worth $6,000! Count me in. Thank you for all the hard work.”

James R.

“I finally got in in November 2016. I’m glad you kept pushing this. I’ve never written this to an investment letter writer before, but thank you for bringing me this opportunity way before anyone else knew about this. By the time my friends and co-workers and Christmas party acquaintances will be investing, I stand a reasonable chance to make some life-changing gains.”

David K.

“I invested $500 last year and then forgot about it. Imagine my surprise to see almost 1,000% growth when I finally logged in again. Thank you, Teeka!”

Carolyn H.

“I have invested a total of $15,000. My holdings are now worth $60,000. Needless to say, I’ll keep reading and following your suggestions. Thank you for your guidance.”

Robert G.

“I want to commend you on your recommendations. I put in just under $10,700. Today, I am sitting near $32,000 in less than year!”

Lawrence G.

“I have made very good returns following your advice… But nothing compares with the gains I have made from your [New Nasdaq] recommendations. It beats my best returns in the stock market by far. Thanks for everything.”

Clay F.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been subscribed to many high-end publications over the years, but you are the only one which was worth the money for a man with minor means. I invested $2,000 worth with an average price of $0.23 and took some profits already three times, totaling $23,000. And I still have more than half my position left! Thank you so much. Now a subscriber for life.”

Lacsap K.

“I just turned $240 into a book value of over $20,000. Thank you, sir. May I please have another?”

Bryan A.

“I’m slightly unhappy. I only made $28,000 since I joined two weeks ago. JUST JOKING! It has been an exciting too weeks. Thanks!”

William N.

“I’m up 550% on invested capital… and up well over six figures at this point. Thank you Teeka and the team for your outstanding advice and recommendations!”

Jeff L.

“All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve never seen gains like this in my life. My only regret is I didn’t act on your recommendations sooner.”

Riz M.

“Thanks, Big T, for all your efforts. You can tell your wife and kids that you are busy changing lives in a way no one else can. Wow!”

Jon M.

The Palm Beach Letter has been completely life altering. I feel so blessed to have stumbled across the Newsletter. I knew there was a better way to invest than what "conventional wisdom" taught. This is it!

Jon Wilburn, Greenville, SC

The Palm Beach Letter has been extremely helpful in understanding investing and in increasing my net worth!

Sam, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

The Palm Beach Letter has and is giving my wife and me peace of mind with our investment funds. We are more aware of what the world of money management (mismanagement) offers. Palm Beach Letter is honest, forthright with the gift of common sense in the economic ups and downs. We thank you for being at the helm with us on our "Investment Ship" in the Sea of Economic Challenges.

R and C Vom Steeg, Hemet, CA

The Palm Beach Letter has given me an insight into pursuing more interest in investing. I definitely benefitted a lot during my subscription in the last year.

HuaSiam Tan, SG - Singapore

Thank you for a refreshing look at how to invest wisely and putting us on a level playing field with folks whose annual income one could only dream about.

June Schaut, Pittsburgh, PA

The Palm Beach Letter has allowed me to get my investing back on the right track. Keep up the great advice and education.

Rodney Trotter, Lubbock, TX

Dividend reinvestment has been part of my investment strategy for many years. The Palm Beach Letter's positions have definitely improved the performance of my DRIP portfolio.

Dell B., Palmetto Bay, FL

The Palm Beach Letter has gotten my wife and me to think outside the box regarding our retirement planning. As a result of ideas and concepts presented in The Palm Beach Letter, we purchased two condominiums at a great price in a great area, and now appreciating assets that are also producing over 9% of net income. Not bad for a first venture in my book.

Stan H. McKinney, Texas

The Palm Beach Letter is one of a kind. I read it with great interest each month and it has been very helpful in providing great and unusual ideas to assist me in managing my money.

S.R. Davis, Hohenwald, TN

The Palm Beach Letter has been incredibly helpful to me. I am responsible for investing my mother's retirement funds, and at 82 she needs more than CD rates on her money, but the security of the principal is exceptionally important. Your advice is keeping her portfolio in excellent shape even in this volatile market.

P. M. Puckett, Lake Jackson, TX

The Palm Beach Letter has given my wife and me some very good sound basics in how to approach our finances and investing in a way that we can feel confident for the future.

Darrell Spector, Simi Valley, Ca.

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The Palm Beach Letter is great for retirees! Why you ask? Because at age 69 I cannot afford to take a lot of risk and The Palm Beach Letter provides you with recommendations that allow you to maximize your investment with the "least amount of risk"! The companies in The Palm Beach Letter portfolio are financially rock solid.

Frank Bowers, Charlotte, NC

The Palm Beach Letter has really stepped up my investing IQ... Being a 34 year old guy who has lost everything before, this newsletter and the Paul Beach team have gave me a step by step blueprint to make informed decisions with my money.. The three-bucket system is GENIUS to be so simple... Don't hesitate... JOIN NOW!!!!

Jeff W., Virginia Beach, VA

I appreciate Mark Ford's no nonsense approach to wealth generation. The Palm Beach Letter has helped me solidify my strategy on investing.

Butch Wells, Garden City, Idaho

Although I am in the finance industry as a private investor and currency trader, the way you present very common sense advice makes it easier to understand the importance of being financially literate. Your newsletter subscription will be a great gift to a number of my family and friends this holiday season. Thanks!

Mr. Thompson Pasadena, CA

The Palm Beach Letter has restored my confidence to invest in the market again after the fall of 2008. Due to your letters, I know how to look at stocks and bonds differently and truly evaluate them for risk potential and capital efficiency. Also, Mark's lessons on hard work diligence are something everyone needs to hear often.

Garyld Miles, McKinney, Texas

The Palm Beach Letter is like having a personal exercise coach; when one is too lazy to get off the couch and exercise on your own initiative.

Capote, Wayne County, Michigan

As a financial advisor, this newsletter has been instrumental in helping my clients gain a new and confidence inspiring view on investing for the future.

Frank, Southport, Ct

The Palm Beach Letter has given me a new perspective on how to look at the market and the various ways outside of the market to generate income. Learning from those that have already done it and continue to do it is just super...thank YOU!

Ken Cornell, Gainesville, FL

The Palm Beach Letter has been the most valuable and rewarding reading I've done in quite a while. This is quality financial knowledge at a fraction of the cost of grad school that will help me build a solid investment account and income for me and my family. Thank you so much!!!

Cheryl Barzey, Brooklyn, NY

The Palm Beach Letter is a straight-shooting, no BS investment newsletter that only recommends solid and safe investment suggestions. I wish I'd had it available to me 30 years ago!

G. Knight, Solomons, MD

The Palm Beach Letter insights and advice have made a great difference to the way I invest. Rock on boys!

Christopher Filiatrault, Vancouver, B.C.

The Palm Beach Letter has been a nice introduction for a beginner to learn about finances from the "real" perspective. I enjoy the information and have a learned a lot. As a newbie to this side of reality, The Palm Beach Letter has made the transition smooth and seamless.

D. Bryant, Hapeville, GA

The Palm Beach Letter gets back to the basics. The focus is on money management and investments with a super conservative risk profile. This is good old-fashioned investing, something that is rare today in a world of ultra-leveraged derivatives and trades that last only hours or days. Their strategies are quite unique in all the newsletters I have read.

Jon, Sydney, Australia

Finally, an approach that I can follow and still sleep at night.

Jim K., Santa Monica, CA

The Palm Beach Letter gives a fresh new perspective to providing income for retirement. Keep up the good work.

John Clark, Seattle, Wash.

The Palm Beach Letter is a no nonsense practical newsletter written by "been there and done that" wealthy individuals for everyday people who may not have investing experience. It provides financial information that is straight forward to follow and unavailable anywhere else. The Palm Beach Letter has greatly increased my financial intelligence and my trading account.

Walter Milton, Arlington, Virgina

The Palm Beach Letter has shown me that successful investing does not need to be high risk, complicated or time consuming. Thank you.

Fred, Brisbane, Australia

The Palm Beach Letter has been a welcome breath of fresh air and information in a world of speculators and story tellers. Your weekly updates are concise, straightforward and enlightening. Thank you for sharing both your insights and revisions when necessary. Your honesty and integrity are greatly appreciated.

Janet, Erin, ON Canada

The Palm Beach Letter has been very educational and has provided a new fresh look at finances and retirement. Keep up the great work!

Philip Jepsen, Dunedin FL

The Palm Beach Letter has altered my perspective on wealth building and preservation completely for the better. I am anxious to put the strategies to use. The information and writing style is succinct and applicable by the aspirational lay person looking for a newsletter which is honest and beneficial.

Rick D., State College, PA

An investment letter with a lot of candor and realism is rare. Palm Beach Letter is both, and also tries to instill prudence and morality into the investor. Keep up your vision!

Al Minuhin, Pueblo, CO

The Palm Beach Letter has changed the way I look at real estate and stocks in this economy, if I had known about it years ago my retirement would be better than it is now.

Gene M., Lakeport, CA

The Palm Beach Letter has completely changed my view of investing for the better. I've been swinging for the fences for years with poor results but now I finally have a resource for real investing information

Donald Adams, Appleton, WI

The Palm Beach Letter has introduced me to investment opportunities, which have provided me with substantial gains in my portfolio.

B. Godbold, Ft. Worth, TX.

The Palm Beach Letter has delivered the best advice and integrity of all the investment information I receive even in these difficult times.

Sheldon Kamen, M.D., Pepper Pike, Ohio

Best overall advice and overall best value as a newsletter.

Bob, State College PA

How to keep our retirement funds safe is most important these days...we think we've found the answer with The Palm Beach Letter.

B. Duncan, Magnolia, TX

The Palm Beach Letter has given me a new way to look at investing.

Richard B. St. Michael, MN

The Palm Beach Letter has given me a different perspective on investing. I enjoy the education and suggestions for income.

John Applegate,Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Palm Beach Letter has given me a new found hope that others do care. The information is easy to understand and exciting. Even if I don't have the funds to invest as yet, at least I know what I can do when the money starts to flow!

Darlene T., Bermuda

Common sense approach with no hype or unrealistic expectations.

P. De Ruvo, Franklin, TN

The Palm Beach Letter has given me insight in ways I never thought was possible. Keep up the good common sense advice. I look forward to each and every letter.

Fred Brown, Deltona, Florida

The Palm Beach Letter has given me several excellent investment suggestions. This is not your usual investment hype but well thought out approaches to create wealth.

Jerry Wheaton, Riverside, California

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Excellent source of information from smart, intelligent and experienced people. To me it is not only about investment strategies but more about introducing better approach to life in general. It helps you to find a better way without making mistakes you would need to learn from. Annual fee is ridiculously low for the value it provides. Thank you for job well done.

Izabella Mikolajczak, Ontario, Canada

Full of stuff to forward on to my kids as soon as I have read it.

Jon C., Charleston, SC

Excellent work. Your letter is a great guide and it has greatly improved my approach to picking investments.

Harrison Buxton, Bandera, TX

The Palm Beach Letter has greatly enhanced my understanding of long term investing strategy & has given me the confidence to follow through on key investment ideas.

Pete, Magnolia, TX

The Palm Beach Letter has changed the way I think about my finances and has given me some confidence to make necessary changes - thank you!

D.G., San Diego, CA

The Palm Beach Letter has helped me change my strategies and thought processes about investing and making money in general. Thanks for the great insight and for sharing your personal experiences.

Steve, Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Palm Beach Letter has opened my eyes to the investment world unlike the mainstream financial advisory services.

Kevin J. Minneapolis, MN

I am reassured that you are using your proven vast experience of money making to help the financially illiterate such as I am to win for a change against the Wall Street 'Gurus' lining their own pockets at our expense.

John Tilley, Chorley Lancs, UK

The Palm Beach Letter has opened my mind to new and creative ways of income creation and preservation. It is inspiring to receiving detailed financial information with real world actionable content.

James, Missoula, MT

The Palm Beach Letter has provided invaluable insight on how to invest for the long term. I wish I had had this information years ago but no time like the present to put this information to work.

Gail Olney, Pompano Beach, FL

I am very interested in the ladder and the Dividend Elite. Your approach is time proven, cautious, and yield and long term wealth focused! I feel blessed to have found you.

Lantier, Austin, Texas

The Palm Beach Letter has provided me an insight into the investing and income generation habits of the wealthy. In addition, current actionable examples are provided regularly to make participating in the markets clear and easy. I also enjoy the weekly updates and the fresh thinking provided therein.

Dick T., Orlando, FL

The Palm Beach Letter has shown me a completely different view of producing income while minimizing risk. Mark's essays are invaluable. Thank you Uncle Sid!

Jake B, Bonfield, Ontario, Canada

The Palm Beach Letter has shown me exciting investments I have not seen elsewhere. A big two thumbs up!

Mark Ende, Baldwinsville, NY

I consider The Palm Beach Letter "required reading" for those interested in developing future wealth. Palm Beach Letter is not just interesting, but's its innovative approach to investing is refreshing. Well worth the price.

Mark Redick, Playa Del Rey, California

Thank you so much for telling the truth when it comes to investing! I have come across so much garbage online and it's so refreshing to hear those who have been successful to tell it like it is. I look forward to receiving future publications from Palm Beach Letter and increasing my financial education.

Michael Stead, Sherwood Park

The Palm Beach Letter has started to educate me on how to buy stocks and what I should be looking for in the market.

Alex, Bristol, England

The Palm Beach Letter has taught me how to use simple common sense investments and techniques to compound our wealth. I believe Mark Ford has a genuine desire to help his subscribers change the way they view and handle their money.

G.B., Spokane, WA

The Palm Beach Letter has taught me that the financial world is not as scientific as what the school of modern economics claim. I have started to think so much wider now from the big picture that I see from this service.

Shunjie He, Singapore

The Palm Beach Letter has opened my eyes to unlimited opportunities to investing. The only newsletter I know of that steers you in the safest way to invest. I feel safe with the knowledge I have learned with The Palm Beach Letter.

Horace Harn, Statesboro, Georgia

I wish that I had known about this information years ago. I've introduced both of my daughters to your style of investing. It's great to know that even though I haven't much to leave them, with your strategies, they will be able to retire in comfort.

D.X.T., Hudson's Hope, Canada

The Palm Beach Letter is "One Of A Kind". Your investment strategy and vehicles are safer than any I have known in the past. Wish we knew of it a decade ago; however, now is better than never. Please keep up the Good Service.

Samson Bekele,Forest Park, Georgia

The Palm Beach Letter is the best of many financial advice letters I have received over the years and at present. It provides great investment picks, as well as broader investment advice and principles and items of interest. It is particularly beneficial for novice investors. If I had this 20 years ago, I wouldn't have to work so hard today.

Mike, Saint Louis, MO

The Palm Beach Letter is a common sense approach to educate the readers on how to invest wisely. Thank you for all the interesting insights.

M. Magnor, Southampton, New York

The Palm Beach Letter is a quality addition to my other subscriptions. I was disappointed when Tom left S&A but I am glad that we have re-connected in a way. The ideas and recommendations by both Tom and Mark are good and written in an insightful manner. The Palm Beach Letter is another arrow in my financial quiver as I manage my own portfolios and teach my children and my nieces/nephews solid financial investing fundamentals and principles.

Gregg A. Larson, CPA, Spokane, WA

The Palm Beach Letter is a very informative and practical service. You can implement their strategies and recommendations immediately. There is no fluff or fillers.

M. Aziz, Toronto, Canada

The Palm Beach Letter is able to distill financial information into easily understood concepts of limited risk investment. This approach is perfect for a beginner and a great stress-reduced for the seasoned citizen. Why reinvent the wheel? Learn from professionals who have..."been there, done that!"

Dr. Robert L. Monti, St. Louis, MO

The Palm Beach Letter is both educational and a highly worthwhile investment guide. I manage a friend's money and have used several of the recommendations from The Palm Beach Letter to maintain her portfolio. Thanks for the excellent job!

Denise M. DiPasquale, Hermosa Beach, California

Palm Beach Letter is an easy to read wealth-generating goldmine. The strategies seem low risk with a good risk to reward ratio. Tom Dyson & Mark Ford have an easy to read style and explain exactly how to build wealth safely.

Dustin Starbuck, Alexandria, Virgina

The Palm Beach Letter is an excellent publication for investors of all ages providing practical, easy to understand investment advice that entails limited risk. I highly recommend it.

Paul Nader, Austin, Texas

The Palm Beach Letter is an incredible value. Their approach to all aspects of personal finance (personal saving and investing) will make a huge difference in the lives of many, including my own. The letter shows that getting wealthy is not just investing, but savings/planning. I can see myself as a subscriber for many years to come. Consider me a regular.

David J., Eau Claire WI

The Palm Beach Letter is as solid as it gets when it come to investing, very conservative, and they seem to be interested in helping you keep what you already have. I think if we stay with them long term we will do very well!!

R. Case, Visalia, CA

The Palm Beach Letter is bringing a lot of information to the table which is good for people like me just learning about investing and building wealth.

John, Archer City, TX

The Palm Beach Letter is easily worth 10 times the current subscription price. The strategies and recommendations you supply are precisely what I've been looking for. I'm very happy to be a subscriber.

Alfredo Colon, Coral Springs, FL

The Palm Beach Letter is full of amazingly practical and sensible financial advice!

Jan McKinley, Lompoc, CA

The Palm Beach Letter is full of great information for investors that, for the money, would be hard to come by if you tried to do your own research. Definitely recommended.

J. R., San Jose, CA

The Palm Beach Letter is interesting, informative and really helps a newcomer to the investment world understand a very complex industry, if I may call it that. Thank you Mark Ford!

R.G., San Juan, Puerto Rico

This newsletter is one of the best sources of information on a subject of investing on the planet. The value provided by the Palm Beach team has been amazing and the newsletter is now my main directional tool when it comes to investing and growing my wealth. Thank you!

Frantisek Nemergut, United Kingdom

When I signed up for The Palm Beach Letter I was a bit skeptical that it would be worth the price. One reason for this apprehension was I didn't have much money to invest. Well, after several months I have to say this has been one of the best financial educations I could have hoped for. Making money on top of that is certainly nice, but the lessons learned from Mark make the subscription price seem paltrier that it already is. Very well done. Thanks for putting out such a stellar newsletter.

Mark Rich, Lynnwood, WA

Palm Beach Letter is just what I needed. I am a senior and I hear all of these horror stories of fraudulent so called deals that are usually aimed at us older generation. Your information is documented and bona fide.

Mark J Dupuis Sr., Sudbury, Ontario - Canada

The Palm Beach Letter is one of the few financial publications that provide subscribers with concrete, sensible investment strategies that really work. Safe and consistent growth. Thanks for the great work you do!

John Spano, Boston, MA

The Palm Beach Letter has provided sound advice in these turbulent markets. Along with the recommendations by Mark and his staff, the real-world financial information regarding planning to save, generating income, and life in general has been worth more than a few stock recommendations and will pay dividends for years to come.

J.B. Murphy, Washington

The Palm Beach Letter IS different. It's the product of a proven entrepreneur, a guy that knows how to make money both in the market and outside it. And with the synergy of a seasoned analyst, is able to clearly demonstrate how to make your money work for you.

Michael C., East Texas

The Palm Beach Letter is presented in a concise and uncomplicated manner. Their approach allows even novice investors to learn complex terminology without having to research investment strategies. Applications are given to the reader that are, at times, what most investors would consider unconventional but with sound strategies supporting their application. I appreciate their basic but essential approach to preserving one's capital. Thank you.

John Hill, Greenwood, IN

The Palm Beach Letter is the best information newsletter that I have ever read. I love the topics that the pick to focus on and their financial help is out of this world. My best investment was investing in The Palm Beach Letter.

D. Asbury, Darby, PA

The Palm Beach Letter is the best newsletter for no gimmick, long term, wealth creating strategies that I can trust.

D. Roberts, St. Louis, MO

You offer a refreshing approach to making money grow in current economic climate.

JEM, Denver, CO

The education I have received in just a short time has been worth many times the price of the newsletter. You have taught me a great deal about getting a good return on my investments without taking big risks. I wish I had this knowledge 20 years ago.

R Muse Wendell NC

Great advice… and the best are yet to come when the dividends start coming.

Bob, Oklahoma City, OK

(You offer) a common sense understanding of the complex economic mess.

Jack Smith, Capt. United States Navy (retired), and Huntsville, Ala.

Along with great recommendations, Mark also imparts good tips on savings and processes that he has personally used to further his own fortune so that you can use the same strategies. This is a newsletter that truly cares about its subscribers and how they are doing. I plan to stay a subscriber for a long time.

J. Slag, Clovis, New Mexico

A Stock for My Grandchildren' article was very powerful for me.

Graeme, Queensland, Australia

A stock letter to read and enjoy.

Tom Dalgliesh, Blaine, WA

A unique investing style that incorporates a better than average return with much less risk. A win-win for any investor in troublesome times.

Robert Black, O.D., Gig Harbor,

I'm 37 and lost everything, including my health in an auto accident. On top of that, I'm buried in student loan debt. Without The Palm Beach Letter I would not see a finish line. Thank you Mark and The Palm Beach Letter staff for giving me hope!

Peter Rivera, Rochester, New York

About 2 months ago I chose stocks using my own knowledge and five that pay dividends from (Palm Beach Letter's) list. Yours are doing better than mine right now!!!

Jane Cunningham, Punxsutawney, PA

Actually I do not know how to thank you for all information I get from Palm Beach Letter. It has benefited me in my confidence in investing. I feel Iike I've been taken by the hand and led by my mentor. Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Hill E. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

After all the years of losing money to bad stock choices and poor investments I'm finally making money and understanding what I should be doing, thanks to The Palm Beach Letter.With the great information you provide, investing money wisely finally makes sense. You don't just tell me what to do, but help me understand why I should be doing it.

Scott Bobyk, Toronto, Canada

After losing money in the "dot.bomb" event of the early part of this century, and again in 2008-2009, I decided to take a more active role in our investments -- to look over the shoulder of our investment advisor. The Palm Beach Letter has been terrific in demystifying what has always been billed as the "black art" of investing. Thank You!

Mike Sutton, McLean, VA

After many years of being skeptical about income stocks I have become aware that a good income portfolio as a backstop to a fairly aggressive options based growth program make a very good combination. The Palm Beach Letter has been a strong ally in developing this concept. Many thanks for Tom's high quality research and Mark's 'down-to-earth' and practical advice.

Ron Bromwell, Bellevue, WA

After reading Mark's warning not to enter stop losses with my broker, I removed several that I had entered and instead initiated emailed price alerts at my stop price. A short time later on July 25th, I received an alert that Cal-Maine, which was performing nicely, had spiked down over 11% right at the market open, just beyond my stop loss, and then rebounded completely. I feel certain I would have stopped out and lost 11% that day to the Wall Street predators if not for Mark's advice. That one tip paid for my subscription many times over.

Jason Skinner, Franklin, TN

After studying a few financial newsletters for the last 3 years, yours is consistently honest and makes a lot of sense. Your genuine desire to impart years of personal experience shines through and is abundantly practical. You have shortened my financial education learning curve tremendously. I also realize that the "rubber does not hit the road" until you take action...I did; thanks to your research and recommendations.

M. Turturici Broken Arrow, OK

After years - decades, really - of putting money into a few SEP-IRA's and just letting them "ride", I've decided to take the time to learn how to better invest our retirement funds. I selected your service to be one source for my education. I've learned more about investing in the first few months than in my entire adult lifetime.

Jim Barbian, Waterford, WI

After years of purchasing countless financial newsletters and achieving less than desirable results, I'm pleased to report that in the three months I've been following Tom's and Mark's recommendations I have profits to bank. Thanks.

Mark G. Ludington, MI

All I can say is "thanks" for your common sense approach in investing. Especially your insights on the three bucket system. I never knew about using this type of system with my income.

Steven Buckalew, Newark, Delaware

All of the investments that I have made following The Palm Beach Letter recommendations have held their value in the rock and roll market this month. Thank you for making this a fun and encouraging ride for my financial future.

Margie Fincham, RN West Sacramento, CA

Although I subscribe to numerous investment newsletters, I find myself leaning towards, and following, your well-researched and typically safer investment strategies. The PBL seems far more down-to-earth than the others with a refreshing, straight-forward, no nonsense approach geared towards the smaller investor. Your newsletter is much appreciated and always read.

Tom S. Saint Peters, MO

Always a refreshing viewpoint and strategies/stocks/bonds I would never have uncovered on my own.

Stacey Griffith, New Bern, NC

Always interesting and informative, I read them all.

Don Welshon, Lakewood, CO

Always interesting new ways to make money.

Maiken Crole, Orangeville ON Canada

Am very impressed by the common sense, no nonsense approach to building wealth. I am looking forward to the new Palm Beach Income Strategies.

D. Whealth, Winnipeg, Canada

Amazing well thought out strategies for serious wealth building. Complete value for money. Brilliant service.

I. Downes, London, England

Palm Beach Letter is an excellent resource for building wealth and focused, sound investing.

Ralph E. Cross, Dallas, TX

An excellent source of information.

Bill Hewitt, Chattanooga, TN.

Appreciate the information provided. Helps me to make a reasoned investment decision.

Dave, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Appreciate your straight shooting, conservative approach. Your suggestions have helped me beat returns from my institutional advisors. As a result I'm self-directing everything these days and feeling much better about it, even during the past few months of volatility. Wish I had found y'all ten years ago!

J.B. Kenna, Seabrook, TX

I'm a brand-new subscriber, but I am excited by the fresh perspective your ideas bring because they are not subject to the "Lemming Mentality" prevalent on Wall Street.

Tom Bleakley, Nottingham, NH

Although in the past I have subscribed to two other financial newsletters, The Palm Beach Letter is the only letter thus far that I have stuck with, and more importantly, that I find practically actionable. I definitely plan on renewing my subscription to at least this service. Thank you for being and acting so independent, direct and straightforward with your advice and suggestions. I for one appreciate it greatly!

Brandon Miller Sacramento, California

As a 67-year old, PBL has not only changed my thinking about investing, but it's proven to me that it really is never too late to learn new tricks. Keep the good stuff coming guys.

Bob Foreman, Queensland, Australia.

As a cautious small investor, I have found a lot of good advice in The Palm Beach Letter that fits in my budget and my interests. Thanks for reaching out to this segment.

M. C. Blakebrough, Durham, North Carolina

As a Financial Advisor with many clients, I really appreciate the hidden investment gems you keep coming up with. I really appreciate the unheard of stocks and bonds.

Rob Cassella, Rochester Hills, MI

As a former federal employee, integrity and honesty along with the service I was able to provide to taxpayers, was the primary focus of my job. I see those same traits exhibited by Tom in his search for value investments for members. Your investment principles are very much appreciated and have helped me to concentrate on long term financial goals that benefit my family's health and happiness. Thank you for your high level of integrity.

Paul Muschinski, Tucson, AZ.

As a former owner/president of an NASD registered broker/dealer I find The Palm Beach Letter to be informative, articulate and straightforward. Keep up the good work!

Don DesBiens, Denver, Colorado

As a foster parent with 9 children, 7 of which are foster, it is hard for me to find the time to educate myself on investing and to do the research necessary to try and make informed decisions. The Palm Beach Letter has been great in that it has helped educate me on investing as well as provided me excellent research with safe investments and not the risky "flavor of the month" ones. Although I don't currently have a lot of money to invest right now, I can rest comfortably knowing that one day I will by following the recommendations of The Palm Beach Letter. Thanks for all you do, it is making a difference in my life and hopefully that of my children as well!

Mark Johnson, Las Vegas, NV

As a member of the 99% I think it is very important to at least know what the 1% is doing. Life is not fair... so what else is new? Get over it and get on with it. Education is the key to a comfortable journey on the road to success. If you can't beat 'em... learn to cope. "He who finds contentment finds great gain".

Richard Paille', Sonoma County, CA

As a new subscriber, I find this letter to be well researched and factual. Not all recommendations are appropriate for all readers, but there is some- thing for every investor to use and apply to their account!

Walter Guise, Salina KS.

As a new subscriber, I am very impressed with the content that has been provided in The Palm Beach Letter. For example, the information on the bond ladder was very impressive. The idea of buying bonds in a strategic manner in order to ensure cash flow over a sustained period of time is really a good approach to investing over the long term. I have never heard of this approach before; the ability to generate cash flow over a sustained period is very impressive. The value of this information has far outweighed the price for my subscription.

Lynvall Holness, Central Islip, NY

As a newer subscriber to Palm Beach Letter, I can already see the value being delivered by its creative thinking and leadership behind its ideas. To learn from those that have "Made it"... what an easy decision to keep engaged and implementing such ideas!

JM Wieland, Costa Rica

As a non-traditional university student, my spare "reading time" is at a premium. The Palm Beach Letter is the only newsletter I read in its entirety to keep me abreast of worthy investment opportunities. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Judy, Houston, Texas

As a recent subscriber, I have not made any financial gains yet, but I have gained more financial knowledge in the last 60 days than the previous 60 years.

Brian G. Newcastle, Australia

As a skeptic with very little money, I've found your newsletter very insightful. Many of your ideas have confirmed things that have come to me after months of research. Reading between the lines your letter has helped me immensely. Especially with the current global situation as it is.

Andrew, London

As a skeptical professional I am pleased with your work. Your offerings have value and application to a broad array of investments and investors. From the littlest acorns to the tallest oak trees.

BTS, Honolulu, Hawaii

As a very new subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter, I feel like there is plenty of information and help here. Time will tell, but a friend recommended it, so I expect a positive outcome.

Lisa Marrone California Valley, CA, USA

As an educator, I have always sought out innovative ways of teaching that are not employed by most of my colleagues. I guess you could say I have been an "under the radar" high school and university teacher. So, I am excited when I come across investing opportunities and approaches that are also innovative and "off the main road."I have just entered the investing process to supplement my retirement. I am glad I found you.

Dr. Steven C. McNeel, Boise, ID

As an "investment-challenged individual," thank you for The Palm Beach Letter.

Donald Coe, Summerfield, FL

As an investment professional, I find your real-world investing very refreshing. I only wish my clients would start to think the same way. They would be so much better off with a lot less stress.

Alain, Montreal

As late as March 2010 I was a 'fish out of water' as an investor. Then I subscribed to The Palm Beach Letter and S&A Advisors, now I confidently 'Swim With the (Wall Street) Sharks; safely and profitably.

Bill Tucker, Grapevine, Texas

As an older fellow, approaching retirement, I appreciate your emphasis on investing in strong companies.

B Ward, Ontario, Canada

As I subscriber to many different investment and trading newsletters I am most impressed by your candor with regards to the truth about your patron's expectations. Frankly it is refreshing and demonstrates how you truly care about MY success. Although I do not have much of a nest egg yet, I am certain that by following your guidance my wealth WILL grow to a substantial amount by the time I do finally retire. Kudos and thank you for all you do.

Tom P., Erie, Pa

As music producer, I don't really enjoy chasing money every day of my life. The Palm Beach Letter has allowed me to earn a nice return and that gives more time to do what I love.

M.C.Capone Music, NH

As someone new to the financial arena, your newsletter has guided and directed me on this investing journey. Even my wife has gotten involved!

Pastor Rollins, Katy Texas

At 26 years old, I feel more secure about my financial future in this uncertain world. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Darryl Thomas Jr., Naperville, IL

Awesome information. Thanks for the great newsletter.

Bryan L. Charlevoix, Michigan

Solid income plays are the way to profit in today's tumultuous economy. Mark and Tom provide that valuable service.

Don Beamon, Seal Beach, California

Based on the quality investment information provided thus far from The Palm Beach Letter, I'm certain the Palm Beach Income program will knock it out of the park!

David M., Palm Coast, FL

Because my capital is smaller than other people my age, it's important to know the various safe ways of investing. Especially in these times where many things seem uncertain. Thanks to Palm Beach, I feel a little better.

C.T., Norwalk, CT

Been through all the ups and downs of the economy in the past couple of years. The Palm Beach Letter helps to keep me on track and realize that I will be back where I once was a few years ago. I trust your choices and respect your advice.

M. Streeter, West Palm Beach, FL

Before I started reading The Palm Beach Letter, I thought I was the worst stock picker in the world. It seemed like every stock I bought lost money. Now with the guidance of Mark and Tom, I have the confidence to buy a "Palm Beach" recommended stock knowing that it was fully analyzed and screened. So far, the recommended stocks I've purchased from this publication have been making money. Thank you Mark and Tom. Like they said, if you want to be a millionaire, you have to imitate and do what a millionaire does.

Darius Cerezo, Sunnyvale, CA

The Palm Beach Letter has provided a sense of security in my life knowing I am getting the best advice I can get for next to nothing. In fact, just taking action on one tiny tip from the letter has paid for my membership 20x over by now. Thank you!

Jonathan Q. Freeman, Newnan, GA

Being only 25 and not knowing a whole lot about money management and wealth building strategies, The Palm Beach Letter has taught me invaluable knowledge that I will be able to use for years to come. Thank you all.

Brent, Indianapolis, IN

Your sharing of ideas is good but your caring to help educate your subscribers and help us all do better is what separates you from the rest. I wish I had this letter 10 years ago. Please keep up the fine work you do.

Ken B., Antwerp, NY

By simply investing in some of Palm Beach Letter's researched stocks, I have increased the earnings in my small Roth IRA by almost one third. The newsletter always puts forth a challenge to me and I am learning better habits that will define my own "financial realities". I look forward to further mentoring and being associated with Palm Beach Letter.

Richard Ahmeek, Michigan

Conventional wisdom proves that "common sense ain't so common". The Palm Beach Letter goes a long way to injecting real common sense into the debate.

Michael Gamble, Dallas, TX

Dear Mark and Tom, I have been with you from the start and look forward to receiving your letter. However because I am already retired much of what I have learned from you is too late for me to provide for a good retirement, so I am pleased to tell you I am introducing your ideas to my three grandchildren so they will have a safe and secure future, and perhaps something concrete to remember me by. Thank you

Papa John, Abbotsford. BC. Canada

Dear Mark and Tom: I have always been interested in being a better investor, but never found the time or had the proper understanding of the markets. Yet, over this past year, The Palm Beach Letter has changed my life for the better. Your advice is so straightforward and spoken in a way the common, self-made man can understand. It is nice to find a man who wants to share his knowledge, to help people make their own lives better and increase their wealth. I thank you and my family thanks you, my wife and my five children are enriched.

Donald J., New York, New York

Dear Sirs, I really like The Palm Beach Letter. I have been self-directing my wife's and my Roth IRA's for a while now and I liked what I saw in this newsletter. It has solid investment ideas that let our money grow and at the same time we can sleep at night knowing our retirement fund is relatively safe. I also love reading the opinions of Mr. Ford and find them educational. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks!

Robert Pellegrini, Littleton, Colorado

Due to your letter, the majority of my misconceptions of solid investments have been taken to a different and smarter direction. I think I'll be taking a surer direction to my retirement.

Don Wolf, Walnutport, PA

Each week after reading your newsletter I further my financial education, hope to earn a "PHD" in the future.

Jo Ann W., Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Easy to understand… great learning tool… common sense investing.

Frank S., Georgetown, Delaware

Education -- especially financial education -- is vital to anyone who wants to control their own life. The Palm Beach Letter is not only a worthwhile and interesting read. It is also a tool in learning.

Dave C., Phoenix

Education in the maze that is 21st century finance.

J. D. Forbes, Chicago, IL

Even though I live in the UK, your letter is highly refreshing and I get to view the world quite differently...thank you for the many different new perspectives!

Tai Long, United Kingdom

Even though my discretionary income for investment right now is severely limited, your Palm Beach Letter is providing ideas and insights to be exercised when I have the capability. Education is key. Thanks for being there.

Patricia S., Salem, MA

Ever since I was introduced to The Palm Beach Letter, implementation of the wealth strategies learned has increased my savings by 20% and continues to grow! This, by far, is one of the best investments I've ever made since joining The Palm Beach Letter! Needless to say, I'll be a lifetime member and pass this information on to my entire family!

Nick M. Memphis, TN

Every month I learn something new and amazing--thank you!

B. Sullivan, Albany, Oregon

Everyone is looking for the next new thing. The million dollar idea that would allow one to just sit back, and watch the money roll in. Good Luck! The Palm Beach Letter is the bare bones basics. It's foundational and it works!

Matt Adams, Melbourne, Australia

Excellent and timely information that you can trust.

Al Brown, Russellville, AR

Finally - excellent and solid investment advice you can act on as well as be selective about.

Bill R., Avon, OH

Finally, an investment letter that builds wealth the only way that works - patiently and over time. No bluster, no bombast, no B.S. Keep doing what you're doing!

D. Lockhart, Ottawa, Canada

Finally, investment advice for me that cuts through the clutter with information I can understand and strategies that make sense to me, strategies that I can really use. The Palm Beach Letter is that financial "friend" I've been searching for. Cheers to new beginnings and thank you for what you do.

Bruce S., Roscoe, IL

Finally, someone without an agenda giving solid investment advice. And best of all, you don't already have to be a multi-millionaire to take advantage of the advice. Keep up the good work.

Mike, San Jose, CA

Finally... an affordable investment newsletter that doesn't pull any punches. I feel very confident in the picks and advice and I'm excited to learn and invest more.

Fred Blum, NY

Finally, a financial newsletter that I can trust!

Kirk Shoemaker, Palmdale, Ca.

Financial advisors don't really want to talk to you if you don't have money to invest (they can't make a commission off you), and after losing everything when the market crashed followed by my husband getting laid off, I felt like we were living a nightmare. After finding The Palm Beach Letter, I feel like there is finally potential to rebuild our financial life. I have never been one for conventional ideas and The Palm Beach Letter definitely provides some out-of-the-box thinking. I am not well versed in Wall Street, just want to understand a few ways to create some wealth and The Palm Beach Letter has been extraordinary in that regard...Thanks for being unique!

Amy R., Houston, TX

For a steady growth of wealth over the long-term, your ideas are simply great.

Alphy, Annandale, VA

For an active investor you have an interesting letter.

Jim Georgen, Jr., Portland, OR.

For me, a pensioner, it is so surprising to find such illuminating, and often novel, thoughts after a long period of reading mediocre advice.

David, Chiang Mai, Thailand

For me, your financial newsletter is grounded in sound investment advice upon which I can rely. As a byproduct, it is an educational experience enhancing my ability to make sound investment decisions.

Robert Peeters, Fairfield,CT

For the first time in my life, I realize there are ways to make high returns safely in the stock market without taking a ton of risk.

C. Chung, Vancouver BC

For too many years, I was ignorant of how money and investing worked. I made it and spent almost all of it. When I had some extra, I put it into mutual funds that I knew nothing about. Earlier this year I decided to subscribe to The Palm Beach Letter and in the past 5 months have taken your advice on several safe stocks, which I am glad to tell you, have given me encouragement to learn more and more on sound investment strategies. Keep the information coming. Thank you for such a fine publication!

Andre, Fairfax, VA

Found this newsletter to be very helpful. Many ideas to work on!

Anne Carmichael, New Orleans, LA

Frank, honest, straightforward and not afraid to hurt your feelings. Excellent step-by-step guidance, complete with reasons, explanations, and justifications for their methodologies. A first-rate, results-driven publication!

Rick Edward Richards, Naples, FL

Frankly, I think what you guys are doing is fantastic. I am not saying this because of how much I have learned or that I am now actually handling my money rather than trusting it to a broker who tells me to "stay the course" while I watch a couple hundred thousand disappear into thin air. I am amazed at the obvious altruistic values you display in your work. I am sure you know how rare this is and I wonder if your readership knows this. It's refreshing to see someone tell it like it is and not worry about what the readers might think. Nothing human is perfect and so I don't expect perfection here. I do know I can expect your best effort. So.....thank you.

Ron Jonas, Hagerstown, IN

Fresh reporting. Ideas have actually been lived by the writers. Thank you for knowing that many readers are very interested in receiving income now. Appreciate it!!!!

Laura, Joplin, USA

From PBL I learned more than from other subscriptions. Thank you.

Leo van der Werf, Reeuwijk, Thehe Netherlands

From the moment I subscribed to The Palm Beach Letter, I felt completely in tune with its tone and content. I knew finally, it was the type of investment advice I had been searching for.

Keith Richardson, Sevenoaks, England

From what I have seen, The Palm Beach Letter is consistent with proven wealth-building strategies that require time. All said, this is a great benefit to me and my family. Thanks!

Clete, Lincoln, Nebraska

Generally very sensible advice. Keep up the good work.

Antonio Silvestri, San Jose, CA

Gentlemen, I have been investing in the traditional methodology since the 1970's and, of course, suffered the consequences. The Palm Beach Letter has changed my approach and is a refreshing new look at wealth building, thank you!

Joe Martino, Deposit, N.Y.

Giving me hope that my assets last longer than I do!

Herb, San Diego CA.

For someone who is not trained in the investing strategies and doesn't have a large portfolio, the information that is presented in newsletters such as yours is extremely interesting and hopefully valuable at some time in the near future. I have not acted on any recommendations yet, but the information that has been explained so far is straightforward and I think pretty much easy to understand. And more important, the information seems to make sense as a practical way to make money with investing. Thank you.

James Fleming, Irondequoit, NY

Good ideas generated from little-known corners of the stock and bond markets.

Marc, Minneapolis, MN

Good ideas, well explained. Helpful, hopeful, inspiring.

Catherine, Walnut Creek, California

Good, no nonsense information that can be used, not just something to read and forget.

Heath Mayes, Richmond, VA

Good solid investment education.

Bill Schultz, St. Charles, Mo.

Good stuff! Keep up the good work!

P. Gozinia, Palm Beach, FL

Good, Solid investment recommendations, timely ideas and a different take on standard investing.

Andy Thomas, Cypress TX

Great advice with totally unique investment parameters.

John Sheppard, Cape Charles, VA

Great financial advice with a new twist!

Eugene Williams, Las Vegas, NV

Great info - The Palm Beach Letter shares some great strategies for building a SOLID investment portfolio, without having to rely on traditional brokerages.

Nick Nilsson, Grayslake, IL

Great info and very helpful in helping my wife and I move to financial independence.

JRW, Texas

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Great Info! Invested in the ConocoPhillips Drip and already seeing results

Francisco, Florida, USA

Great Information & great Ideas

WSB, Wilbraham, MA

Great letter! The strategy involved is great and easy to understand. I love the focus of dividends! Would recommend this to anyone.

Stephanie C. Durant, Ok

Great newsletter. To the point. Well laid out strategies.

R. Girwarnath, Tampa, FL

Great newsletter - it's refreshing to see someone offering ideas and strategies outside of the "traditional" markets.

K. Armstrong, Airville, PA

Great newsletter! I have learned more about money and investing in the past few months than all of the past 40 years. Thanks a million$$$.

T. Verrett Sr., Denham Springs, La.

Great newsletter. It's important for me to read, and understand another point of view so I can make educated financial decisions.

M.Burke, New York

Great newsletter. I have been a currency trader for seven years and done fairly well. However The Palm Beach Letter started me looking at other ways to monetize my retirement. Thanks and keep the good word coming

BK Stampley, Albuquerque, NM

Great Service and learning lots of new ways to invest.

Gary, Flagler Beach Florida

Have been receiving the newsletter for a few months but the information is improving my bottom line. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Jon, Lexington, MI

Have enjoyed the newsletter

JC, Palm City, FL

Have followed Tom for years in another newsletter. His research and insights can be trusted and are financially beneficial. Straight forward. I've received a lot of great investment ideas from him and The Palm Beach Letter. Safe as any for your hard earned money.

Linda, Deer Lodge Mt.

Have just recently subscribed to your newsletter but am finding the information very valuable. Wish I had this kind of knowledge years ago. Thanks so much.

Debra Keahi, Hillsboro, Texas

Having been very inexperienced and new to the investment world, I would like to thank Mark and Tom for their hand holding of what I feel is a personal education on the correct way to make money in these difficult times. Their approach and communication are oozing with experience, expertise and most importantly "INTEGRITY"

Dr. Stephen B. Fort Collins

Having lost all our savings, twice, from bad economic conditions we have little to invest with, lots of debt and not much hope of retiring anytime soon, if ever. But I have learned a lot from The Palm Beach Letter and try to pass this learning on to the young that work with me in hopes that they will take steps to protect themselves and their financial futures.

David Herter, Margate, FL

Having read many financial newsletters, The Palm Beach Letter stands head and shoulders above the others. It has solid advice that adjusts my thinking to reducing risk and choosing stable instruments to build my wealth.

Brent Alderson Pittsburgh PA

I am brand new to The Palm Beach Letter, much like a good number of you. So far, I am very satisfied with what I have read and researched. This is an important tool for me, as I continue to grow and protect my retirement investment portfolio. I realize there is no such thing, as a get rich formula out there. And, that all investments have a certain amount of risk that requires due diligence on my part. But I must say, I have been very happy being the tortoise competing in my own marathon investment race. I look forward to continuing my race utilizing the Palm Beach strategies.

John P. Martinez, Monterey Park CA

Hey Tom, followed you over from your 12% letter days. Big fan, good solid advice especially considering the volatility in the market these days.

J. Gillespie, Raytown, Missouri

I enjoy Mark's tough approach, to me that shows his inner integrity, something rare in our current environment. So I have a lot to learn and feel the information I have received to date could not have come at a more appropriate time for me. Thank you

Sharon Thomas, Perth Western Australia

Hi! I am only 25, finishing college, don't have much to invest, but with your newsletter, I know I'm in the right hands, just one nugget from one part of one newsletter, and now I know will be at the very least a millionaire when I retire, Thanks!!!

Daniel B., Lansing, MI

Highly recommend The Palm Beach Letter for its unique approach to wealth protection and management. Safe, conservative recommendations that I trade in mother's and children's accounts. Going beyond the typical investment newsletter into other/alternate classes such as metals, art, real estate, bonds.

Neko Katt, San Jose, California

Honestly, after subscribing to a multitude of newsletters, and looking at many different ways of diversifying my income, The Palm Beach Letter is the only one that really makes sense, and feels like it is aimed at me.

Richard M, Macau, Macau


Peter, Mesa , AZ

I admired Tom Dyson's investment insights while he was with 12% Letter; the partnership with Mark is just what I need for our retirement-common sense.

Kurt Kristensen, Sherwood, OR

I always look forward to opening and reading The Palm Beach Letter; it has taught me to remain calm and think long term about compounding. Thank you!

Reuben Donajkowski, Hubbard Lake, MI

I always look forward to receiving my newsletter. There is a lot to learn and the newsletter is very informative and helps me to stay on top of my game.

Randirae, Chicago

I always look forward to receiving my Palm Beach Letter each week. The low risk, long term investment ideas you bring to us subscribers are very understandable and easily added to my portfolio when possible as recommended.

Jerry C. Canyon, Texas

I am 64 and have up to this date invested almost solely in investments related to my business (mortgage business). This has worked out well for me but with the changing economic times I felt I needed to broaden my economic horizons. Palm Beach Letter has given me a first class education on how investments should be approached. Thanks.

Jack Robinson, Amarillo, TX

I am 76 years old, and have subscribed to many investment newsletters for about 12 years. Amazingly enough, your letter has new ideas and some profitable strategies that I have not been aware of. So, I do sincerely thank you for breaking new ground. And, you can teach an old dog some new tricks!

C. Stimpson, Seattle, WA

I am a brand new subscriber, but I can say that I was attracted to your letter by your unique style and approach to investing. I look forward to this new income idea of yours along with my bank manager!!

Robin Heckler, Perth, West Australia

What I like most so far is the specificity in how to do what is recommended... I'm not left wondering how to accomplish my task, I am taught and guided. Thanks so much for your thoughtful encouragement in helping me to prepare better for my future.

P Woods, Talladega, Al

I am a busy man (aren't we all?); I love receiving The Palm Beach Letter easy-reading email regularly and go thru it knowing I can depend on the investment advice of an expert who did the research I needed to make investment decisions. Besides it is such a reasonable investment itself that it is a no brainer! Thanks a bunch for producing it!

Franky, Houston, TX

I find The Palm Beach Letter so easy to understand. Where has this been all of my investing life? I finally have the courage to take my money out of a traditional financial account and handle it myself! That alone will save me several thousand dollars yearly. Here goes and I've only been a member for 4 months. Thanks Palm Beach

Sasha S., Chicago

I am a new subscriber and thrilled that I can finally understand a financial newsletter and know the direction I would like to take. Thank you for writing in such a straight forward, easy to understand manner. I look forward to learning more and building my wealth with confidence.

Anne G Vancouver, BC, Canada

I am a new subscriber and understand from reading The Palm Beach Letter there are many exciting ways to make money. I am eager to get started in the right direction and believe Palm Beach Letter is pointing the way for me to do so.

Carolyn P., Palestine, TX

I am a new subscriber to Palm Beach and I find the ideas and strategies you offer make great sense. My main concern is how effective your ideas and strategies are to someone who lives in Canada such as myself. Would there be specific tax situations that would differ from say investing in regular US equities?

J.W., Vancouver, Canada

I am a new subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter and to the world of investing. So far, I have learned quite a bit of "AHA" info concerning money & investing. Your out-of-the-box approach is in alignment with my way of thinking. I have just started to step into the water...looking forward to taking a full-on swim!

BJ Hulin, Silver Spring, MD

I am a new subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter but have found the information that I have received very beneficial. I thought I could invest on my own and did quite well for some time but then the bottom fell out when 911 occurred. I have a strong desire to invest wisely as we cannot afford to lose any more of our retirement.

Melanie Gonzales, New Orleans, LA

I am a new subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter. So far everything I've read has been spot on. I made several investments based on the guidance you've provided and have already seen significant gains.

Curt Canak, Ashburn, VA

I am a new subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter. A major enticement for me to join you was the fact that Tom Dyson was involved. He did a great job for me and others with his 12% Letter. I am looking for more of the same.

Dick Adams, Belleville, IL 62223

I am a newbie at this. Just signed up recently. It has been a real eye opener for me with what I have learned here on the newsletter alone. Really great stuff!

Charles Hefner, Agoura Hills, CA.

I am a newbie to the investment world and pretty much illiterate when it comes to the stock market. However, your newsletters are excellent and written in a way that even I can understand. I am very happy with your newsletter and I will be a member for a very long time!

Jerry P., Bellevue, Washington

I am a newer investor and The Palm Beach Letter is a great guide for me. Thank you for the information. I do not have the time others may have for research and to have access to a group of researchers that fit my investment objectives is awesome! This newsletter is worth every penny.

Michael, Florida

I am a professional investor, and enjoy viewing The Palm Beach Letter, when I have the time. I find that your recommendations, and suggestions, are well researched, and have a lot of merit. I have followed through on a couple of your preferred stock picks with great results, and I enjoy receiving the letter. Keep up the good work.

H. Lee Walters, Gold Hill, North Carolina

I am a rather new subscriber but in the few months I have been receiving The Palm Beach Letter I have already followed your advice on several stocks and been very happy with the results. I really appreciate the very detailed analysis you make of each company without sounding like you need a Harvard MBA to understand.

J. Soulamon, Houston, TX

I am a recent subscriber to your newsletter and am very impressed. I subscribe to a couple of other investment newsletters and none of them point out or educate about the things you do. Thanks for being here - I need you!!

Donna B., Citrus Heights, CA

I am a relatively new subscriber but have purchased stocks in most of your recommendations. Looking forward to profit, also very interested in having a good bond ladder set up. I'm finding being retired requires lots of work to keep my finances in order. Thank you for your thoughts and input.

Ken Lehmann, Wrangell, Alaska

I am a seasoned investor in traditional vehicles, namely equities and options. I don't consider myself an "income" investor but based upon my stage of life I need to become more of one. I followed Tom's writing at Stansberry Research and decided to subscribe to The Palm Beach Letter. I knew nothing of Mark but I have come to greatly appreciate his amazing work. I would recommend PBL to anyone who needs a "no bull", safe approach to investing. I read several writers that I trust and have followed for years but Palm Beach Letter is always first on my reading stack. I am amazed at the wisdom you offer for the price of a nice dinner. Keep up the good work!

RJ Cummings, Tacoma, WA

I am a subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter for the last several months and I can confidently say it's one of the best I have ever read. The many solid investment strategies have given my portfolio a solid boost and the future is looking very bright. The best part is I sleep easy at night because of the low-risk strategies and because I know the boys behind the letter are experienced and always eat their own cooking. Thank You!

Paul D'Abruzzo, Toronto, Canada

I am a very new subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter, but have learned an enormous amount. It is well written and easy to understand. Thank you.

Wendy Tyson, Saint Augustine, Florida

I am a very recent subscriber to your investment letter and like your approach. Your recommendations have made money already. Thanks!

Barbara Ringwald, Sacramento, CA

I am an 82-year-old widow. My husband always took care of our accounts - now it falls on me. I certainly need your great newsletter and the help it gives me.

Bert, Lady Lake, Fl.

I am an old dog, but I indeed have discovered I can learn new "tricks" i.e. investment strategies, through your very informative newsletter.

Frank Sell, Liberty Lake, WA

I am approaching 70 years young. I've always tried to be frugal, save when I could and remain free of debt. However I now see that savings, Social Security, a small pension and a part-time job aren't even close to making ends meet in the future. Your Palm Beach Letter has given me insight and hope for the future. However all I see and hear elsewhere is GLOOM AND DOOM. Thank you!

Ronald Ringsmuth, Scottsdale, Arizona

I am currently enrolled in 4 or 5 newsletters. Palm Beach Letter has become my most often read newsletter and I feel that I am learning several interesting ways to invest. I am a 72 year old Chemist and am still working full time. Keep up your excellent and interesting work.

Mel Talbot, Longmont, Colorado

I am fairly new to The Palm Beach Letter and have been tracking your recommendations before getting my feet too wet. Your advice has been spot on and I am now confident enough to go for it. I really like the conservative approach as opposed to all the hype one gets elsewhere!

Alexander Fella, Chapala, Mexico

I am fairly new to The Palm Beach Letter but so far I am more than pleased with the service. The analysis presented is fresh and clearly intended to educate the reader. Palm Beach Letter recommendations are well supported and I have not seen this approach anywhere else. I rest comfortably at night as I adjust my portfolio and that peace of mind is very valuable.

Russ Whipple, Mason, MI

I am gaining knowledge so I will feel comfortable when making an investment.

J.Bacher, Phoenix, AZ

I am getting educated on financials here. Good stuff!

Ron Staten, Bandon, Oregon

I am glad to be a member of The Palm Beach Letter. It is a very different type of investment style that I am finding to work wonderfully in a volatile market. Great Work!

K. L., Los Angeles, CA


I enjoy Palm Beach Letter and get quite a bit from it. Thanks!

Richard Rises, Hoover, AL

I am grateful that I was referred to The Palm Beach Letter. Your unique view of the markets has opened my eyes and some new investing doors.

Lauren Reed, Arvada, CO

I am learning and becoming financially responsible with the aid of your wonderful newsletter and investment strategies and recommendations. Thank you!

Linda B., Colorado Springs, CO

I am new to both The Palm Beach Letter and investing. I find The Palm Beach Letter a great source for finding information and innovative sources for investing.

Mike, Pittsburg, PA

I am new to investing and new subscriber to Palm Beach Letter. I am a physician and I know, one can be a great doctor and know everything, but still that same person cannot be a good teacher. I feel the same way for newsletter writers and I can tell in couple months, that folks at Palm Beach Letter are one of the "Best Teachers" in finance. I eagerly look forward to Tuesday's and Thursday's weekly updates. I enjoy them so thoroughly, that, sometimes...I am POST CALL (and half sleepy) - but try to finish reading the letter. It is truly "addictive" for me. I hope, I can follow their advice and be a good learner. Thanks.

Patel B., Richmond, VA

I am new to reading The Palm Beach Letter but the several that I have read has contained new and very useful information for me as a relatively new investor.

Elaine, Fort Washington, Maryland

I am new to the letter, only two months. So far I like what I read and I like your approaches to generating wealth. I look forward to reading your newsletter month after month and year after year, now that I am a subscriber. You offer valuable information and guidance.

Brenda Castro Valley, VA

I am new to the newsletter, but I have found it to be well written and interesting. Makes investment a joy.

Marine Ramirez, Porter Ranch, CA

I am new to The Palm Beach Letter, however in the short time I have been a reader I have come to feel the genuine advice that the team provides. I have been a member on many publications but this is the first one that I feel I can trust what you say and can see the payoff by applying your advice. Continue what you are doing and your members will be happy.

Ronald Thompson, Waller, Texas

I am new to the world of investing which is why I joined The Palm Beach Letter. The information has been invaluable by increasing my awareness of different financial strategies and boosting my confidence in being able to retire by age 65. I only wish I knew about these strategies earlier.

Robert Evans, Conroe, TX

I am new to your service, I am not new to Tom...I have many holdings which I am LONG and UP with an income stream. Thank you.

Randy Racer, Columbia, SC

I like Mark's way of looking into things.

Michael Brailovsky, North Brunswick, NJ

I am one of the original subscribers of the letter and enjoy it more each month. I have been primarily an investor in precious metals and have made the "intrinsic art" recommended investments. Therefore, I have enjoyed an 11% percent and 20% return from appreciation since their initial recommendation! Now I am starting to add additional positions in the safe high yield stocks for additional income.

M. Chase, Fort Worth, Texas

I am one of those people who should have been able to retire over ten years ago. If the information you are now giving me had been in my hand years ago; my future would have been much brighter. Thanks for the great letters.

Jack Smith, Irving, Texas

I am quite new to Palm Beach Letter and very new to investing and have enjoyed the information so far. I'm in the process of building the confidence to do it and Palm Beach Letter is greatly assisting me.

Paul W Brisbane, AUS

I am relatively new to investing, having taken over management of IRAs from a well-known professional brokerage, which I had to manage and pay. Your service has been excellent so far giving me new ideas and new strategies to try. It's early yet but I have learned a lot and hope to profit in the long run. Thanks!

Terry Safford, Swansea, Illinois

I am retired now but have never really done any serious trading in stocks before. I stayed mainly with fixed safe income products. I started investing when Tom Dyson was with the 12% Letter about a year ago. I followed most of the recommendations and came away with good results. When I found out Tom had gone with The Palm Beach Letter I subscribed to it immediately and have started following some more of Tom's recommendations, which so far have proven to work out as a positive. Keep up the good work!

David Feeney, Stuart, Florida

I am very new but appreciate the dividend-paying stocks. I'm looking for stability.

Timothy Powers, Jackson, MI

I am very new to your work, but I like what I read. Makes sense.

Fatima Mier, Minneapolis, MN

I anxiously await your newsletter. I subscribe to several newsletters, but am totally skeptical about most of the information in those newsletters. Your newsletter is so refreshing with what seems to be brilliant ideas on investing, with enough information to actually begin to do what you write about. Thank you for your straight-forward reporting.

Virginia Wolf, Long Beach, CA

I applaud you for your simple and clear approach to what has become a twisted and convoluted subject. The honest and straightforward direction and advice is a welcome relief to the normal confusion and "investment double speak".

Kelley T., Gilbert, AZ

I appreciate all the time and effort you put into The Palm Beach Letter. It is very difficult to find true and valuable financial advice these days and your letter is a perfect source for solid financial advice. I am a young male with a wife and a child and we are trying to make the best of our financial situation. We have money to invest but don't have anyone to guide us. The Palm Beach Letter has already given us a couple amazing nuggets of financial advice that we have immediately put into practice. Thanks for putting together such a great product!

Gerad T., Orlando, FL

I appreciate all you share in The Palm Beach Letter. I look forward to each and every issue, as it helps me to look at investing and wealth building in a very calm non-nonsense way.

Mike, Baltimore, MD

I appreciate Mark's straightforward, no-nonsense, hype-free approach. There's a lot of worthwhile information here for investors, from beginners on up.

G. Embrey, Los Angeles, CA

I appreciate reading each issue of The Palm Beach Letter. I've subscribed to many newsletters over the years but I must say that The Palm Beach Letter makes it easy for the reader to implement strategies to increase their income. I'm implementing several of your strategies right now!

J. Sutherland, Modesto, CA

I appreciate so much the down-to-earth approach and explanations that The Palm Beach Letter provides. So many services are based on hype. It is so helpful to have a solid, no-nonsense approach to investing.

B. Hurley, Broomfield, CO

I appreciate the down to earth investing you provide. Thanks!

Dan Burgess, Bozeman Montana

I appreciate the easy to understand explanations for your recommendations and the degree of safety they provide for your readers

Steve, Lone Tree, CO

I appreciate The Palm Beach Letter for its sound, conservative advice that helps me identify solid investment opportunities and set realistic expectations. No hype, no high-fliers. Just stable performers to build and protect my nest egg in these volatile times.

Ken Kaplan, New Britain, PA

I appreciate the straightforward, no hype style of investment education that you regularly dispense. Couple this with easy access to answers from general investment questions makes for a winning combination of a newsletter service.

Gavin M.C., San Diego, CA

I appreciate the thoughtful, reasoned, uncommon wisdom of this forward-looking, values based approach to managing one's resources.

Les B., Seattle, WA

I appreciate the time you put into your research and newsletter. I can tell that you truly want your subscribers to learn about the market and have financial stability.

Scott Lovett, College Station, Texas

I appreciate the unique investments that you have introduced me to. Most of them would have never crossed my mind.

Brad Harris, St Lucie, FL

I appreciate your approach to selecting safe and out of the mainstream stocks and I am doing well to date. I am most interested in the Bond Ladder and Dividend Elite programs and I have begun to move money out of "stock picking" and into these programs for a safer approach to retirement savings.

R. Tenney, Cheshire, CT

I appreciate your calm approach and you unique ideas. Thanks.

Mike, Springview, NE

I appreciate your common sense approach to investing. Your explanations of investing strategies are easy to understand and follow and this suits my personality well. No high-pressured salesman calling me with the latest high-risk buy to make millions. Just good time tested wealth building strategies to consider and act upon when I see fit. Thanks!

J Koegel

I appreciate your down-to earth advice. I looked forward to reading your "Twelve Percent Letter" while you were with S&A.

Lance D. Reedy, Lewiston, ID

I appreciate your level-headed investment advice. Best of all is how you offer both wealth preservation and income generating strategies. I like how you honestly admit your mistakes in your career and use them as teaching points for us. Keep up the good work!

Michael D., San Diego, CA

I appreciate your newsletter, because I can get my mind around your very foundational money/wealth/stuff "lessons," and I have finally taken unemotional market positions with responsible confidence instead of trusting luck. Thank you!

Claire M., Seneca, SC

I appreciate your personal touch and how you educate with your presentation of facts.

Joel Nightingale, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.

I began subscribing to your newsletter about two months ago, and purchased stocks based on your recommendations. I thought I would be stopped-out of my positions with all of the recent price volatility, but I held on, per your recommended stop levels. I am happy to say that my positions weathered the recent downturn, have fully recovered, and are now making new highs! Thank you for your reassuring advice during these tough times. Your stock recommendations are excellent and the dividends I am receiving are great!

Susan, Oklahoma City, OK

I believe that I only need to say "three bucket system", to express my gratitude for teaching what is necessary, and not what would make proselytes out of us.

Eric C., San Tan Valley, AZ

I believe that the newsletter has opened many ways for me to do investing and prepare for my future.

Hendra, Hayward, CA

Through your style and content I have learned more about investing than I had previously. Thank you!

Raul Martinez, Rusk, TX

I can really relate to the "Message to a 47-year old with no money" article from 9/6. I'm in the same boat right now until I sell an investment property. I'm working on some of Mark's recommendations...thanks.

Gary B., Annapolis, MD

I can say thank you for opening my eyes to some different type investment opportunities. I may not take advantage of everything you write about, but it does give me options.

Gregg, Dallas, TX

I appreciate you investment advice since I only have a few years left before I "have to retire". Your newsletter is giving me the strategies I need to make it through my retirement years without fearing for my financial future. Keep the good news coming!

Nick Koczo, Louisville, KY

I can't give much of a testimonial since I just subscribed in the end of September. However, I can tell you that I like the way you get to the point quickly without fluff or fillers. The rationale and background information you give on each security selection is invaluable. I have purchased two recommended positions and am doing nicely.

Bob Traum, Boynton Beach, Florida

I can't thank you enough for your Newsletter. I know very little about investing and following all of the main stream advice has gotten me nowhere with my money. Your information has been simple, straightforward and effective. I finally feel as if I can really retire one day and be financially sound! Thanks!

Linda Reash, Columbus, Ohio

I consider myself to be relatively financially literate, but the concept that provides lasting true wealth is what my mother (a member of the greatest generation) practiced: discipline using proven companies, sound government securities, and a sprinkling of hard assets. Your publication appears to mirror that philosophy. I find that refreshing in these days of fast money. The concepts may not change, only the vehicles that accomplish solid wealth building are modified over time. Thank you for your conservative analysis.

T. James Makovsky, Marana, AZ

I continue to learn about investing concepts and how to minimize risk. Really appreciate the wisdom you guys at PBL publish every week and month.

Tim V., Bellingham, WA

I continue to read and learn from your insight. Have been an investor for many years, but I find your information and newsletters refreshing and very educational.

B. Fields, Beaverton, OR

I did not think it could be done but, I have learned something new about investing. I am 39 years old and I have subscribed to a ton of newsletters over the years, as well as traded options, futures and forex. As a new subscriber I took the time to read the last six month of back issues. This is the first time in my life that I am learning to build wealth. I am finally optimistic about my financial future. P.S. -- Extra income is not only a Boomer need gen-Xers can use some too! Thank you Mark and Tom.

Marc Ciccarelli, Montreal, Canada

I do appreciate your insightful perspective to new ways of investing that I have never been exposed to before. I am a believer the successful people in life are not always better at what they do, but they access information that others are not even aware of exist. Your letter has allowed me to be that kind of a person and have fun while doing it!

Steven Pre, Branson, MO

I like your approach which is completely different than other newsletters. We can see here the attitude and desire to show subscribers different unknown way to generate income and most of the time very safe way, which is important. I like what I've read so far, the honesty and frankness of the letter is what counts. Thank you and keep up a good job.

Igor V., Oradell, NJ

I don't know the first thing about investing in stocks, and I don't have much spare cash to invest, but I've seen increases in value in the investments I have been able to make over the two weeks since I subscribed. It's a small start for me, but from a tiny acorn a mighty oak does grow.

C.B. Stevens, Fairfax, VA

I enjoy reading The Palm Beach Letter simply because it teaches me about investing.

Robert V., San Antonio, Texas

I enjoy reading The Palm Beach Letter every week. I plan to put one or more of Mark strategies to work soon. I am saving up and weighing options on his many suggestions.

David, Rayne, LA

I enjoy reading your approach to investing since it's very different from the main stream. Keep up the excellent work and enjoy a good whiskey at Joe's bar. Life shouldn't be just about money.

Thomas O'Connor, Morrison, CO

I enjoy reading your informative newsletter that has helped me with my personal investments.

Alan Kent, Greensboro, GA

I enjoy reading your Palm Beach Letter and At Joe's Cigar Bar. I'm always interested in learning about how to safely invest for my future.

Isaiah Chesterfield, VA

I enjoy reading your safe, sure and steady (emphasis on safe) approach to investing in the morning. Mark's no nonsense, no BS approach is refreshing in this day and age. While I do find his selections sensible and actionable, my own approach to funding wealth is more aggressive but I aim to park some of my money in your safe stocks to protect and grow my gains over the long term. I will act on your picks and you will help to keep it safe during turbulent times. Win/Win.

Ray Ishmael, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I enjoy the service and find it very useful. I look forward to more ideas to help me when I retire.

Daniel Smith, Manteno, ILL.

I enjoy your conservative "slow and steady wins the race" philosophy. The mentoring provides great encouragement and inspiration. Dr. Matt Mallen, East Boston, MA

I enjoy your diverse investment ideas. The stock picks that you have given have been good, and held up well during the downturn. I look forward each month for your new investments.

Sharon, Cooper City, FL

I especially appreciate the practical advice and alternatives to traditional investing in equities that you offer us. You've opened my eyes to all sorts of interesting new ideas - and I really appreciate the down-to-earth style and financial education.

Nikki, Lake Stevens, WA

I especially liked the letter about "Active Income". I am 63 and still work, still enjoy working and don't want to retire. I was encouraged by Mark's advice to "never give up active income".

Joe Kowalski, Beachburg, Canada

I feel like a whole new world has been revealed to me, and I am learning so much about how to safely invest based on your teaching!!

Cathy Baker, Lebanon, PA

I feel Palm Beach Letter really cares about their subscribers. It has changed my wife's and my thought process about investing. Thanks for new ideas and helping us becoming successful.

Mohammad Huda, Toronto, Canada

I find in your newsletter useful information about investment and much more. Each newsletter it is a life lesson for me.

Adrian Istrate, Craiova, Romania

I find it refreshing to read a publication that offers such diversity of safe investment ideas. It is particularly unique to read about real life examples of how Mark or Tom has used these ideas in their own lives to profit over many years. I look forward to each monthly issue and weekly update.

Reed Lipinsky, The Villages, Florida

I find PBL to be very educational.

Patrick Stanley, Gold Canyon

I find the information I get from The Palm Beach Letter not only interesting but very helpful.

Barry Galison, Delray Beach, Florida

I find the letters informative, direct and practical. Down to earth. I look forward to them and have used some of the ideas.

Lynn S., New York, NY

I find The Palm Beach Letter has given me new ideas, and is simple, straightforward - and fun!

Elaine, New York, NY

I find The Palm Beach Letter to be a breath of fresh air. Advice is offered in a no nonsense way, and is unapologetic in its candor. I appreciate the fact that the advice applies (in most cases) to Canadians as well as Americans.

Dave Dyjur, Calgary, Canada

I find The Palm Beach Letter useful not just for specific investment ideas but for a better understanding of factors which influence the equity and commodity markets. I am better able to make my own investment decisions.

Selbec, Chicago, IL

I find your letter both interesting and rewarding. Keep the great ideas coming.

Les Williams, Tallahassee, FL.

I find your messages down to earth and interesting to read. It is too early to measure results for me, but I am having fun and especially liked your real estate ideas in Florida.

R Dillon, St. Paul, MN

I find your newsletter very interesting. After reading yesterday's letter my wife and I are off to south Florida to buy some houses, perhaps. We have a number of rental houses and condos and they are financing are retirement.

John D. Griffin, Kirkland, WA

I know that when I read Palm Beach Letter I will come away with something I did not know before, whether it's a new way of earning income or a business tip. I "will" be able to use something, even though I am not an American citizen or resident. They seem to get "to the point" of what subscribers want and need, without too much ranting about the present state of the union, if you know what I mean. I particularly like the ladder retirement planner. What a great idea! Thanks for that and keep up the good work!

Terry, Japan

I followed Tom to The Palm Beach Letter from his previous publisher and am very happy with the approach and results of the advice I get from The Palm Beach Letter. It's a great value for the quality of the insight; it's paid for itself many times over.

Jim, Marietta, GA

I get a ton of letters. I have made more on the ideas in Palm Beach Letter, and worry less about them during the down markets, than any of the others, even in the short time it has been out. Well done, some common sense investing ideas.

Chris B., MD, Southport, NC

I grew up in a blue-collar home that mistrusted the stock market. I got a graduate liberal arts education with no study in finance. After I retired I decided to satisfy my curiosity about the stock market. I subscribed to several investment letters, opened a brokerage account and invested a small amount of money I could afford to lose. My first stock purchase was on July 17, 2008. I bought mostly penny stock. I was like a blind man in a dark room until I stumbled on Palm Beach Letter. It has been a revelation and guide that I wish I had had at the beginning. Please keep it coming!

Jim Thigpen, San Angelo, Texas

I have invested in 2 Companies that you have recommended. Despite recent market downturn both are in the black-or is it green? Thank you for your good advice!

Alfred Ronald, Orangeville Ontario, CANADA

I have always known investing in the main stream was not allowing me to succeed - this newsletter has the practical answers for investing outside the box of the main stream!

Lance, Lane County, Kansas

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I have always managed my own investments using my financial background and employment experience with several of the leading global financial services firms. I must say that your letter is a breath of fresh air and it has provided many new insights and ideas to use in making my investment decisions.

Dennis Krilla, Long Branch, NJ

I have appreciated the information I receive from your newsletters. I am completely new at this way of investing I have not made any purchases yet. It is still overwhelming. Looking forward to making these decisions in the near future. Thank you!

Kirby B., Abbostford, BC Canada

I have been a subscriber to PBL for 4 months and have learned more about investing in safe investments in that time than the rest of my investing life. Thank you and keep those recommendations coming.

Leo Hughes, Mullica Hill, NJ

I have been a subscriber only a short while but I am very impressed with the information I've received so far. Keep up the good work.

Kevin McGuire Kings Park, NY

I have been a subscriber to Palm Beach letter and find the information worthy.

Dr. Helthwel, Berlin NJ

I have been a subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter for only two months, but already realize the benefits of simple, plain explanations, of sometimes difficult scenarios. I like the no-nonsense conservative investment ideas!

Bob E Ruddy, Doylestown, PA

I have been a subscriber to your letter for several months now. The information on investing and financing has been very eye-opening.

Jack Smyth, Jacksonville, FL

I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for a few short weeks. I decided to subscribe because your investing strategy resonated with me. It makes complete sense. And I have not been disappointed. Your recommendations have already given me decent profits. Keep up the great work!

Greg Huntsman, Idaho Falls, ID

I have been an active investor for 20 years and have subscribed to many advisory services. The Palm Beach Letter is by far the best, especially when it comes to capital preservation and growth.

L Harrison, Williston, ND

I have been an investor and entrepreneur since age 12. The Palm Beach Letter reminds me on a weekly basis how choosing to create your own destiny is so much better than working for "the man". I look forward to many more insightful issues to come!

Kory M. London, Canada

I have been around the market all my life. I have had some success and some failures. However, The Palm Beach Letter is the best newsletter that I have found in my 50 years of investing. They tell you like it is.

Cead K, Russellville, AR

I have been enlightened by the fiscally conservative and thought provoking ideas that I read in The Palm Beach Letter. Thank You.

B.H., Phoenix, AZ

I have been familiar with Mark Ford and Tom Dyson's work for some years. When I heard they had teamed up for this newsletter, it was a deal I couldn't pass up. The year's subscription easily pays for itself with the information provided in just one or two issues.

Brad, Tokyo Japan

I have been following The Palm Beach Letter since its beginning. It is a valuable source of information I use in my everyday life. Thanks.

Terry Johnson, Indianapolis, IN

I have been in and out of investment schemes for quite some time. However, I particularly like your down to earth approach, which is very reassuring. I therefore will most likely stay with you.

Jaap Naber, Heemskerk, The Netherlands

I have been in the market for over thirty years, and your stock picks are the best I have seen, thanks!

H.Dilello, Deposit, NY

I have been investing for 15+ years and subscribed to many letters but I really enjoy your informational letters. I think it's a breath of fresh air in the newsletter world.

Kip Grant, Levelland, Texas

I have been investing for about 15 years. My mode of investing would have been very different, less risky, if I had then, the information that I have received from your Newsletter during the last 6 months. Thanks.

Raymond L., Brooklyn, NY

I have been playing the stock market for many years now but I don't have much to show for my efforts. Your newsletter has brought more clarity to my investing style, especially when it comes to dividend payers. I'm now trying to implement the 3-bucket system in my life. Thanks.

Kevin, Flagstaff, AZ

I have been reading investment newsletter for many years and have never gotten the kind of precisely directed information as I have gotten in just a couple of months. I have since dropped one service that reported too much on political stuff that just straight investment advice that works. My confidence level has increased dramatically. Thanks for helping me to change course.

Dennis Reid, Spartanburg, SC

I have been reading Porter Stansberry's work for a couple of years now, and wondered where he got some of his ideas. Now, having subscribed to The Palm Beach Letter, and seeing the background behind these ideas, I have a better appreciation of how they are supposed to be applied. Palm Beach Letter will not bat 1,000 forever - it will have its individual wins and losses. BUT, if you read, understand and APPLY the ideas presented - you will come out way ahead of 99% of investors.

James Wright, Salt Lake City, UT

I have been subscribing to a number of newsletters and I must admit your honest and sincere approach to what you do is refreshing. Great value. Some of your strategies are very unique and like nothing I have ever seen before. Thank you so much for sharing. Love it.

Phil Carti, Gold Coast, Australia.

I have been thoroughly enlightened by the ideas published in your Palm Beach Letter. Fresh and common sense ideas that have opened my eyes to a whole new investment world. Seems like there would be more advisory groups willing to think outside the main stream "box".

Curt Myers, Kansas City, Missouri

I have been trading for 43 years with below average yields. Your recommendations narrow the stock selection process so I can just review with my system to better understand why they are selected. Thank you.

"V", Bloomfield, NJ

I have been with The Palm Beach Letter since its first issue. I think Palm Beach Letter's slow steady approach in building wealth is news that the average investor needs to hear. Keep up the good work.

John Fallenstein, Eugene, OR.

I have been with this newsletter for a short time but I have learned many things. Keep up the good work!

Loje Samson, Cleburne, TX

I have changed my strategy and feel you have removed the Russian roulette feeling when investing in stocks.

Hylton Petach, Tikva, Israel

I have enjoyed my association with The Palm Beach Letter team very much. You have a unique style of allowing the average investor to sit in on discussions by the rich about investments. Many of the recommendations are definitely not main stream. Congrats!!

Thomas Aulwes, Andover, MN

I have enjoyed reading Palm Beach Letter. I know very little about investments but what I like is the simplicity, the honesty and sincerity that comes across. I am happy I joined. Keep up the good work.

Verna, Jamaica

I have enjoyed reading The Palm Beach Letter. It is clearly written for inexperienced investors. Please continue offering creative ways of investing and educational ideas.

Paul S., Colorado, USA

I have enjoyed the conservative approach The Palm Beach Letter presents, thank you.

Martin, San Antonio

I have enjoyed the dialog and commentary you present in your monthly and weekly newsletters. Your investment advice has been right on the money thus far and I look forward to future issues.

Terry Weimer, Fort Wayne, Indiana

I have enjoyed The Palm Beach Letter and have been following your investment suggestions. I trust your advice for the long term

Edward, Pembroke Pines, FL

I have enjoyed The Palm Beach Letter for the last several months. It provides good information, explained in a friendly manner that makes it fun to read. Many of the topics are not new to me but it's good to keep grounded in the basics and not get caught up in the market or media hype.

Rob Mathis, Rochester Hills, MI

I have enjoyed your newsletter. It is very informative and educational. I have learned much and I have used it to teach my children about money. Keep up the great work.

Frank H. Byers II, Illinois

I have followed Tom Dyson for a few years now and value his ideas greatly. It is always a good thing to get your introductions from trusted advisers like Tom. That is how I have come to know Mark Ford. I am glad to recommend both Tom and Mark to anyone who asks "Who do you listen to for your financial guidance". It's always a pleasure to steer a friend towards The Palm Beach Letter.

Alan Hertz, Richmond, CA

I have followed Tom Dyson for years and have enjoyed great returns from his recommendations. The Palm Beach Letter has been invaluable in generating dividend and income related portfolio.

Troy Smith, Murrirta, CA

I have followed Tom since he was doing 12% letter. I appreciate his solid easy to understand writing style and believe building a portfolio of equities that have a solid record of increasing dividends will help secure my retirement. Thanks Tom and Mark for Palm Beach Letter.

Terrence H., Stafford Oregon

I have found my subscription to The Palm Beach Letter to be one of the best I have tried. It is interesting, informative, educational and entertaining. I even forwarded the article about the most important money management lesson to my oldest son, who just recently graduated with his Master's degree and started his first full time job, because I felt it was something he did not learn in school and could find of value.

Ken Anderson, Fort Collins, CO

I have found some of your approaches new and different from how I have viewed investing, whether in stocks, commodities, or real estate for the last twenty years. Thank you for new ways to see ideas and trends and for new perspectives on how to expect more reliable income streams and returns on a more predictable basis in a very unpredictable investment climate.

El C., Santa Barbara, CA

I have found that both Mark and Tom speak a lot of common sense (not all that common, is it?) when they share their experience and knowledge with us. No hype, just well researched and reasoned argument for why we, the readers, should follow a certain course of action. I like it.

Christopher Creamer, Dublin, Ireland

I have found the information In Palm Beach Letter to be more often right than wrong.

Mike Nifong, Dallas, TX

I have found the letter solid and enjoy the sound investment advice.

Bob Thuemmel, Kingston, Pa

I have found The Palm Beach Letter innovative and very helpful. I have learned about opportunities that I would never have developed on my own.

Jim Biever, Milton, DE

I have found The Palm Beach Letter highly informative and very Professional. It is the best of the investment newsletters that I receive.

Roger L. Lollar, Midland, TX

I have found The Palm Beach Letter provides me with well thought out, practical, actionable ideas I can put to good use.

JT Roberts, Columbus, OH

I have found The Palm Beach Letter to be a very sober and astute assessment of stocks that regularly produce income.

Samuel Case, Fairfax CA

I have found The Palm Beach Letter to be very informative and the content worthy and sensible.

Bob DiMattia, Chesterfield, New Jersey

I have found the Palm Beach Newsletter very interesting and worthwhile reading. I am enjoying learning from Tom and Mark and opportunities I see in each Newsletter.

Larry S., North Carolina

I have found tremendous value in the safe, no-nonsense advice found in The Palm Beach Letter, and look forward to learning more while safely building my wealth.

Jon Donnelly, Ridgewood, NJ

I have gained much financial wisdom and insight from this letter.

Nicholas Peel, Naples, Florida

Palm Beach Letter is very informative and provides recommendations that will help me achieve my financial goals. I look forward to implementing the strategies presented.

Lynn Ballard, Ashton, ID

I have had several newsletters over the years. This is by far the best. If I could only have one newsletter, this would be it!

Mike Kozuchowski, Elmhurst,IL

I have just recently become a subscriber but find your newsletter to be refreshingly different from the more mainstream publications in that it is both educational and practical with emphasis on risk avoidance.

Michael Brown, Winter Park, Fl.

I'm a recent subscriber. I have gone into it with an open mind. But unless you take that first step forward you will never know what will be installed for you. I feel I can gain valuable information from this newsletter.

John R. Baronowski, Port St Lucie Florida

I have just started receiving The Palm Beach Letter and really like it so far. I haven't purchased anything yet since the market is so volatile but plan on taking action in the next couple of weeks. Thank you.

Anna, Portland, OR

I have learned a lot from your newsletter regarding investments. I hope to be able to invest my retirement monies in safer than average ways so that I won't have to worry about my finances in my "golden years". Thank you.

J. G. Ross, Crystal, MI

I have learned a lot of basic information on investing and the wise use of money the past few months from The Palm Beach Letter. My wife and I are beginning to use this information for our portfolio.

Jim Morisey, Sugar Land, TX

I have learned a tremendous amount in a short period of time from Tom's newsletter. He is candid, to the point, and doesn't sugar coat. He is truly concerned with helping his readers to grow their income

Karen Lyn Miller, Norton, Ohio

I have learned about some safe alternatives to traditional Investing that are helping to get where I want to be financially.

Joe Tucky, Seal Beach, California

I have learned more in the past few months than I ever could have imagined about investing, Thank you. I'm finally getting the tools I need to be a smart investor.

Jerry H. Las Vegas, NV

I have learned SO MUCH that I should have known years ago. It certainly teaches more than money. I have four (adult) kids and 10 grandchildren so I cannot wait to pass it on.

Art B. Annandale, Virginia

I have learned that there are many exciting ways to generate income, other than a boring old 401(k). Thank you for the great insight.

Leigh S., Durham, CA

I have looked at other programs about investing and have found Palm Beach Letter is more informative than others… and easer to follow.

Norman Merke, Trail BC, Canada

I have never been a conservative investor until the bashing I went thru in the 2008-2009 stock market crash. I have been slowly and surely adapting to the conservative recommendations of The Palm Beach Letter. I am getting use to retail bonds and good dividend paying stocks. I have been liquidating my mutual funds and instituting your monthly advice and recommendations.

Steven T., San Antonio, Texas

I have never been taught the fundamentals of investing. Your approach is both honest and timely. I truly wish I had known about The Palm Beach Letter 30 years ago, but it's never too late to start; not even at 56! Thank you for being so diligent and thorough. Unlike other financial subscriptions, I feel that you actually care for, and have concern over your subscribers. Thank you.

Steven Graham Cebu, Philippines

I have never spent so little to learn and benefit so much!

Jamos, Seattle

I am early in my subscription, but I am trading 3 of the recommended stocks in a practice account that I have opened with my bank and all 3 stocks are in profit. The Palm Beach Letter is very interesting to read.

Ron Belisle, St. Leonard, Quebec

I have only been a subscriber for a few months and find your newsletter very informative. I have used some of your advice and it has benefited my portfolio. Like all advice, financial or otherwise, one needs to decipher what is best for them and use it to the best of their knowledge.

Edward Schaffer, UT

I have only been a subscriber for about 2 months but thus far I like the philosophies and mind set of strategies presented in this newsletter. It's a keeper.

Paul Frazier, Lexington, Ky.

I have only been involved for a short time but with all the education you have provided I am on my way to protect my hard earned income in many ways thanks to your information.

Mark Fulcher, South Jordan, Utah

I have only been reading this investing letter for a week, but in that time, I feel like I'm on my way to becoming a well-rounded investor.

Terrence Abney, New Bern, NC

I have only been receiving your letter for three weeks, but have info I have never been given with other advisers. You have already given me tips I never heard before, real down to earth steps to help me in my retirement.

Molly Turley, Sarasota FL

I have only been with The Palm Beach Letter a short time but Mark has really hammered two points home...value and safety. Without understanding these two principles, you will fail as an investor. Mark's insights are refreshing and no...It isn't necessary to take big risks either...the wealthy don't. I've been an investor for a long time and probably better than average compared to most but Mark is still teaching me things I didn't know and it is going to pay off in my investing.

Daniel Frank, Cullman, Alabama

I have only been with The Palm Beach Letter for eight weeks. Of four investments I have made to date returns of 10.97%, 10.40%, 7.25%, and 9.32%. And that was while the rest of the market was all over the place. What I have read so far is sound advice, but I haven't attempted any of the bond ladders recommended yet. So far, great returns and great advice!

Mack Turner, Goode, VA

I have only been with the PBL a short time but, already you have changed the way I look at investing. At age 48 you have given me hope for my retirement future.

Andy Wall, Enid OK

I have only bought one of your picks so far and it's up 9% in just one month in a tough economic environment. At that pace that would be over 100% annually! Keep up the good work.

Gary G., Greenwood, SC

I have many paid subscriptions. My goal is to evaluate everything then weed out what doesn't work for me. The Palm Beach Letter has been the most promising for me. The info I have gleaned from Palm Beach Letter has helped me grow my income, but more importantly I have retained my wealth at a time when most of my friends are taking second jobs. Thank You

Randy Dalby, Ukiah, CA

I have purchased a few of the recommended securities for not only my account, but also my mothers and daughters accounts. Year-to-date these accounts have averaged a 10% return and that is not including the average dividend yield of 5%. I also have not experienced the large price swings that have been common in the general market.

M. Antonelli, Chicago, Illinois.

I have purchased many monthly 'investment' letters in my 30 years as a CPA. NOTHING even comes close to The Palm Beach Letter.

Richard Randall, CPA, Muncie, IN & Tampa, FL

I have purchased many newsletters over the past 30 years with limited financial success as a result. However, your newsletter takes a more practical approach with measurable results than any other newsletter I have read. Keep up the good work. I continue to look forward to each newsletter and update.

David Cornell, Costa Mesa, CA

I have read and used The Palm Beach Letter and like it a lot.

Mons, Salt Lake City, UT

I have read many different opinions concerning short term trading versus long term "hold and hope". Your advice has shown that you don't have to hope if you are holding the right investments. I now have short and long term strategies. Thank you for your recommendations, explanations and insights.

Ed Logsdon, Denver, CO

I have read Mark Ford's Palm Beach Letter & his books and find him to be eminently practical and financially sagacious. Kind of like the uncle I never had.

Crisman Cooley, Santa Barbara, CA

I have really appreciated the honest approach that this newsletter takes and the way it is delivered. The investments I have made based on your approach have weathered the markets well in the last few months. The Palm Beach Letter is one of the first things I read in my inbox.

Laura T Austin, TX

I have really appreciated your newsletter for two reasons: 1. I have learned so much from many of your letters on the subject of retirement. They have been so enlightening so I have forwarded several of them on to my sons. I think if they would only start to apply those principals while they are young. 2. I had made every mistake in the book investing my IRA. With your sound advice and stock picks I have done so much better. Plus I sleep better at night. It is fun to watch the compounding effect of those high-yield, dividend paying stocks.

Bill McKay, Kennewick

I have really enjoyed The Palm Beach Letter because of your unique approach to investing, using smaller companies that offer real capital appreciation along with dividends in many cases but limit the risk because these stocks have long, stellar track records. I subscribe to many newsletters but they tend to concentrate on common mainstream strategies. You stand out as being very special. Thank you.

Bill H, Nashville, TN

I have really enjoyed The Palm Beach Letter. It has helped me with some new investments and even more valuable, I had my son (he's in his twenties) read the issue where you described the difference between managing money for three purposes: spending, savings, and investing. After several attempts to teach him about money management he commented that your description made sense to him. Thank you.

Denny C., ST Charles, MO

I have really enjoyed The Palm Beach Letter. The advice is always current and I love the way you cater to the average person. I also enjoy the other ways you advise on income generation besides the stock market. Please keep up the great work.

Jim H., Canton, Ohio

I have recently subscribed and appreciate the no-nonsense approach to investing, and especially the candor of the Cigar bar essays.

Ray Maza, Sunny Isles, Florida

I have set up multiple DRIP plans for retirement, using the sound advice from The Palm Beach Letter.

James M., Virginia Beach, VA

I have several investment research subscriptions and Palm Beach Letter is right there at the top.

H.L. Childress, St. Joseph, Mo

I have several other newsletters, but yours use a very different approach…very practical sound advice on investing. Your letter is very educational to me, and I have made some good return based on your advice, even though I have only had it for a few months.

Sheila Wilson, Benxi, China / Tulsa, ok

I have spent thousands of dollars on various financial/investment newsletters over the last 10 years. Penny for penny, The Palm Beach Letter is the most valuable. I wish I'd had Mark's down to earth explanations of things, like the three I, years ago. I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in an investment newsletter and would recommend it as a first newsletter for new investors.

Vane Hugo, Belton, TX

I have subscribed to many financial newsletters in my work as an Investment Banker but The Palm Beach Letter is real information that can be used to get ahead even in this economic climate.

Mick Depp, Charlotte, NC

I have subscribed to many investment newsletters they all focus on stocks investments. It is great to see ideas on bonds, real estate and more.

M Urioste, Albuquerque NM

I have subscribed to many newsletters before Palm Beach Letter. Yours is easy to follow and comes from firsthand experience. It is worth every penny. Now I can stay in the market knowing there is value in your recommendations... Thank you and keep the good work coming.

J.J. Rodriguez, Laguna Beach, California

I have subscribed to numerous newsletters over my 15 years trading after retirement. I just recently started to receive your newsletter and I am greatly impressed with the new ideas presented.

W.M., Lancaster, PA

I have subscribed to The Palm Beach Letter for about 4 months. It is the best value for the money that I have encountered. Its recommendations are not impossible to comprehend or to execute, whether you are a millionaire or a "thousandaire".

James Goodwin, Temple, TX

I have taken investing seriously for the past five years, utilizing many sources. I learned much, but The Palm Beach Letter has been a great resource to broaden my investment horizons even more.

Dave Soerens, Neenah, Wisconsin

I have valued each issue of The Palm Beach Letter because you always seem to present an alternative investment idea in a well-organized format. I also enjoy the special reports, especially the recent dividend special along with the general education.

Robert B., Las Vegas, NV

I haven't regretted spending one penny on The Palm Beach Letter. Thanks for all the hard work and great advice.

Kathy Bainbridge, Santa Fe, NM

I invested in CALM by your advice, and it is doing nicely! I do not have a lot of ready cash flow, so a productive investment is especially helpful.

Nancy Guiles, Highland, CA

I invested in many different programs "How to make more money" (I made others more money buying their fancy ideas). Your letter enlightened me about what I already knew but didn't apply: "Patience" and conservative investing is less stress, less money = bigger and better profits.

Roland, Chicago, IL.

I joined up with The Palm Beach Letter just three or so months ago, but I consistently enjoy the no-baloney tone set by Mr. Ford and crew. It's a refreshing, educational and enjoyable read every time. I've taken some key investment tips to heart, and I'm sleeping better at night in all the turmoil...plus I'm learning a lot. Thank you for creating a sincere, mature newsletter.

Jim Lawrence, Old Chatham, NY

I just began my subscription and so far I am pleased that I joined.

Ronald O'Brien, Burlington Ontario

I just joined in the last month, but like what I am reading so far. Great information!

Scott, Beaverton, Or

I just joined. So far I'm very happy. It looks to be very practical and possible to generate income. It looks like a good fit for me since I don't have a lot of excess time to learn and study the more complex techniques.

Tony Musarra, Atlanta, Ga.

I just opened up my very first on-line direct investing account and have purchased stocks in several of the companies that you have recommended. For the past year I have been poring over your weekly reports and educating myself until I finally had enough confidence to get into the game. It has been quite a process to shift from relying on bank investments to becoming an independent investor. Thank you for being an instrumental part of that journey.

Elisabeth Bakker, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

I just recently became a subscriber to Palm Beach Letter. The information that has been presented has inspired me to take steps at improving my personal financial goals.

Tom Boardman, Covina, USA

I just recently started reading The Palm Beach Letter and even though I have not physically started investing money, what I have learned from reading has opened up my mind to the other opportunities and ideas outside of the traditional stock market, mutual fund or IRA. I will start my Bond Ladder soon and invest in a DRIP account (probably Tompkins Financial) within the next week.

Britt Wetherington, Boston, Georgia

I just started reading your newsletter, but already I find it unique and very interesting.

Ken Numis, Toms River, NJ

I just started receiving The Palm Beach Letter a few months ago. It's the best investment I've ever made. I plan to use many of the strategies they deal in the letter for the rest of my life. I want to pass this information on to my children as well. Thank you so much for your dedication to helping us.

Shawn Horicon, WI.

I just started receiving The Palm Beach Letter and I am very impressed with the content. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for new ways to safely invest their money.

T.J. Shoemaker, Chattanooga, TN

I just started with Palm Beach Letter and am impressed with the safety and accuracy of the "ladder" recommendations.

Terry T., Denver, CO

I just subscribed to Palm Beach Letter this past summer and been reading over your different investment plans I am conservative in my investing and very cautious what I put my money into. I like this new "palm beach income" plan and I look forward to learning more about it.

Bruce Schoenecker, Paynesville, Minnesota

I just wish I had this information years ago so I could have started when I was younger...you have substantially increased my investing knowledge & income more in the past three months than in the last 40 years.

Dave Wilstermann, San Marcos, CA

I knew of Tom Dyson's work from a previous letter he edited. I look for great things to happen. Give it the chance.

Bill, Jacksonville, Arkansas

I know and invested beside Mark for many years. His approach is methodical and patient to ensure the odds of success are very much in your favor before initiating.

David S Springfield, OH

I learn something new with every newsletter or update. The approach you take is sometimes unconventional and requires careful thought to digest. I look at all investment ideas through an improved prism now, thanks to you.

Paul Ertsgaard, TN, USA

I like it, and I've profited.

Tom McClane, Lakeland, FL

I like Mark's refreshing perspective and research. His ideas are helping me reach my goals.

Andrew, Rockford, IL

I like Palm Beach Letter because it is about reality, practicality, and effectiveness. Great down-to-earth tips and knowledge. You don't have to be an expert to gain from this.

Mrs. Utter, Montana USA

I like the common sense Palm Beach Letter brings to investing. They are realistic and modest when it comes to the returns they expect and the stocks they pick.

David Smith, Paducah, KY

I like the conservative and relatively safe investments you recommend.

Ricardo Digregorio, Naples, Florida

I like the conservative, focused approach. No wild claims, just solid, dependable advice to maximize the compounding effect of our returns.

Kent Snider, Johnstown, CO

I like the crisp nature of your write-ups. I was familiar with Tom Dyson from his excellent work at S&A, and I took a subscription here at Palm Beach Letter because of Tom's conservative approach.

Bill S., Minneapolis, MN

I like the downright honest way you've chosen to write Palm Beach Letter. It makes me feel very secure following your great advice... tanks a ton to Mark, Tom and the Team...

Gerhard, Pforzheim, Germany

I like the ideas that Palm Beach Letter provides because I don't like to ever lose money. Low risk ideas that have excellent profit potential… if I show patience!

Bob Frazier, Kansas City, Missouri

I like The Palm Beach Letter because it stands way far off the planet and looks at the investment world through a different lens. It's idiosyncratic and not afraid to surprise you.

Mark Swann, Washington, DC

I like The Palm Beach Letter for investing ideas.

Eugene Burger, Frederick, Mad

I like The Palm Beach Letter for its honesty and realistic approach. Theirs is a logical, strategic and no-nonsense approach to investing.

Larry Friesen, Ajijic, Mexico

I like The Palm Beach Letter very much, especially the Cigar Bar issues. While I may not agree with all your strategies (e.g., I don't like the idea of bonds very much), the newsletter is quite exciting, especially considering Mark's honesty. "Bitter" truth is always better than "sweet" lies. At the end of the day, truth makes our lives better. The sweet lies kill us.

Pavel, Toronto, Canada

I like the perspective from Palm Beach Letter that I don't get in other financial newsletters.

C.L. Edmonds, Portland OR

I like the simple to understand, safe ideas that Palm Beach Letter brings to my investing decisions. Building long term for retirement is my goal and I appreciate all your hard work.

D Lynn, Minneapolis, MN

I like the varied ways of investing my money I get from Palm Beach Letter.

John D. Glenview, IL USA

I like the way you keep the language simple and to the point.

Chiangmai, Chiang Mai, Thailand

I like Palm Beach Letter's attitude as it relates to the safety of your money.

Nelson, Seattle

I like this semi-contrarian financial newsletter much more than the steady stream of personal finance clichés and stock picks from the mainstream press.

Mark Hu, Los Angeles, CA

I like what I heard about Palm Beach Letter, and am looking forward to learning a lot.

D.K. Fynn, Montreal, Canada

I like your candid approach to making money.

Bill Thompson, Bristol, Ct.

I like your clear explanations on investing and what action that needs to be taken. My wife, who doesn't like investing, finds it very helpful.

L.R. Johnson, Theodosia, MO

I like your honesty and also the fact that you honestly care and aren't in this just for how much money you can collect from the subscribers. Your advice has been smart and profitable. Thank you!!!

JoAnn Grauer, Sebring, Fl.

I like Palm Beach Letter because, as a newbie in the investing arena. I'm discovering the secrets that only the big investors know about. Thank you!

Sal G., Janesville WI

I like your sensible, solid approach. It has helped me create an investment strategy with good returns.

John M. , Sandy Oregon

I look forward to each issue of your letter and appreciate that it is not full of hype.

Ana Cortes, Washington

I look forward to every issue of The Palm Beach Letter and your updates. It is educational and motivating. I now believe, because of the research information you are providing, that a small investor like myself, can make money by investing in the stock market and other investment options you recommend, thanks to your investment letter.

Antonio E Garcia, Santa Fe, NM

I look forward to getting and reading through The Palm Beach Letter. I have found it to be an insightful tool that gives me an additional perspective on investing/generating income. Like any other tool it is no substitute for due diligence, but it is a great starting point for income producing ideas. Thanks for the insights!

Brett, Seattle

I look forward to issues of the newsletter. The information has proven to be of great value and enlightenment.

L. Stratton, Chicago, IL

I look forward to The Palm Beach Letter because it is down-to-earth and provides a variety of up-to-date valuable information and advice. The one publication that I'm not disappointed in!

F. Davis, Kings Point, FL

I look forward to the weekly newsletter updates along with the monthly newsletter. I have learned a great deal from them and have incorporated what I can into my portfolio. I especially like the laid back style, yet highly educational "At Joe's Cigar Bar" updates.

Jason McCormick, Houston, TX

I look forward to your newsletter.

Rick Owens, Las Cruces New Mexico

I love all the various strategies discussed in The Palm Beach Letter updates - a great way to learn about general investing, as well as products that I had never heard of before. I encouraged a co-worker to sign up as well and now we discuss the strategies and stock recommendations regularly.

Nathan Miller, Shakopee, MN

I love that I get to learn the hidden wealth strategies of the top 1% of this country & how I can benefit just like them in building my own financial wealth!

T. Howard, Sylmar, CA

I love my subscription to The Palm Beach Letter - your approach to living a full and "wealthy" life has taught me what is important and what isn't, and how to stay focused on what is. Thanks ever so much.

Cheryl Miller, Cape Town, South Africa

I love my subscription to The Palm Beach Letter. The information that Tom and Mark provide in this publication is excellent and I feel like a much wiser investor. I am 45 years old and I am now better prepared to invest for my retirement and my kids' college education.

Craig Martin, Birmingham, AL

I found Palm Beach Letter and have started a plan for my retirement. I love and trust what I have seen and look forward to our joint venture together for a lone time to come. Thank You to all.

Jerry, Richmond B.C., Canada

I love reading your newsletters. You have a very unique approach to investing that is both refreshing and sincere. You have helped me think in new directions and have opened paths that I didn't know existed.

Matt, Melville, NY

I love the honest advice- markets are tough- life is uncertain…yet Palm Beach Letter continually gives me great advice- thank you!

Amy C., Cincinnati, Oh

I love the "out of the main wall street crowd", stocks you recommend. This is a great addition to my typical large cap dividend strategies.

T. Schuster, San Diego, CA

I love The Palm Beach Letter. As someone with only a high school education and great military training, I haven't been exposed to any of the high-flying acts of Wall Street. Palm Beach Letter shows me simple and effective ways of building true wealth through time tested strategies. Thank you for showing me the road map to everlasting wealth.

JL Rodriguez, Richardson, Texas

I love The Palm Beach Letter. I followed Tom Dyson's recommendations when he wrote the 12% Letter at Stansberry & Associates so it was a no-brainer to subscribe to The Palm Beach Letter. I love the idea of the Bond Ladder. It is so simple that I can't believe I have never heard of it before. I am always looking to add dividend-growing stocks to compound wealth. The Palm Beach Letter really fits my style of investing (always getting paid to hold safe stocks or bond, always compounding). I highly recommend The Palm Beach Letter to anyone who is seeking sound advice to become wealthy.

Scott Marsteller, Richmond, Indiana

I love The Palm Beach Letter. It is a fresh new alternative to all the other financial publications out there written in terms that anyone can understand and providing advice that is safe, sound and secure.

William E. Shuttleworth, Fort Wayne, IN

I love The Palm Beach Letter. There are so many interesting ways to make money. Keep up the good work.

Irene, Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

I love The Palm Beach Letter. It's a great source of information and insight into the world of wealth building with the kind of risk that you can sleep with.

Gary Evans, Pittsburgh, PA

I love The Palm Beach Letter. Thank you!

Charles,Rochester, NY

I love your approach in The Palm Beach Letter. It gives me the tools to look ahead towards my future and plan it wisely. I truly appreciate your service. THANK YOU!

Laori L.G., Tel-Aviv Israel

I love your newsletter. Rich Dad Kyosaki wants $25K+ for the info you so humbly provide!

Bryan Tomeo, Foothill Ranch, CA

Even at 83, I love the idea of being "richer every day". I look forward to each issue. I am after my daughter to subscribe.


I missed you when you left the 12% Letter and was greatly pleased when I found you again. I really appreciate the lower key approach with "off the radar" companies. It has been a rewarding experience.

Denis Iler, Lakewood, CO

I must say that your ideas and thoughts are unique and at the same time realistic and relevant to our day and time. And your newsletter is not 'commercial' like so many others I have seen.

Sarita Pinto, ON, Canada

I needed to improve long-term income. I have listened to and applied your recommendations with much success. I read and apply the teachings you share and greatly appreciate the work you do for my financial wellbeing. I look forward to many years of partnership. Many thanks.

Terry B., Blackstone, Va.

I never was an income investor before receiving The Palm Beach Letter. It has opened my eyes to this type of investing.

Phil Kramer, DDS, Lake Charles. L.A.

I now only read and subscribe to two financial newsletters after having numerous ones before. They are, The Palm Beach Letter and Stansberry and Associates. Thru these two newsletters I have become a smarter and more prolific investor, period. The Palm Beach Letter not only opened my eyes on the fundamentals of investing, but changed the course of my financial life. Thank you!

G. Ontiveros, Houston, Texas

I open The Palm Beach Letter first and look forward to the guidance. Your bond ladder is wonderful and safe. I am new to this and Palm Beach Letter gives great guidance that I can understand. Keep up the great work.

Marvin Larson, Bangor, CA

I read a few different investment newsletters but The Palm Beach Letter has more educational and practical information than all the others. It truly is information I can use.

Ray Winslow, East Brady, PA

I read every Palm Beach Letter issue. I'm a female 84 yrs. old with a husband who has Cancer-Multiple Myeloma. I need the extra income & help you provide for all the medicine, doctors, & procedures. We need. Thank You!

Beverly M Harris, Rotonda West, Florida

I read The Palm Beach Letter to increase my financial IQ. Thank you for the ongoing education.

Chris Adams, Crystal Lake, IL.

I realize that in the world of money there is much to learn. I enjoy reading The Palm Beach Letter because the content is clear and the steps actionable.

Patrick P., Everett, WA

I really appreciate Mark's vast knowledge concerning all types of investment strategies. The Palm Beach Letter has been very valuable to me. It has caused me to look closer at the risks that I have been taking and to bring those investments under greater control. The best thing about The Palm Beach Letter is that it is like having my own personal research team and that is an extremely valuable benefit. Keep up the great work!!

Allan Rowland, Lakeland FL

I really appreciate the "down to earth" information you provide. Your insight and knowledge have given me the assurance to invest. Thanks!

C.W. Morgan, Burlington, MI

I really appreciate you and your team's complete honesty, and independent recommendations. I have gotten less than complete honesty previously from several newsletters that just recycle the same ideas.

Gary W., Bartlet, IL

I really appreciate your insights on the market and your innovative ways when it comes to different ways for investments. I'm new to your letter but I'm following your recommendations.

Hugo Barg, Cooper City, FL

I really appreciate your research and advice about investment options that are below the radar of the official investment press.

Nick H., Amsterdam, Netherlands

I really enjoy reading The Palm Beach Letter. The information is timely and useful. The writing style is very down to earth and the ideas are well presented, easy to understand. I'm very satisfied with my subscription and will recommend it highly to my friends.

A. Cameron Sevy, Provo, UT

I really enjoy reading your newsletters; they seem to be very insightful and helpful when getting ready to invest. I don't feel everything is over my head with confusion on what you are trying to tell us. Thank you for being more down to earth with your explanations.

Irene Schweitz, Coos Bay, Oregon

I really enjoy your newsletter. It's easy to read, takes a broad, long term approach to personal finance and so far I have learned a lot.

Kathy Ewing, Hereford, UK

I really enjoy your newsletter! I am a new subscriber and in the first couple of weeks, I've followed your advice and purchased several stocks off of the "Dividend Elite Report". I'm very excited about learning new and creative ways to invest my available resources.

Paul Readinger, Wooster, OH

I really like a) your multifaceted approach (stocks, bonds, dividends, notes) b) your emphasis on safety and c) practical wisdom and help for any type of investor at any income level

Haris Chrysikopoulos, Kerkyra, GREECE

I really like The Palm Beach Letter, because it is not just for investing, but also for managing your money in many different ways. And Mark and Tom are brutally frank, which I appreciate a lot.

Vincent Celier, Vancouver, Canada

I really like The Palm Beach Letter. It is free of the usual blather of advertising in the financial newsletter business, and full of thoughtful, solid, conservative advice that would help anyone with a long time perspective become well off financially. I am happy that I found it before it was too late to help me.

Alan P., Bethany, CT

I receive other financial newsletters however I find your unique approach the most helpful.

Anthony Pavelski, Parrish, FL

I recently signed up for The Palm Beach Letter and am new at this. I am leaning more and more each day. I am up 9% for this month with my option house account; and it is because of reading The Palm Beach Letter, Thanks!

Gary G Florence, Oregon, USA

I subscribe to a couple of financial newsletters, but, if I had to choose one of them, I'd choose Palm Beach Letter.

Doug Cahoon, Arapahoe, NC

I subscribe to a few different newsletters. I joined Palm Beach Letter because of the way Tom Dyson ran his previous newsletter. I enjoy his approach to investing and find his ideas refreshing.

V. Ungar, Monsey, NY

I subscribe to many advisory newsletters. My inbox gets flooded every day with them to the tune of 30 or more. Sometimes when strapped for time I just glance through them. However The Palm Beach Letter is the one I make time to read from start to finish.

G Philips, Tempe, Arizona

I subscribe to many newsletters and Palm Beach Letter is right at the top! The philosophy matches what I believe to be the proper way to invest over time. In fact, I teach my young children and wife the concepts hoping it will help them avoid many investing traps (I'm in my mid-forties and I've fallen into many of them!). I also like that the newsletter applies to someone with a small amount of funds to a large amount. Thank you guys!

Tom B., Chicago IL

I subscribe to many other newsletters, but of them all I find this one refreshingly different and interesting.

Lynn, Clarkesville, GA

I subscribe to other newsletters now and have been doing so over the years. I find your letter very "homey" and get the feeling that you are really interested in helping your readers not just in making money for yourselves (which I hope you are doing so the letter is successful and keeps coming!). I am conservative in my investments and have not been sorry about using your suggestions.

Johanna, Valley Stream, New York

I subscribed to Palm Beach Letter for educational purposes only. It is one of the best newsletters of the many that I receive. I have dedicated two years in educating myself about the investment world and Palm Beach Letter has taught me the difference between being an investor and not just a trader. Thank you for all you do!

Jane Goodwin, Santa Monica, CA

I subscribed to The Palm Beach Letter just a couple months ago. I used Mark's advice on divided producing stocks and now within just four weeks I am up almost 9%. The information is great and put to you in such a manner that even a novice (like me) can really put their hands and mind around it. Thank you Mark and Tom!

Rick G., Houston, TX

I subscribed in April, and have bought six of your recommendations... They are up an average of 9%, whereas other newsletters I read are all down over that period.

Jeff, Omaha Nebraska

I thank you and your team for all the research and tips that help me grow as an "investmentor".

Alvin Diaz, Houston, TX

I treasure each of your unconventional, but clearly reasoned approaches to augment wealth.

David M. Young, Springfield, Missouri

I tremendously enjoy reading your letter. The investment strategies contained in your letter are some of the most sensible and accessible I have ever read. I particularly enjoy reading "At Joe's Cigar Bar." I think the articles about college and investment advice for kids were spot on. I also enjoyed the article about collecting art. Thanks for your great product.

Steve Michael, Menlo Park, CA

I truly appreciate the insights that you provide in your newsletter. After years of seeing my money ride up and down with the market in mutual funds and experiencing considerably more losses than gains gambling on individual stocks, it is great to learn proven investment strategies and to get great recommendations from those who have the expertise to help novices (and experienced investors) succeed at growing their wealth. Please keep up the good work.

Thomas G., Paris, TX

I truly enjoy your approach to investing. Extensive valuation analysis, risk/reward analysis, long-term horizon. Following your recommendations help me make money and sleep better at night, instead of worrying about the whipsaw of market action.

Dan Everett, San Jose, CA

I trust The Palm Beach Letter because it takes a "Just the Facts, Ma'am" attitude to everything it addresses. And the facts it does address are chosen with care and researched in depth. As a result, the conclusions are practical, realistic, no hype, just hard-nosed common sense. Not much of that around these days.

Chilton Ryan, Westo, Connecticut

I used to subscribe to a number of different financial newsletters. However, after trying Palm Beach Letter, I have begun the process of canceling most of these because I was getting the same information over and over again. Thanks to your recommendations, I am making positive gains on all of the stocks I have purchased using Palm Beach Letter. Keep up the good work.

Sue B., Staunton, VA

I very much appreciate your efforts to entertain, inform, educate, and empower. Financial freedom is an enlightened, affirmative state of mind and action and you all do a great job of creating, communicating and sharing your wisdom and understanding. I try to emulate your efforts with my kids, be it working, saving, investing and speculating, making sure they have the right disciplined approach.

Mark G Huntington , New York

I want to thank you for a wonderful newsletter. I've learned more about spending, saving and investing with this newsletter than anywhere else. I look forward to learning much more. I also enjoy the life lessons as well.

Steve, West Melbourne, FL

I was a loyal follower of Tom Dyson at the 12% Letter. His recommendations were fantastic for my portfolio! I am a relatively new subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter so I am still waiting to make a judgment. I am happy with the Newsletter so far. Please keep advising us, we need all the help we can get!

Dean, Blue Ridge, GA

I was clueless about investments and Palm Beach Letter has educated me and helped me to take control of my future! I am retired, 50, living at present in Portugal temporarily, but very concerned about the future of my USA! Keep on educating me and others. Thank you for caring and sharing your expertise!

Luisa G., Parede, Portugal

I was completely unaware of the possibilities that were available in the stock market to make a steady stream of income until I subscribed to Palm Beach Letter. Now I can advise my mother who has a significant amount with a traditional stockbroker in the stock market.

Velvet, Dover, DE

I was disappointed when Tom discontinued writing the 12% Letter and happy to see him reappear with The Palm Beach Letter. I'm using his recommendations for stock selection in my Roth. I'm getting 60% better absolute returns than another person I know very well who is using the "conservative" strategy of investing in mutual funds. We've invested the same dollars over the same time frame. Thanks for a low risk, high reward strategy that works.

Richard Fields, Davis, CA

I was referred to The Palm Beach Letter by Michael Dilliard, whose opinion I value and trust. Since receiving the publication, I have been overwhelmed by the quality of information received and plan to be a member for life, especially with the relatively low price for the level of information received.

Troy Verrett, Camarillo, California

I was skeptical at the start, but now I am a believer. I recently dipped a toe in the water with two of your picks. I am very pleased with the profits I have made from share price appreciation. However, it is also comforting to see the stabilizing effect these stocks are having on my overall portfolio. Particularly on the many high volatility days which seem to be the new normal. Keep doing what you're doing and thank you. Palm Beach Letter is a bargain. I have made my subscription price back many times over!!

J DiCaprio, Ocala, Florida

I was sorry when you left the S&A 12% Letter, and just started my subscription to Palm Beach Letter. I like your (Tom and Mark's) "outside Wall St." approach and expect to sleep better regardless of political and economic woes. Thank you especially for your clear, easy to follow advice, which is intuitively sensible to me.

Peggy Raybeck, Fairbanks, Alaska

I was taken by your position of investing in these stocks and forget them. Already up 20%. Enjoy the short and sweet presentation.

Poppa John, North Port, FL

I was told by someone who spends upwards of 25,000 per year on investment letters and other knowledge based assets, that if there were only ONE letter he would pick to subscribe to it would be yours. Now that is quite a compliment! Obviously, I ran straight over and signed up and haven't looked back. You are amazing! Most of all, you are honest! Sadly, that's hard to find these days. Thank you so very much for caring to teach us.

A.S., Redlands, CA

I wish I had known about this many years ago.....thank you!

Lynn, Lancaster, PA

I wish I had your advice 2 decades ago before it was close to too late!

Matt, Portland, OR

I wish I had your advice in the year 2000. I lost over a million dollars and I am now nursing the remaining $150000. I enjoy your letter and am confident that I will be able to rebuild my portfolio.

Terry S., Louisville, KY

I wish I had access to The Palm Beach Letter years ago. I would have been much better off financially with all the excellent information you publish.

Jim Clanton, Augusta, GA

I wish Palm Beach Letter was available when I first started investing 25 years ago. I appreciate the straight forward, fiscally conservative information written with insight and humor. More importantly, my portfolio is up 7.5% in the past three months and I have avoided the market's volatility and daily roller coaster ride.

Anthony, Huntington, NY

I work in the finance industry and I appreciate the way Tom and Mark write their thoughts and views. Very honest and genuine. Keep it up guys!

Jenson, Singapore

I would like to congratulate both Tom and Mark for their timely advice and no nonsense approach to stock investment. There is really so much to learn but you guys make it enjoyable and profitable. Thank you both for your genuine concern for the average investor.

Jay Cohen, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I would like to thank everyone at Palm Beach Letter. I have been with the service for just a few months, but I have gotten several tips that I have used. They were profitable, and they were ideas I wouldn't have found with my normal method. I have also received some good ideas that I haven't used yet, but will soon. Much Thanks…and please continue to deliver great ideas.

Bob Reed, Lanesville, IN

I would like to thank you and your team for the very valuable information you share with your readers. I have had your newsletter service for 3 months and love the content… especially on the Bond Ladder, which is a new approach on investing for me.

Brian Holloway, Odessa, TX

I would recommend Palm Beach Letter to anyone who wants to master their own finances. It is not your usual investment letter. It is much, much more than that. It will give you the wisdom to feel secure in your financial future.

Eric, Fair Lawn, NJ

I'm a recent subscriber and was quite impressed with the first issue. I'm not into daily stock trading or even holding individual shares, as I was schooled in believing in mutual funds and the safety of diversity when investing. Although I was a licensed NASD broker for 2 years, many years ago, I never had the time during my working years to watch over my retirement funds on a daily basis, and relied upon the funds expertise. Now, I'm closing in on my retirement years, and like everyone else, have seen half of my meager saving vanish. All I'm interested in now is trying to keep what I have and earn reliable income on what remains, until I can see clearly the financial road ahead. The information I received in my first issue was very informative and great food for thought. Just in time to help me plan for our future and the considerations necessary to implement them. I just received the second month's newsletter and looking forward to gleaning new investment strategies and financial survival techniques, for the trying months ahead.

H. Goodrich, Iowa

I'm very pleased with the recommendations in The Palm Beach Letter and have a tenth of my total liquid assets invested in equal proportion in each of the positions. You have taught me some very useful stock picking criteria, which I have used to enhance the safety of my other stock positions. I'm looking forward to establishing most if not all of the Dividend Diluvia positions in the near future.

Rod Johnson, Leesburg, FL

I'd been following Tom's advice for some time and always came out on top. When I heard he was teaming up with Mark Ford with The Palm Beach Letter I knew I was on track for another winning newsletter. Safe and proven investing strategies are the key to attaining wealth and peace of mind and The Palm Beach Letter has proven to fit the criteria. I now have "paychecks" I can count on for the long haul. Thank you especially for the bond ladder approach to investing. I'm with you all the way. This is no gamble but the real deal.

Paul Wagner, Las Vegas, Nevada

I'd like to thank The Palm Beach Letter for the enlightening, valuable, well researched and expert information that I don't have time to research for myself. It's changed the way I think about my future financial position.

Paul FitzGerald, Eastbourne, UK

I'm fairly new to The Palm Beach Letter. However, the information I've read so far is straightforward and is definitely in the best interests of the reader. The weekly updates are great. Terrific organization. Very glad I joined.

Ted White, Silver Spring, Maryland

I'm 31, so I have a long time before retirement but even more questions about my generation's financial future -- and my own. I'm a dedicated reader of this thoughtful letter.

Ken, New York, NY

I'm 72 years old and have finally found a refreshing and understandable approach for the lay person to manage his financial future. I'm very thankful.

Frank Jones, Flat Rock, NC

I'm 73, and without much to invest, but what you're doing resonates so well! If only I had had this mindset the last 50 years instead of the "swing for the fences" mindset that has cost me hundreds of thousands. I'm printing out and saving everything you send, and will be putting a lot of it together to present as part of a "seminar" to my granddaughters when they get a little bit older.

Bob Harvey, Tustin, CA

I'm 82. I use your suggestions to increase the value of my IRA (as outside funds have been forbidden for some time). I also manage 2 son's accounts and keep them happy with "no-fail" stock selections. I appreciate the good night's sleep we all get.

V.L. Otto, Friday Harbor, WA

I'm a 23 year old business owner. I am constantly seeking information that will set me up financially so I don't have to worry every day. Palm Beach Letter has changed the way I think about money, investing and my future. Thanks!

Aaron Pitman, Cincinnati, Ohio

I'm a 61 year old "newbie" to the world of stock investing. I wish I had your newsletter 40 years ago when the advice to me was to get into mutual funds, which I did. I feel I would have been much further ahead with your sound, conservative investing advice.

Randy S., Schaumburg, IL

I'm a financial services provider and The Palm Beach Letter has helped to raise the bar when it comes to educating my clients. Keep up the great work!

Randy R., Honolulu, HI

I'm a new subscriber, but I love all the approaches for building and preserving wealth. It's truly unique. Thank you.

Ken, Los Angeles, CA

I'm a new subscriber but I especially like the "non-herd" thinking that goes into Palm Beach Letter recommendations!

Peter Palmer, Midland, Ontario, Canada

I'm a new subscriber to Palm Beach Letter. I do not reside in the U.S. and I read your newsletter to find out more about the investment opportunities in the US markets. Your newsletter is educational and insightful and I particularly like the fact that you give specific recommendations, what prices to go in at and reasons for picking them. It's helpful to me as I'm searching for ways to make my money work harder and build up a stream of passive income as I hit age 50 within the next 3 years. I wish there were a similar newsletter that covers the stocks available in my country and that way I won't need to concern about exchange losses.

Kim Khoo, Singapore

I'm a new user of The Palm Beach Letter but I have been in the market for over 25 years. What I have learned from you to this point is unbelievable and my portfolio is skyrocketing. What a great change!! Thanks to you and your team!

Don Brunker, Kansas City, Missouri

I'm a Novice Investor and a new subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter. Boy, has it opened my eyes to a whole new world of investing ideas!

Robert M. Yonkers, New York

I'm a novice investor with exceedingly little knowledge when comes to stock purchasing, and financial planning. Expanding my financial understanding and growing my wealth would have never been conceivable had not I been introduced to The Palm Newsletter, and its prolific financial savvy editors Mark and Tom. Now my family's financial future looks promising.

Eddie, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

I'm a novice investor, still getting my toes wet. I appreciate the no-nonsense advice from The Palm Beach Letter, and am very happy to be subscribing.

J.F. Barakeh. San Francisco, CA

I'm a relatively new investor. The Palm Beach Letter has provided a much-appreciated boost to my financial education. Mark Ford's depth of experience and great track record, along with Tom Dyson's very sharp analysis, have helped me craft an overall strategy that's been nicely in the black so far.

Tom Shugart, Albany, CA

I'm a retired stock broker. I have found that the best advice comes from people who are in rhythm with the times in which we find ourselves. It is also clear to me that the needs of folks nearing or post retirement age have quite different needs than the rest of the population. This group has some funds, but many are also looking at expenses that exceed their income from these funds (even including Social Security). They need additional income with minimal risk of capital. It is tough enough to live on limited means, but to have your investment portfolio decrease in size more than necessary is frustrating. The folks at The Palm Beach Letter seem to "get" this. I've been watching their focus closely. It takes me a few minutes a week to get most of what I need. If I had to drop all my newsletters and keep just two, this would be one of them.

Stephen Mandell, NY, NY

I'm beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I can even make a buck or two in the near future, so I can supplement Social Security.

Bill Thompson, Montrose, Colorado

I'm glad I am a subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter. It has given me so much insight and knowledge already about how to invest my money and to build my retirement.

John de Gelder, Rotterdam area, The Netherlands

I'm glad I gave Palm Beach Letter a try. I'm very happy with it and found it refreshing to find something other than taking risky gambles on high hopes of getting lucky. Thank you.

Ben Vanderwall, Fremont, MI

I'm new to The Palm Beach Letter and I'm retiring next summer and have been impressed with the ideas expressed to make our retirement more beneficial.

Dave Cornell, Ridgecrest, CA

I'm new to The Palm Beach Letter and new to investing in general, but I am reading great advice that I plan to put towards many years of compound earning. I am currently taking a degree in Finance and your newsletter has greatly facilitated the practical use of what I am learning in school. Thank you.

Matthew, Toronto, Canada

I'm new to The Palm Beach Letter but have found it very informative and easy to comprehend (something I wasn't sure was going to be the case). I have already learned a few things and am anxious to dig deeper and learn a lot more. Thanks for a common sense, down to basics approach to securing my financial future.

Tom P, Spokane, WA

I'm recently new to The Palm Beach Letter, but already I'm starting to think differently about investing and saving for retirement.

Laura N., San Jose, CA

I'm sixty-five and have never had time (or made time) to truly learn the ins and outs of "good investment strategies." I subscribe to three financial reports and The Palm Beach Letter is by far the easiest to read and understand with practical, solid, and valid investment suggestions. (Not only for purchases but the rationale and consideration behind those recommendations.) I have been very impressed with the bond ladder that I am force feeding my young adult children with this concept so they have the opportunity to use compounding interest to better grow their own retirement accounts. The bonus for me is Cigar Bar, which contains wisdom and practical financial guidance. This is truly one of the best investments I have made in the past 40 years.

Tom Smith, Suwanee, Georgia

I'm sleeping better at night since I closed most of my positions that I entered from being bombarded with daily recommendations elsewhere and am now listening to one clear and relaxed voice.

K.B., Keene, NH

I'm so thankful I was introduced to The Palm Beach Letter not only for the investment advice and how the recommendations are arrived at, but also for the life stories that are very entertaining.

Jack Nunn, Irving, Texas

I'm still pretty new, but am impressed with what I have read so far in The Palm Beach Letter. I look forward to the day when I can say that The Palm Beach Letter made a big difference in my financial education and my retirement fund.

L. Wemple, Charlottesville, VA

I'm thinking of taking all of my money out of the market that isn't invested in PBL recommendations. They were rock solid during the summer crash and generate dividends as well. Thanks!

Matt, Fort Worth, TX

I'm very grateful for the exceptional insights and education you provide based on your collective experiences. In my first two week as a member I have learned more about real investment than from all the investment letters and services that I have previously subscribed to.

C.B., Ashburn, VA

In the last year I have subscribed to several financial newsletters, and my absolute favorite one is Palm Beach Letter. I have no prior knowledge of investing. It is written for people like me and I plan to be a lifetime member in the future if that is ever possible. Well worth the money. I just wish I had this information sooner.

Janie McDaniel, Philadelphia PA

In the one month since subscribing to Palm Beach Letter I have taken more personal control and changed the focus of my investments. I only wish that I had understood this information years ago.

Betty Lou Walsman, Oldenburg, IN

In the past I've made a lot of money "playing" the stock market, but I've lost more overall. The Palm Beach Letter has opened my eyes to a new way of investing - Making investments that have very little to do with luck and low to no risk. Now my portfolio is up and its chart shows a steady upward trend. Thanks for the great advice.

A. Light, Houston, Texas

In the short period of time I have been a subscriber to your newsletter I have learned a lot about investing that I did not know. You come right to the point with your views. I don't find this approach offensive at all. It is refreshing that you speak your mind and, at the same time, share valuable insights into investing. I appreciate the fact that you are willing to share your knowledge about investing with your subscribers. It has changed my approach to investing and given me more confidence to step outside of my comfort zone to grow my wealth. I am in the process of setting up accounts for my five grandchildren so they will have money for college of a nest egg to start their lives with once they graduate from college. Thank you for the service you provide.

J.N.G., Mobile, AL

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In this day of economic turmoil, it is so good to have an email along with sound financial advice to make educated decisions on how to make good financial decisions. Decisions today must be made with a different understanding than decisions made 10 years ago, and The Palm Beach Letter provides some of the best information today.

L. Anderson, Vancouver, BC

Information is useless unless you use it, Palm Beach Letter does not only provide a practical approach to investing, and it also provides their readers with multiple opportunities to create income.

Angelo Gioia, Las Vegas, NV

Insightful suggestions!

John B. Coates III, Shelburne, VT

Insightful. Provocative. Simple. Direct. The Palm Beach Letter is uniquely refreshing. In a world of scary economics, it is infinitely beneficial. Hands-down the best thing to hit my Inbox.

M.C., Apex, NC

Investing in solid companies with a record of dividends that increase over the years beats looking for home runs. This letter proves it.

George, New Hampton, N.Y.

Palm Beach Letter has given me greater insight into the inner workings of the investment arena and what to focus on to minimize risk.

Rick Bierut, Bloomfield,MI

It has opened my eyes to many great investment ideas that I had never considered before.

Larry Wheeler, Tucson, AZ

It is a pleasure to read The Palm Beach Letter since it has many good approaches for investing in the market.

Svend Nielsen, Skodsborg Denmark

It is a relief to finally find an "out of the box" thinker that really helps you make money. Thanks to you Tom, and all of you team.

Steve, Mesa Arizona

It is always beneficial to learn different investment approaches/viewpoints. I find the information regarding basic, rock solid low risk businesses, and individual/family controlled businesses to be very beneficial.

J. L. Jones, San Antonio TX

It is amazing with all the newsletters that I have bought thru the years that this new letter is the most direct and honest publication that I have seen over the last 15 years.

Edward Kneedler, Lincoln University PA

It is never too late to learn from THE BEST. Your simplistic and easy to follow Palm Beach Letter has given me an opportunity to secure and build future wealth. Thanks and keep up the excellent information.

Harry J. Dermody, Sharon, N.H.

It is refreshing to be able to get valuable information - that can be put to use immediately - that is head and shoulders above the traditional perspectives presented by so many "professionals". The Palm Beach Letter is worth every penny spent for the subscription and then some. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I'm 60 and am positive it is not too late for me to benefit from what I am learning. Thank You!

Phil Prier, Dallas, TX

It is refreshing to read an investment letter that provides info in an unvarnished manner. I appreciate getting the straight info.

JJF Jr., Colden, NY

It is so exciting to receive information that allows me to put a plan of action together for my financial future. I am learning a lot. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Brenda Rowlett, TX

It is very rare when I learn something from an investment newsletter. I'm 62, retired since 1993, and have read just about everything on how to make, preserve, and invest assets. Palm Beach Letter is teaching me new tricks (ways to make money).

Douglas A. Poole, Newport Beach, California

It was the people behind Palm Beach Letter that got me involved with it, after subscribing to dozens of others. These are sincere, loving guys who don't need to be doing this, and follow their own advice! Suggestions are for the very, very conservative, and there are some for the more adventurous. I wish I could do everything they research and report, but in the meantime, what I follow with my money, lets me sleep at night, finally. I am in deep gratitude for the kindness of Mark and Tom for their efforts.

Kendall Blount, Melrose, FL

It's nice to have access to an adviser who looks at the investment world from a unique angle… someone who doesn't just throw around reckless stock picks, but rather suggests carefully thought out ideas and is primarily concerned with my investment safety.

KF Clark, New Prague, MN

It's not too often that you read a newsletter, word for word, from start to finish, but that's exactly what happens each time I receive The Palm Beach Letter. It's full of solid research on new and interesting ways to make money. I like to think of it as the road less traveled way of making money, and for that I thank you.

Michael E., Albany, NY

I've been a Dyson fan for years and followed him to The Palm Beach Letter. You consistently produce solid recommendations that perform well. All my positions stood up to the last downturn very well Great work Tom!

Dr. Gary B Dempsey, Oklahoma City, OK

I've been a satisfied subscriber for several months. You've gained my trust and confidence and would suggest your letter to anyone who understands that their financial future is their own responsibility. Great work!

T Ketter, Oshkosh, WI

I've been investing for years and have experienced the ups and downs that typical investing brings. Your approach has given me new insight, a different perspective, one that is sadly unspoken in much of the "investment" world. Thanks for sharing and educating so many of us!!

Gary D., Big Island, Hawaii

I've been looking for almost a year for a way to protect income from a couple of IPO's from the banks and the economy and still earn a decent return. So far in Palm Beach Letter I've found three and can hardly wait for the details on Palm Beach Income.

Michael Bartholomew, Loomis, CA

I've been making money and having fun. If you want to make money consistently and are willing to invest a little time, try The Palm Beach Letter.

Ed Koska, Churchville, VA

I've been reading investment newsletters and investigating "money strategies" for 20 years. The Palm Beach Letter is certainly one of the best sources of advice I've found in those 20 years. I recommend it to everyone.

Jim Fleck, Chicago IL

I've been very happy with the recommendations I have received. I have found that, even in these unstable economic times, I am still doing better than the general market due to the advice I get from The Palm Beach Letter. The methodology fits well for those who have a low risk tolerance and are happy with consistent gains over time. Personally, I like not having to worry so much anymore.

Joshua C., Tipton, IA

I've been waiting for a publication like The Palm Beach Letter for many years. It's concise, well-written and practical with a "bottom line" attitude that makes it a very valuable tool.

Phil, Princeton, N.J.

I've enjoyed reading The Palm Beach Letter and taking some of the recommended positions. This has been a much-needed antidote to my tendency to always be looking for the "next big thing" in stock investing. I'm fairly young (34) and hope to fully replace any Social Security that I probably shouldn't count on receiving. Again, thanks for the insightful and interesting research.

Zachary Bell, Raleigh, NC

I've found the content to be very interesting and providing food for thought - especially concerning retirement, children, and long term investing.

Greg, Hayes, VA

I've found the info in Palm Beach Letter to be informative, and plan on investing in some of the dividend stock recommendations.

Ken McKenna, Williamsville, NY

I've invested for years toward our retirement but have learned much more about safer strategies from tips offered in The Palm Beach Letter.

Wayne and Mary, Villa Park, California

I've just been subscribing for two months, but so far I have enjoyed the newsletter!

Mark Bateman, Fort Smith, AR

I've learned a great deal from The Palm Beach Letter. It's given me a new way to approach investing.

Chuck Morelock, Kennewick, Washington

I've now cancelled all other investment newsletters, and now purely focus on The Palm Beach Letter! I've been investing for years, and also looking for trustworthy guidance that everyone can trust...well this is it.

Dan Babcock, San Diego, CA

I've only been a reader of The Palm Beach Letter for a couple of months but in this short period of time I have read articles for example on buying Florida income producing real estate. I've been a real estate investor for over 30 years and have considered the idea of investing in Florida especially now since most real estate there is in such a "buy" mode.

Tom Szewczyk, Syracuse, New York

I've only been a subscriber for a month but have already gained a wealth of knowledge from your Palm Beach Letter. As soon as I finish reading the current one, I look forward to the next. Thank you.

Anna L., Titusville, FL

I've only been a user of The Palm Beach Letter for about a year now and it has changed my perspective on investment and money management. Thank you PBL for your advice.

Richard B., Cardston, AB

I've read a lot of financial newsletters, and I have to say, your approach to investing advice is quite refreshing - sensible and without the hype. I appreciate it a great deal!

James Head, Toronto, Canada

I've read many issues of The Palm Beach Letter now and enjoy the straightforward approach to investing and overall financial management.

Jack Carver, Fort Myers, FL

I've read so many books about investing but nothing comes close to the VALUE I got even from just the small investing tips that I learned from Palm Beach Letter. Investing strategies that I've never thought of or known before, is a goldmine found here. This subscription is one of the best purchases I've made in my life. EVER...

Remo, Manila, Philippines

I've really enjoyed learning directly from a multi-millionaire. Not only am I learning the specific investments Mark would target specifically but more importantly is the WHY and how it fits into a safe investment portfolio. This is a great newsletter!

Tom B., Columbus, OH

I've received a collection of financial newsletters over the years... The PBL is a refreshing break from the ordinary.

Greg, Orlando

I've subscribed to many investment letters over the years and The Palm Beach Letter is way ahead of the others.

Paul Blumstein, Annandale, VA

I've worked for almost twenty years and I've graduated with an accounting degree and a Master's in business management. Although, I feel I'm a financially intelligent person I don't feel like I'll be able to retire comfortably when the time comes. This newsletter has helped to pinpoint safe investment decision that I can use instead of watching my 401K decline in value every quarter.

Trish, Minneapolis MN

John Wayne once stated that life was tough, but was even tougher if you were stupid. I've never seen this to be truer than in today's economy. The Palm Beach Letter has helped me to not be stupid when it comes to today's economic tough times. Thanks for the educational data!!

Ramon Tarango, Denver, CO

Just recently joined but have applied the suggested Entergy Louisiana 6% bond, where I can just forget it and let it grow, with never having to worry about what Obama or Wall Street Manipulators are up to.

C., Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Just started a DRIP in one of the recommended companies in The Palm Beach Letter - LOVE the letter, love the advice, very pragmatic, erudite and educational. I'm now looking forward and expecting to achieve a lifetime of financial freedom by carefully utilizing the excellent information! I've subscribed to other financial newsletters, but I just prefer this one. I'm a big fan of Mark and Tom - they and the PBL are top notch - I can't recommend it highly enough!

Johnny L, UT

Just started with Palm Beach Letter and so far I'm impressed! I feel comfortable with and confident in the research. It is thorough and well explained.

Greg S., Hackettstown, NJ

Just wanted to say thanks for The Palm Beach Letter. I really enjoy the wealth of ideas and strategies. Keep up the great work!

Joe G., Fort Wayne, IN

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Knowledge about information I had never been exposed to.

Janice L. Covington, Redding, CA

Kudos on the conservative approach you have directed my retirement investing.

Dr. Ed Chesnut Jr., Kinnelon N.J.

Let me start by saying thank-you. Palm Beach Letter has changed my mind set, and my income. My life is great. I've started my own staffing agency, and now have become depended on myself. Thanks for encouraging me to think outside the box.

Dustin Arispe, Phoenix AZ

Life has taught me that those who lament poor investment outcomes have often resorted to any expedient in order to avoid the discipline of thought. The editors of The Palm Beach Letter not only rely upon the discipline of thought - they embrace it.

David Malinovsky, Iselin, New Jersey

Like many people today, I have little time outside of my professional and personal life to devote to additional interests and activities. Having no formal financial training, only bumps and bruises from "The School of Hard Knocks", I greatly appreciate your candid, clear, concise, low risk/high efficiency, tried and true recommendations that novices like me can understand and implement. The Palm Beach Letter has allowed me to take control of my financial future while providing me the education and confidence to do so. The value I've received far exceeds the price to subscribe and I always look forward to each new issue. Thanks for opening doors that would have otherwise always remained locked.

Dr. Daniel DiBagno, Cape Coral, FL

Like your approach to investing. No hype. Good ideas for people of any age.

P.J.P., St. Augustine, FL

Look forward to each new letter; it has brought excellent value into my space.

Richard Gallois, Kenner, Louisiana

Love the letters and getting used to the new ideas. My brother and I have been self-employed since 1978 and have no retirement fund whatsoever, I am planning on using your advice to fix that he is 57 and I turned 51 today. Thanks for the help!

Larry Lonigro, Gerald MO

Love the practicality of Palm Beach Letter. I have a 2-yr-old daughter and already have her on DRIPS and plan to teach her about the "3 bucket" wealth methodology.

Brandon Blondheim, Portland Oregon

Love your newsletter. I am not only using your recommendations for myself, I have opened up accounts for my grandchildren so that these safe investments can grow for decades.

Paul, Indianapolis, IN

Many thanks for giving me information on wealth creation that I can find nowhere else on the Internet. Very soon I will be in a position to put a lot of it to use.

Pam Shannon, Orange Park, FL

Many thanks to Tom Dyson and The Palm Beach Letter for being a fast and simple informational source for investing. In the short time I've been a subscriber, my portfolio is already enjoying significant gains over my previous investment strategies. Tom and his team cut through the typical hype on investing and get right to the point as to where to find your next profitable venture. I'm loving The Palm Beach Letter!

K. Stone, Jupiter, Florida

We are working toward the bond ladder and excited about that prospect. We're baby boomer beginners with all our assets tied up in real estate. As a Realtor I know the power of rental income and we are slowly getting our heads above water again. Just don't want to make any mistakes at this stage in our life. Looking forward to see how Palm Beach Income can benefit us and another stream of income-we need all we can get. Learning a lot from your Palm Beach Letter! Thank you!!

Sheran and Randy Whitaker, Vernon, FL

Mark and Tom are strongly enhancing my knowledge of proper investing concepts for growing wealth and security. This is especially helpful for the left brain educated engineer who never learned correct financial concepts back in my younger years, when I really should have been investing instead of fearing the market manipulators.

Norm, Lawrence, Kansas

Mark and Tom, it's been a very promising beginning and I'm sure you will have more great ideas on our horizon in the coming months. Thanks to you both.

Bev Young, Tabernacle, NJ

Mark and Tom, well done on producing this terrific newsletter! I particularly enjoy reading the rationale defining your investing truths, strategies and specific investments. Keep up the great work!

Shawn Murray, Fayetteville, NC

Mark, Tom and their team provide a tremendous service to those amateurs like me who aspire to better results in their investing and better choices with spending and saving.

David, Beaverton, OR

Mike Dillard of the Elevation Group recommended The Palm Beach Letter. I have not been disappointed. It has a tremendous depth of research behind its recommendations in the explanations are clear and plain to someone even without a significant financial background. I am especially excited about Dividend Diluvia which will be shaping my future portfolio selections.

Robert Rohlin, Mansfield, Texas

More than excellent investment advice, what I REALLY APPRECIATE is your focus on telling subscribers THE TRUTH!! Virtually no other newsletter tells it like you do.

Richard Cox, Peoria, Illinois USA

Most financial newsletters that tout a "different" approach usually fall into two categories; those that don't know what they're talking about, and those that are more interested in separating readers from their money than helping them make money. The Palm Beach Letter breaks away from these unfortunate trends seen so often today. The advice is good, because it works. Thanks for being the best at what you do.

Paul Black, San Francisco, CA

Most of the financial newsletters are dry, full of good information, but without personality or charm. The Palm Beach Letter has fabulous value, with stories to clarify points, with brimming urgency of financial methods explained with integrity. I feel I would like to sit down and visit with all the different personalities displayed. And I love the value of your timing. Thank you for a breath of Palm Beach breezes in a Wall Street hurricane season!

Virginia Hibbs, Louisville, KY

Palm Beach Letter presents a sense of leadership in the investment world by providing ethics, vision, common sense and courage in your representation of investments ideas. Thank you.

George M. Potsic, Woodland Hills, California

My first investment with Palm Beach Letter has done very well for me and I enjoy the practical and honest advice and education.

Brad, Weymouth, MA

My history with The Palm Beach Letter is short so I can't report significant gains. I have made investments based on the Letter's recommendations, and have not lost any of my principal. I have learned much while reading the Letter.

Len C., San Jose, CA

My husband and I are new subscribers to The Palm Beach Letter. We have subscribed to other newsletters in the past but Palm Beach Letter is much more comprehensive. We are most impressed by the variety of different investment options that you describe along with the parameters to follow for each investment. Thank you for sharing these strategies that were unknown to us before Palm Beach Letter!

D.J. Sawyer, New York, NY

My husband and I began seriously investing this year. We are no spring chickens, but when we set our minds to do something, we research thoroughly before we jump, and then we leap. We wanted to make sure the advice was tried and true from someone who had the experience and the financial know-how. Mark Ford's story resonated with us as a man who knew his business and someone we could trust. The Palm Beach's super, safe stock strategy is a winner. We had already bought into several stocks that had gone up and down like yo-yos, but our Cal-Maine Foods has been a solid and steady from the get-go! Hurray for eggs!

Sandy K Hernando, FL

My subscription to The Palm Beach Letter has been a wise investment with a wealth of information presented in a clear, concise format. The guidance and tools for making wiser and alternative investment decisions has been invaluable. Thank you!

A. Painter, Austin, TX

My wife and I really enjoy your newsletter. We are very close to retirement with very little to show for all our years of hard work. I sure wish I had this newfound knowledge and guidance 30 years ago. We're excited about learning how to make the most of what we do have. Thank you.

Charles Krauss, Anna Maria Island, FL

I'm a new subscriber, but I have had success with several of your picks. Would like more info on investments for IRA's.

J.G.O. Bountiful, Utah

New subscriber--find it fascinating. Looking forward to using the info to invest when I better understand it.

Gail, Alamogordo, NM

New to Palm Beach Letter, however, the advice does make a lot of sense and fits my conservative ideas. Look forward to more ideas and strategies as well as good companies to review and invest in.

Gregg Wheeler, Applet, Wisconsin

New to The Palm Beach Letter, but I followed Tom Dyson in 12% Letter. He provided several great ideas in that letter. I am looking forward to many more in The Palm Beach Letter.

Lonnie Kirby, Kansas City, MO.

Not having a lot of money to invest and also not having a lot of knowledge of where to invest, I am thrilled every month with my Palm Beach Letter. It has provided me with guidance and a way to safely invest. I now have around $7,000 invested in a few of the recommendations. I am using trailing stops. I am more confident. There were a couple techniques in The Palm Beach Letter that I had very little knowledge of and when Mark and Tom explained them it totally opened my eyes about being smart with my investing and now I know I will have a safe last half of my life.

Jan V.B., Netherlands

Not only did PBL help position my portfolio for long-term gains, but it could potentially change our family tree forever. I'm also setting up an account for my daughter who will be born in a few months with Palm Beach Letter Dividend Elite recommendations. With all that time to compound, she should be well off. Thanks!!!

Daniel B., Cupertino, CA

Of all the groups I have joined, I find The Palm Beach Letter to be direct, logical and, most of all, full of information that I have used to boost my investments. Many thanks. Jo Anne FogartyLos Angeles, CA

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different outcome. What I was doing wasn't working. So, I'm working with The Palm Beach Letter approach and expect a different outcome.

Dave T., Carson City, Nevada

Palm Beach Letter is the one I read every day out of a hundred.

Will Cranford, Houston Texas

One of the things distinguishing The Palm Beach Letter is the fact that both Mark and Tom have the hearts of teachers. I appreciate learning about solid investment opportunities but more importantly, how to analyze and assess them for myself. Thanks for all you do - I'm a fan for life!

Barry Henderson, Okinawa, Japan

One word: Education!

Charles Migeot, Wayne, PA

Only a subscriber for a short time but I've gained a new appreciation of how to hold on to money. My buckets are filling.

John Pearson, Splendora, TX

Our last financial advisor is residing in a Federal Prison for the next 18 years. Yes, we lost a lot and it took a while to trust another person's views about investments, but now since I have been reading your Palm Beach Letter, I applaud your honesty and integrity. You have given me the confidence to begin investing again – and more importantly you have given me the knowledge to do it on my own.

Donna L., S. Carolina.

Palm Beach Letter is different and I love the result.

M.V. Washington DC

Palm Beach Letter has driven home the fact that while making money is good, not losing money is better, and explains the difficulty in making up for losses.

John, Grand Rapids, MI

Palm Beach is a fresh point of view on the financial opportunities in the marketplace.

Don V., Knoxville, TN

Palm Beach Letter for me is a wealth of information that I could never find anywhere. I subscribe to almost all financial newsletters but nothing comes close. Your approach is not theoretical or rehashing somebody else's strategy. They are unique since they were based on your real life experiences. After all, only few people who publish financial newsletter are really rich. The rest are just copycats or pretenders. Thanks.

R.B., Manila

Palm Beach Letter gives investors a unique look at the wealth building techniques of sophisticated investors.

J Krohn, Chicago, IL

Palm Beach Letter has added knowledge and financial value to my life and I feel like I will be able to pass it down to my children in a huge way. I really like the down-to-earth wisdom the letters brings.

Jason, Wakarusa, IN

Palm Beach Letter has been refreshing advice for me. I am looking forward to it every month.

Jim, Kenmore, WA

Palm Beach Letter has been GREAT concerning unconventional investment insight. Would love to see a bit more to highlight the incredibly cheap cost of residing in 3rd world countries outside USA (Asia and Latin America). Keep up the good work!

Chris and Joana Thomas, Dapitan City, Philippines (western Mindanao)

Palm Beach Letter has given me strong, safe investments, along with a new perspective on investing and preparing for retirement (which I plan to do in 2 to 3 years). I am more confident than ever that I can have a sound strategy regardless of the economy.

K. Barga, Sylvania, Ohio

Palm Beach Letter has greatly increased my understanding of investments. I now have a better handle on what I need to do to insure my future security. Am looking forward to continued advice and instructions.

Eugene Heck. Fairfax, Virginia

Palm Beach Letter has opened my eyes to small cap companies that are actually safe!

Tom Bel, Denver, CO

Palm Beach Letter has really opened my eyes to all the various strategies available to wealthy investors that I would not have known had I not subscribed.

Wonz, Darwin, Australia

Palm Beach Letter is a fantastic newsletter, Thank you for all the no-nonsense advice.

Seamus Wall, Dublin Ireland

Palm Beach Letter is definitely a unique, profitable and informative newsletter. You can really learn how to be a wise investor and protect your money.

Steve B.Chowchilla, CA

Palm Beach Letter is easy to read and understand. A lot of research has been done for the reader and it's the reader's choice whether they want to take the recommendation.

Jo M., Palatine, Illinois

Palm Beach Letter is extremely valuable for its information. It is straight to the point and helpful in many ways. I have come to depend on it coming on a regular basis. Thank you for your excellent material and the way it is presented.

Clint, Carrollton

Palm Beach Letter is the sort of investment guide and advice that I need. With PBL, I can set an investment strategy and leave it, knowing that I can just keep an eye on it and not have to be constantly tinkering with it. Palm Beach Letter rocks, just keep on rocking!

John K. Euers, Lancaster, UK

Palm Beach Letter Rocks Man! Thanks for giving me hope for the future with guidance and support from people I trust.

Morgan Clark, Brisbane Australia

Palm Beach Letter rocks! Comprehensive and focused

Tom Stemper, Laguna Niguel, CA

Palm Beach Letter seeks to penetrate the 'fog' in ways that do not appear in most other letters. Because I am older, simple language and clear instructions are beginning to bring expected reward.

Bob Mumford, Raleigh, NC

Palm Beach Letter tells you the truth about investing, there are no short cuts. They provide proven safe strategies that will increase your wealth over time. I'm always thrilled to get the new issues as they provide investing education in plain English.

Joe Eason, Livingston, TX

Palm Beach Letter is easy to read, simple to understand. Excellent roadmap to a better financial future. The human element in your publication makes it something to look forward to every issue.

R. Thiessen, Vancouver, Canada

Palm Beach Letter research has introduced me to looking at investing from a 'Horse Sense' approach...

Pankaj Gupta, KSA

Palm Beach rocks!

Vineet K., Bangalore, India

Palm Beach Letter has guided me towards dividend generating stocks and has made a profound increase in my portfolio over the last 3 years, even during the 2008 crash.

Donald Baldwin, Jacksonville, FL

Palm Beach Letter - thanks for your frequent and excellent advice! I don't have time to "trade" stocks to fund my future retirement. PBL is perfect for my busy schedule!

Eric Breen, Clermont, FL

Palm Beach Letter has been an amazing and profitable read. I am a novice at financials and so very glad I found you. Actually I came to you through S & A Digest. Palm Beach Letter is written just for me, interesting and concise information that I can use to make accurate buying decisions. Thank you,

Paul Murphree, Rockport TX

Palm Beach Letter has been great to me. A lot of teaching, helping me with my children too. Loyal and very straight forward. Thanks. God Bless you.

Yamil Canaan, Miami, FL

Palm Beach Letter has given me all I need to help my family put Plan B into effect.

Bill Martin, Reno, NV

Palm Beach Letter has given me the peace of mind that I have been searching for concerning investing and wealth building. Possibly the best money I have ever spent was subscribing to Palm Beach Letter!

Bob Bennot, Wautoma, WI

Palm Beach Letter has helped me in many ways that I did not get from other newsletters. I really appreciate your input.

S.Aksler, Teaneck, NJ

Palm Beach Letter has provided exposure to information that is different from other publications. I have been following the recommendations for months now and I am now comfortable enough to act on some of the recommendations.

Reshawn D., Toronto, Canada

Palm Beach Letter has served to confirm several different ideas I had about making money. Your ideas have been dead on and I have been telling friends about you in hopes that they will see the benefits in subscribing.

WLB, Reston, VA

Palm Beach Letter has shown me the various investment strategies that are safe and different from the mainstream financial newsletters.

Satish, Bloomington, IL

Palm Beach Letter has transformed our focus on how we invest and leave a compounding financial legacy for our children and grandchildren. Thank you

J. F. Christmas, Hackensack, NJ

PBL is a "down-to-earth", conservative investment strategy that every serious investor should consider. They are strategies that make sense for the long haul.

Marv French, Scottsdale, AZ

Palm Beach Letter is a fantastic resource. Their strategies provide the retail investor the methods to level the playing field with the pros in the dynamic environment that exists today. Every one of their recommendations that I have acted upon has gained value and is generating solid returns. Highly recommended!!

O. M. Caldwell, Peachtree Corners, GA

Palm Beach Letter is a shining light in all the doom and gloom, a strategic guide for long term wealth.

K.C., Jacksonville, FL

Palm Beach Letter is an awesome newsletter. I have been "investing" for 15 years, yet made no money. Being "taught" the buckets of "saving/spending/investing" has been invaluable. I love the recommendations and the info. I have created my buckets, learned more about DRIPS, gold and other investments from Mark. So far, so good!!!!! Thank you!

Lenny Servedio,Park Ridge, NJ

Palm Beach Letter is relevant, timely and very valuable. The folks that run Palm Beach Letter are genuine and want to help make my life better overall.

Jurg Ramel, Folsom, CA

Palm Beach Letter is worth every dime I paid for it. I am learning how to invest more wisely for income and growth, and am following Tom's advice.

Larry Dungan, Mapleton, Utah

Palm Beach Letter offers creative strategies to produce solid, safe returns -- and explains in plain English how to implement those strategies. A no brainer!

Dave H., Osan Air Base, South Korea

Palm Beach Letter presents a common sense perspective on investing long term. Don't always agree with the selections, but appreciate the factual information to make my own decisions.

Rich D., Jeffersonville, PA

Palm Beach Letter provides subscribers with no nonsense, straight talk, and actionable ideas. Thanks!

Bo Boteilho, Hendersonville, NC

Hi Tom –Pleased you are still in the "letter" business. Have some of your old recommendations and profits continue from your new ones. Thank you!

Bill, Detroit, MI

Practical, down-to-earth advice ... real life ... I really appreciate The Palm Beach Letter!

Eric Murphy, Budapest, Hungary

Prior to me subscribing to The Palm Beach Letter, I had zero knowledge about investing. Now I am learning how to invest my meager savings to help get me through retirement. Thank you for such important knowledge at the most opportune time.

Tom B. Clarkdale, AZ

Palm Beach Letter provides a refined perspective.

John Barrett

Reading The Palm Beach Letter has been the greatest tool for learning more about financial success. The information is easy to understand and implement. It presents a good balance of strategies along with learning tools to help regular people become financially successful. Thank you Mark Ford!

Candice Lago, Vista, TX

Real good in site, real good advice....smart in every way. I gotta like the results!

Geo. Haag, Springfield, PA

Real good stuff!

Steve, Murfreesboro, TN

Really appreciate the article about having active income after retiring. I was so locked into the fixed income scenario and stretching my money, I lost sight of working for 'spending money'. Thanks for the ideas and for your experiences in your newsletter!

Bob Lange, Aldie, Virginia

Really enjoy Mark sharing the wisdom he's gained over his many years of successful investing. He's obviously been around the block and has many "been there, done that" experiences to share. And, his recommendations are sleep-at-night safe. Great combo!

Dr. Bruce Roman, Roseburg, OR

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Really enjoy reading your newsletter. Takes a totally different approach, as compared to other newsletters I have tried. Very well rounded and safe investment advice. I'll be subscribing for years to come. Thank You.

Pamela, Northern Minnesota.

Really the simplicity of the letter, very easy to understand for a beginner like me. Reading your letter has given me the confidence to start investing on my own as opposed to using a broker.

R. Grijalva, Covina, CA.

Recommendations just make good sense!

Dan Abot, St. Petersburg, FL

Refreshing approach. Honest, upfront, no nonsense and profitable! Palm Beach Letter takes all the noise out there in investing and filters through only what makes sense and money. Best value I've seen in 25 years

Larry DeFrancisco, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Refreshingly original opinions, written well.

Prof. Michael Adler, New York, NY

Safe, steady income is what I am looking for. You seem to be geared in that direction which I like. I'm looking to hit consistent singles rather than a few home runs here and there.

Glenn Grabowski, West Springfield MA

Sane down to earth advice.

Daniel Bouwmeester, Middletown, CA

Simple, Actionable, and precise.

James O., Mesa, AZ

Simple, easy to execute, clearly explained suggestions give me confidence in your advice. Your common sense and unusual advice is safe and helps to reduce volatility in my portfolio. Thanks,

Steve Cariati, Glenmont, NY

Since subscribing to Palm Beach Letter I've learned a lot. The things that stand out most are clarity, simplicity and the safety of your advice. Best letter I've subscribed to in years. Thanks for your help.

M Erwin, WV

I like Palm Beach Letter because Mark has some heavy hitters working on his team and that make me feel confident the information given to subscribers is well researched. I will continue to be a member as Palm Beach Letter is only getting warmed up....as more and more insider secrets are reveled stay tuned...

Eric D., Deer Park, Texas

Since I have been a Palm Beach Letter subscriber, the information put forth has been enlightening and profitable. My accounts have remained positive and the ideas for investing are very conservative for the investor looking to protect their assets from our very confusing and volatile economic conditions. Very happy with the laid back newsletter and would recommend to others.

Patti, Milwaukee, WI.

Since I join Palm Beach Letter my insight and knowledge on different ways to creating more income for my retirement has went through the roof.

Jerome Campbell, Fort Worth Texas

Since I joined your group I find that my investing is more productive and I look forward to your very helpful advice and recommendations.

Andy G, El Cajon, CA

Since reading your letter my thinking has definitely changed on how I manage my money. Because of your letter I am confident that I am teaching my children the most important points of money management and wealth building. Gratefully yours,

Shannon S., Burnsville, MN

Since receiving The Palm Beach Letter, my eyes have been continually opened to what real wealth creation really is and how financially illiterate most people really are. The Palm Beach Letter is changing all of that.

Jason, Lubbock TX

Since subscribing to Palm Beach Letter my concept of investing in USA has widened appreciably.

Clifford Mills, Sydney Australia

So far you appear to be cautious and client oriented rather than huckster... I'm new, so the jury is still out long term.

Ken, Dallas, TX

So far, I have concluded that The Palm Beach Letter is very well suited for those who are not in a big rush to become wealthier. Rather than hitting ten baggers the letter looks to be slower but steady.

D. Niemeier, Amelia, Ohio

So much useful information from The Palm Beach Letter. Every week there is a lesson to be learned about making safe investments. Plus the letter explains why it is a safe investment. Always look forward to reading the newsletter every week.

Andrew Hopper, Pompano Beach FL

Solid advice and concise in format. Great investment options applicable to the novice or the experienced investor. Your investment wisdom is invaluable for creating opportunity during the crises we are entering. Your diligent effort is greatly appreciated!

Mark VerHalen, Chicago, Illinois

Some of the things I've learned from The Palm Beach Letter were so simple I wonder why I'd not known them before!

Neil Walker, Bayern, Deutschland

Some of your ideas are almost unknown to the average investor. My wife is looking for a safe place to put her money and the Series I bonds you told us about are just the place. Thanks for the great ideas!

Bob Domino, Livonia, MI

Sound advice from a different point of view.

C.D. McDoulett Jr., Tulsa, OK

Sound, logical financial analysis with action steps presented in easy to read articles. I am extremely pleased with The Palm Beach Letter.

Philip Good, Sumter, SC

Started with your letter from the beginning to get some different perspective. Glad I did—it has also been a profitable one! Entertaining too at the "cigar bar".

Steve Lee, Honolulu Hawaii

Straight forward: Easy Informative reading: Very Productive.

Abe, Titusville, FL

Strategies everyone can implement are what people are looking for today. The Palm Beach Letter provides that and much more. Thanks for your hard work! Retirement here I come!

Phil Bell, San Diego, CA

Subscribing to The Palm Beach Letter has been one of the best financial decisions I've made ... ever! Being someone who hasn't managed money very well in my short 43 years, the insights, tips, and expert advice will no doubt accelerate my portfolio strategy and allow me to redeem lost years of investing. Kudos to the PBL team ... keep the wisdom and guidance coming!

Stephen, Cedar Hill, Texas

Survival Techniques are what we need as well as creative income streams, safe risk/reward ratios and managed risk. I like getting paid. Great Letter.

P.T., Alameda, California

I like Palm Beach Letter for the ideas it presents. A couple investments resulted in nice returns. Keep up the good work and please don't turn into one of those send me more money organizations and we will send you a better idea. Liked your approach with 12% Letter at S&A and so far it appears that given time The Palm Beach Letter approach may prove to be better.

T.J.B., New Bremen OH

Thank you all for keeping it simple. Too many advisory letters explain everything in too great a detail.

Stefan Prada, Tampa, FL

Thanks Mark and Tom! The insight and wisdom you provide to your readers is beyond amazing. Before joining The Palm Beach Letter I knew nothing about stock investing. Now I feel like I have an edge on the market. Keep up the great work!!!

Anthony, Girard, IL

Thank you for the financial information you have shared with me. It's nice to make money rather than be on the short end of the stick and your service has helped me accomplish that. Again thank you

Riley, Oak Grove, Mo.

Thank you for The Palm Beach Letter. I subscribe to a few different newsletters and this one is my favorite to read. You have a great way of explaining things and I love the sound advice and aversion to risk.

Heather Williams, Edgerton, MO

Thank you and your team for opening my eyes to the possibly building generational wealth for my family!

Ryan, Jacksonville, NC

Thank you and your Team for the great work that you have been doing with Palm Beach Letter. It has given the power to get back into the Market after the last several turbulent years.

Scott McAvoy, Mendon, Massachusetts

Thank you for a great newsletter. I have been learning things I was never aware of.

Andrea, Australia

Thank you for a great product. Unlike other subscriptions, The Palm Beach Letter does not leave any doubt about the course of action a person needs to take to build wealth. The honesty is refreshing. Sure it won't be the answer I want sometimes, but it will be the right answer. Since becoming a member of The Palm Beach Letter, I have opened my first direct investment plans with several companies, have systematically started investing in the recommended stocks (never over the buy price) and have opened a treasury account which makes 4.6% currently as a savings account. Saying The Palm Beach Letter is an incredible value does not do it justice if a person has the discipline to see it through. Thank you very much.

Hunter Phillips, Clarksville, TN

Thank you for a refreshing new approach to the world of investing. Keep up the good work

E.F.Jordan, Atlanta, GA

Thank you for allowing me to be a subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter. It is refreshing that your newsletter is not filled with fancy technical terms designed to impress and sell. You give the essential facts on why something is a good investment and what the risks are. The results of your recommendations speak for themselves.

Edson, Wallingford, CT

Thank you for being different and honest with your readers. The education and information you provide are fantastic and are helping me plan better for my retirement future - which might be salvageable after all!

David Naylor, Longmont, CO

Thank you for clearly showing that compounding is the best and safest way to wealth in the stock market. My best performing stocks have been ones I have held for years with dividends re-invested. I am slowing altering my portfolio to include more safe, dividend growing stocks instead of more risky and volatile stocks.

Dave, Pewaukee WI

Thank you for creating a great newsletter, that continues to get better and more valuable with each publication. Your advice has gotten me on the right track, and look forward to what the future can bring.

John S., Citrus Springs, Florida

Thank you for demystifying the stock market and other sources of stable income. I'm so tired of the mutual fund investing method. It feels like the small investor so little control. Your methods are sound and make much more sense.

Peggy Nederlof,San Francisco, CA

Thank you for exposing me to financial strategies that my now ex-financial adviser had never even heard of! The retail bond ladder technique is simply genius!

Paul McKenna, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for helping me on my way to a financial education I never got.

B. Osako, Honolulu, Hawaii

Thank you for helping us "regular folks" understand more about how to make money in ways other than trading our time. It gives me hope that I will actually own a home again and someday retire with passive income.

Maureen C., Kapa'au, HI

Thank you for introducing me to the power of dividend stock investing

"Hiker Dude", Estes Park, CO

Thank you for introducing simple concepts that the average person can understand and implement.

Silverstrand Neal, Oxnard CA

Thank you for making me a more confident investor. I see the bigger picture more clearly and trust your advice.

Fred Squire, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Thank you for Palm Beach Letter. What I especially like is the simplicity and not "pie in the sky," i.e. easy to read and assimilate the first time through. I have not personally made any great wealth yet...but am hoping to with one your insights or suggestions. Maybe the next one is for me???

B. Jensen, Santa Ynez, CA

Thank you for Palm Beach Letter. It is very informative and has taught me a lot. I always look forward to what you have to offer in your discussions. Please continue to do what you're doing

Will H. Kemmerer, WY

Thank you for providing our family with sound financial advice in an ever changing and unpredictable financial environment. I am able to give my two sons the financial advice I wished I had received at their age. Thanks again.

Kirsten Parker, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Thank you for sharing such coveted information. The information I have received from The Palm Beach Letter has been nothing short of mind-blowing. A real game changer! Nothing I can say comes close to the gratitude and appreciation I feel as a result.

J King, NY, NY

Thank you for showing me a way to invest without having to have boatloads of money to begin with. This will definitely help towards my retirement.

Palmer T., Aurora, Colorado

Thank you for showing me the light.

Mark Trochym, Bronxville, NY

Thank you for showing us a different and conservative approach to making money. I am close to retirement. Your idea of making money every day helps keep me focused. Thanks!

Lowell Horning, Lake Havasu City, AZ

Thank you for showing us a low risk way to grow our retirement income. Your innovative ideas have been quite helpful in helping us create a financial strategy that lets us sleep peacefully at night.

Vikram Saksena, Acton, MA

Thank you for simplifying investing in a very safe and prosperous way. Your explanations make sense and are easy to understand, backed up by numbers and results.

Beate Ely-Croft, Heber City, Utah

Thank you for taking time to develop and share The Palm Beach Letter. I was at the point where I knew we needed to do something, but didn't know what. I now have a basic understanding of wealth building strategies and have started to use them. I now see a possibility for college for my kids and retirement for us, a possibility I didn't see before.

Jennifer Butler, Parrish, FL

Thank you for teaching a different type of investment strategy.

D. Grapnel, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for teaching me how to create a retirement income that is safe and rewarding without the promises that are not real from other publications. Now I can sleep and not worry about my investments. That is really peace of mind.

Ben She hub, Tampa, FL

Thank you for the "insider" information you share. This is the type of information that the media does not share and the general public do not know exists! I can't believe I was in the dark for so long.

Perig Vennetier, San Francisco, CA

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Randall Trainer, Midland, TX

Thanks to The Palm Beach Letter I now have my Living Trust working a 4 rung bond ladder that pays me more than most bond funds can dream off on SECURED debt securities! I have 3% into tangible gold coins that I don't need to report thanks to your excellent recommendations and since I built a Dividend Stock Portfolio off your Dividend Diluvia Newsletter off the picks you require to be stable and top picks, I sleep better.

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Frank Palmer, Fairfield CT

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F.C.L., Safety Harbor, FL

Thanks to your letter I now check a stock's ‘market cap' and ‘enterprise value' before I invest. It gives me a quick check on the company's debt level and potential market volatility.

Dan Angers, Traverse City, MI

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The purpose of adequate money allows you the flexibility to make decisions that support your lifestyle and your value system. Palm Beach Letter eliminates the mystery of building wealth in a rational time-oriented manner together with accepting personal responsibility for your actions and decisions from people who have done this.

Jerome Wilensky M.D., Golden, Colorado

The Palm Beach Letter has certainly challenged the way I think about investing & made me really think about how I invest. Not that I agree with everything that is published in the "PBL", it makes, or should make, you to look at your investment from a different perspective. All in all, it is worth the price, just to challenge one's way of thinking.

Jim Walsh, Staten Island, NY

The advice seems sane, and has a suitable emphasis on income, which suits me fine.

Stan Howard, Edmonton, AB

The advice you provide is spot on, especially the three-bucket system.

Todd Hickman, Ludlow, Massachusetts

The approach is different with Palm Beach Letter. It is about the whole family and not just the individual and if you put them all together, it really makes sense even for a new person entering the arena. It is the first investment letter that I can share the ideas from it to my children. Thanks for sharing your ideas unselfishly to your members.

Arnold Lawrenceville, GA

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Y. Karimy, Singapore

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K.W., Roseville, CA

The information you gave about using US Series 1 Savings Bonds linked to our savings account at a guaranteed 4.6% was great. That's hundreds of percent better than we get now. Thanks!

Patrick O., Jacksonville, FL

The letter is great; it gives me a new way – an inside way – on how the market really operates for the wealthy .

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The newsletter takes a common sense approach using uncommon techniques for building wealth... Thanks

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Ron, New York, NY

The Palm Beach Letter has reaffirmed to me the necessity of effective implementation of investment basic concepts to have a balanced and effective investment plan. The education and direct advice in each letter is invaluable. Realizing the basics is the key to success and The Palm Beach Letter emphasizes this concept without apology. They emphasize that wealth accumulates through the consistent execution of investment basics and not made through complicated investment schemes. This is the key to successful investing and The Palm Beach Letter is a voice of reason. Until we humble ourselves to the basics of investing we will fail to succeed in securing our future.

Vickie, Lake Stevens, WA

The Palm Beach Letter is no doubt the best investment I have ever made as far as investment research in 20 years of investing. The strategies, recommendations, and insight I have received are second to none. The Special Research Reports themselves are enough to convince you this is not your average investment newsletter. I have shared these reports with my 2 sons who are in college and I know these savings strategies will benefit them (and me) in the years to come. Thanks for the great work!

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Jonathan Smith, Honolulu, HI

The Palm Beach Letter is the greatest value I have ever found in investing. They could easily charge hundreds of dollars a month for this information and it would still be a fantastic value.

Pat Curley, Huntington, New York

Palm Beach Letter is the most "down to earth" and easily readable investment advisory I've used. I'm very happy I subscribed and would readily recommend it to either experienced or relatively inexperienced investors.

G. Russell Curtis, Las Vegas, NV

The Palm Beach Letter just feels good to read.... the language, the style and the content gives the reader the true sense that what they are reading is solely for their benefit.... no hype, no tricks, no sell - just wonderful advice.

Bob P., Hudson, OH

The Palm Beach Letter offers great investment advice and recommendations. I really like how I have access to the OLD reports. Because when the market tanked a few weeks back I sifted through all your older recommendations and found Conoco Phillips was a bargain. I bought it and I'm already up 21% and my dividend yield is over 4% and it'll compound for years. I also really enjoy Mark Ford's commentary especially the letter to the 47 year old. I found it motivating and now I have my own 7-year road map to financial independence. I had lost all hope of becoming independent... but that letter helped me to realize I do not have to be a wage slave the rest of my life. It's not going to happen fast... but it will happen. Thanks Tom & Mark.

M Vestrand, Detroit, Michigan

The Palm Beach Letter offers information of a fresh approach to investing with many more alternative than the traditional instruments used in the past. Especially now in these difficult financial times, we need more control with a more sophisticated approach. Thanks!

Andre Rodriguez, San Jose, California

Palm Beach Letter offers insightful information on how to invest to safely grow my net worth. They deliver what they promise.

T. Sells, Seattle, WA

The Palm Beach Letter offers timely and unique information not readily available anywhere else.

Robert Wright, Dalton, Idaho

The Palm Beach Letter provides no-nonsense information on increasing your income and return on investment. The timely information that is provided to improve "quality of life" is a bonus!

W. White, Miami, FL

The Palm Beach Letter provides sensible, conservative advice for growing wealth without gimmicks. I subscribe to several newsletters--including one Tom Dyson previously edited--but I may just cancel all of them except Palm Beach Letter.

P.J.R., Eugene, OR

The Palm Beach Letter should be read by all investors looking for ways to gain wealth safely. I commend Mark and Tom for cutting through the maze and coming up with in investments to grow wealth in a safe way.

G. Matthews, Salt Lake City, UY

The Palm Beach Letter supplies me with actionable suggestions that I am able to act on. Time will tell how those suggestions pay off, but I am optimistic. I'm a Canadian living in Canada, and I still find the information to be of value. I look forward to the launch of Palm Beach Income.

Chris Dobie, Vancouver, Canada

The Palm Beach Letter team delivers such rewarding information I don't think I would come across very easily anywhere else. Your thriving newsletter serves towards my financial future even though I have only recently joined. –

Randip Sidhu, London U.K.

The Palm Beach Letter tells the truth about making money and investing, and doesn't pull punches for love or money.

Toni, OK, USA

Palm Beach Letter was a huge boost to my VA pension, the difference between eating cereal or steak.

Russ Godin Sr. Disabled Veteran, Sebastian FL.

The Palm Beach Letter was recommended to me by someone in the financial industry whose opinion I trust, and I haven't been disappointed. Thanks!

R. MacKenzie, Saint John, Canada

The Palm Beach Letter, in conjunction with the other great newsletters I receive through Stansberry & Associates, has given me an entirely new understanding of managing money and investments. All of their opinions and advice, while differing at times, certainly provide the best in overall knowledge.

Steve Jaenisch, Bangkok, Thailand

The Palm Beach Letter...WOW! This is truly one of the absolute essential reads and memberships that you should acquire. Kudos! to Mr. Mark Ford for creating such a rich and compelling letter about investment strategies, building wealth and solidifying your future.

Erik Svoboda, Poway, CA

The Palm Beach News Letter has really opened my eyes to the way to generate a nice steady income without risking everything to get it. I'm learning how the truly wealth invest their money. What an eye opener.

Eric Carder, Phoenix, AZ

Palm Beach Letter is exactly what I was looking for. A no bull, honest and most important, workable and sensible, conservative way to make money. I love it.

Den H., Clearwater, FL

Palm Beach Letter has enabled to focus on the real things I need to do to live a healthier wealthier retirement. I am confident that I can now take charge of my financial destiny thank you Mark and Tim for sharing and being of help.

Akin Oslo, Luton , United Kingdom

Palm Beach Letter has opened my eyes to new and interesting investing strategies. I definitely think it is a great resource to diversify my portfolios in low risk opportunities in this turbulent time.

J. Moore, Calgary, Canada

The Palm Beach Letter is a unique and interesting service with a market strategy that focuses on consistent profits with income, while limiting risk and volatility.

Bryan W., Escondido, CA

The Palm Beach Letter is my favorite newsletter. I have learned more about investing from The Palm Beach Letter in just the short time since I subscribed.

David Fruits, Plymouth, IN

The Palm Beach Letter is one of the few publications I pay to read because it is giving me new ideas about how to achieve financial independence. Keep the good advice coming!

Jerry Kenney, Tampa, FL

The Palm Beach Letter is presented in a manner that breakdown the investment worlds language so that the average person can benefit. It is not all charts and graphs and comes with laugh now and then.

E Daane, Bend, Oregon

The Palm Beach Letter has been instrumental in my learning some things about the market and investing and money that I would never have picked up on my own. Thank you.

Norman, Wyncote PA

The Palm Beach Letter has completely altered my perception of the purpose and methodology of investing. The concepts and methods you discuss seem so common sense once you think about them and yet they are, as advertised, like secrets from an underground economy. I love the education and investment recommendations I get from Palm Beach Letter.

Dan, Los Angeles, CA

The Palm Beach Letter has EXCELLENT tips and insights on secure and sound investing strategies that will generate income with little risk attached (taking into account future economic turmoil from man-made and natural disasters) - rare in these days of mega financial instability.

Adrian Moore, Palmerston North, New Zealand

The Palm Beach Letter has given me another perspective on investing. I had always tried to "hit" a home run, and struck out a lot. The Palm Beach Letter has taught me that hitting for average will build wealth faster over the long "game".

John Marcy, Ridgewood, NJ

The Palm Beach Letter has given me new hope in simple effective ways to invest. At my age (73), I need a simple & safe method to assure a steady income stream during these unstable economic years. I am particularly interested in safety of the devaluation of the dollar. Hopefully you & Mark will share your thoughts. Thanks for your great & innovative suggestions.

John Munn, Palm Coast , Florida

The Palm Beach Letter has improved my understanding of investing in the markets.

V. Burton, Ardmore, OK

The Palm Beach Letter has made me a better investor in many ways. I have learned to focus on safety and income.

Pratap Manne, Sunnyvale CA

The Palm Beach Letter has provided me with some great passive income and dividend options that are safe and reliable.

Jordan L., Columbus, OH

The Palm Beach Letter is a great, common sense investment newsletter with well-researched recommendations.

Mike, Houston, TX

The Palm Beach Letter is a low-stress business-like directory to safe investing. All the hard work has already been done for the client. I have been gradually and confidently sliding PBL-recommended investments into my Roth IRA alongside my dividend-paying world-beating equities. I also started three automatic-investment DRIPs. I plan to drop all my (hurry-up) advisory newsletters later this year, and keep a very steady The Palm Beach Letter.

Phil W., Arlington Heights, Illinois

The Palm Beach Letter is a no strings, no BS, guide to helping everyday people learn investment strategy, market insights and make money in the process. Love their unique approach. Keep it up!

Will Lemmond, Philadelphia, PA

The Palm Beach Letter is a very good source for new and unique investment ideas. Just today a tip I followed up on went up 17.6%. Not all ideas do this well but the exposure to these ideas gives you the opportunity to pick and choose after you do your own homework. I suggest you give it a go!

Phil Borton, Marietta, Georgia

The Palm Beach Letter is an insight to the minds and opinions of some very successful and wealthy people. It has expanded my knowledge and thinking in the realm of investments.

Darryl Harvey, Knoxville, TN

The Palm Beach Letter is an invaluable source of both well-researched strategies and personal financial advice from a trusted veteran. We are grateful for your generous expertise.

Philip P., Jacksonville, FL, USA

The Palm Beach Letter is brief, concise and filled with Money Making ideas. It provides a variety of ways to make Money and Investing work for you. You don't have to be wealthy to benefit from a wide array of options.

K.M., Alanson, MI

The Palm Beach Letter is very interesting and informative.

G. Stone, Wading River, NY

The Palm Beach Letter was recommended to me by one of my mutual mentors and I found it very interesting and informative with very clever ideas. Also I am very impressed with honesty and communication openness of these guys. Thank you.

Vitalii Jidkov, Kingsville, Canada

The Palm Beach Letter is the first publication on investing that is completely understandable. It is the first one that I read from beginning to end and know what I have learned from that reading. The financial information that is available is definitely educational and gives some very precise steps to take.

B. Cunningham, San Diego, CA

The Palm Beach Letter has helped me to better understand that there are more than just stocks to invest in. Also enjoy reading Joe's cigar bar.

Tom Hopson, Florida

The price was right and I was interested in seeing if he won the bet! However, I now look forward to Joe cigar bar. They are short stories or facts on life or investment etc., and I really enjoy them. The investment advice has a new fresh look at today's investments. It's not always about the market but mixes in life experiences in general. I will never get rich but I enjoy the different vision The Palm Beach Letter provides us. Anybody can pick a stock but with today's economy and the market up one day and down the next we need some creative thinking. This is what we get and I enjoy it!

Jeff Dalton, Brentwood, CA

The strategies and information within The Palm Beach Letter give a whole new perspective to protecting my nest egg.

David J., U.K.

The value and the education/information The Palm Beach Letter has brought to my investment perspective is one of the three best financial decisions I have made in 5 years. The letter is conservative, concise, and filled with suggestions on how to build and keep my wealth.

Dennis Fink, Escondido, California

The value provided by The Palm Beach Letter is amazing. I would never have imagined that so much valuable insight and wisdom would be contained in this publication. Thank you.

John Hird, Las Vegas, Nevada

The very best newsletter for the price.

Marc, Saint-Lambert, QC, Canada

The way I used to think about investing only led to losses overall. The Palm Beach Letter is equivalent to having your very own "rich uncle" mentor. The best way to learn to build wealth is to listen to someone who has done it, AND who has no vested interest. Mark definitely fits the bill.

Rob Rice, Anderson, IN

The work you do behind the scenes to make our investment decisions easier is greatly appreciated!

D Moore, Aurora, CO

The writing style of your letters is uniquely uncomplicated and unintimidating. I will use my letters to help teach our sons about investing.

Chuck, Richmond, Virginia

Their investment insight is no-nonsense and cuts through the clutter. Every investor, large or small, should follow their general advice, if not every trade recommendation.

Rich Whitley, Collierville TN

There are a number of things I really appreciate about The Palm Beach Letter. One is that Mark Ford and Tom Dyson are very upfront and do not use hype and exaggeration and make outlandish claims. Furthermore their recommendations weathered the volatile weeks of August and September of this year remarkably well. I hope they will continue to perform well in the uncertain times ahead. I feel confident they will.

Robert Turner, Geneva, Switzerland

There are several things I really appreciate about The Palm Beach Letter. The first is its emphasis on safety. Watching my retirement account balance drop severely gives me a corresponding increase in anxiety. The Palm Beach Letter is calming that anxiety. Second, I like the schooling in common sense. Like most people, I wasn't born knowing the best ways of dealing with money. I like the advice for the small and/or beginning investor. And I love the fact that we are not being promised the moon. I get several newsletters and this one is my favorite - to the point that I may soon stop the others. This is the one that speaks to my situation.

Linda, Newport, KY

There are so many investment newsletters out there that are confusing to point of frustration. The Palm Beach Letter offers a clear, consistent and lucid common sense approach. Too many cooks spoil the pot but not with Palm Beach Letter. I recommend it highly and without any reservation.

Arthur S. Watanabe, M.D., Spokane, WA

There is a lot of "financial advice and stuff" out in the media. It is confusing. Your advice and columns are clear, concise, actionable, and fundamentally sound. Simple is good and usually best.

John Dole, Longwood, Florida

There really is not any get rich schemes that are feasible, especially now in this economic turmoil and uncertainty. I used to think there was, what an education I have and am receiving from The Palm Beach Letter, and I am no dummy. Wealth is accumulated from frugality, hard work and time.

Loraine-Dale Hall, Solana Beach, CA

Third world countries will exist until their citizens become first world thinkers, thank you "The Palm Beach Letter" for make this possible! You are shifting my mindset like you can´t imagine!

Gerardo Del Castillo, Mexico City, Mexico.

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This is a great newsletter, it has opened my eyes to the many different ways to increasing ones wealth.

Mike L. Ludington, MI

This is a straight-forward approach to looking at your long term opportunities and gives you the confidence to move forward out of your investing rut.

Gregg Simon, Swanton, Ohio

This is by far the simplest and most direct letter I have read, and it has made my days easier. Thank you.

Elliott Davis, Spokane, WA

This is my second trip with The Palm Beach Letter. I thought on my first trip that it would not furnish enough income to compliment my Social Security; I returned because I changed my mind and feel you at The Palm Beach Letter can do that very thing in clear and logical manner. I am retired you address that situation.

Bob Cuttle, Sacramento, CA


This is one of the best financial letters I've ever come across. Hard hitting actionable information with minimal fluff.

Bruce W., Brooklyn, NY

This is some really good information and even though I am starting at a late date in life this knowledge is very valuable to me. I can only hope that you can get to the younger people in the world soon enough. Today is the first day of the rest of your life so make wise choices from now on.

David Bigley, Austin Texas

This is the first newsletter I've seen that gives common sense explanations to conservative investment alternatives. This is the exact kind of information I need to make my own decisions on investments as I approach retirement. I'm also looking forward to the income generating strategy you're working on. If it's like everything else in The Palm Beach Letter, it will be well thought out and easy to understand. Thanks Mark and Tom.

Don Davis, Wofford Heights, CA

This is the kind of information I needed 20 years ago....at 55 I hope I can catch up and not be too late for comfortable retirement.

Lewis C., Mt Pleassant, SC

This is the life info I need to help my son & his family not make the same mistakes I made in my 30's & 40's! Thanks for the different view and approach to wealth building.

Jane S., St Augustine, FL

This keeps me up with what I consider to be very wise and profitable investments. Thank You for this.

Tom, Oceanside, Ca.

This letter is a favorite of mine as it teaches how to think correctly about money and investing. How I think determines my actions and I find your insight very valuable. I am profiting from the journey.

G. Oster, Boise, Idaho

Palm Beach Letter is different than other letters. It concentrates on building wealth quickly and safely, but It covers things that are not covered anywhere else. I am a newsletter junkie and I love this letter. I highly recommend it.

G. M., San Diego, CA

This newsletter has changed my approach to both the markets and how I view investing. Thanks, Tom to both you and your team.

Frank Fahr, Moorestown, New Jersey

This newsletter is both entertaining and informative from a different perspective.

I. B. Petrie, Toronto Ontario, Canada

Thank you for opening my eyes regarding drips, the buckets system and the way to create retirement plans through your ladder system.

Stephen Borgyon, Rochester, N.Y.

Thanks for making complex stuff easy.

Larry Olson, Wilmington, NC

Timely information, thoughtful and well explained.

Dan, Louisiana

Timely news, easy to understand information and great investment picks. What more can you ask for from a newsletter?

Neil A., Los Angeles, CA

To date, the most helpful information I have gleaned from The Palm Beach Letter is segregating income immediately when received into three piles, spending and property taxes. I am 80 and depleting savings due to loses in the stock market and paying property and income taxes. Since absorbing that piece that bit of advice I have opened a savings account and an amount equivalent to 1/12th needed for taxes is immediately transferred from my checking account. Next year - no hassle - no fuss - I will have the funds without depleting my retirement fund.

Rhoda Mozorosky, Roseburg, Oregon

To save time and a lot of money you should order The Palm Beach Letter.

Jure M. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tom and Mark offer an uncomplicated way to make money by compounding your investments!

Jon R., Weston, MO.

Tom Dyson stays at the common man level for learning. He's great!

Walter, Belport, NY

My wife and I need this opportunity to make extra income. In today's world any money is a plus. Sonia and I are thankful to you and your team. We need to learn more about investing.

Bob and Sonia Columbus, Ohio

Tom! I have built generous profits and a trust when you wrote the 12% Letter. Discovering your move, I was relieved and eager to subscribe to The Palm Beach Letter. I know Mark and you have our best interests at heart. Thank you!

A.E. Zamolsky, Santa Barbara, CA

Tom, I have followed your advice sense I found you at the 12% letter. I was sorry to see you go but I am happy to have found you at Palm Beach Letter. I love conservative philosophy. Keep up the good work.

Joe Hamilton, Escondido, CA

Tom, I subscribed to the 12% letter when you were the editor (and still do). Because I liked your common sense analysis and your clear evaluation of investment opportunities, I decided to also subscribe to Palm Beach Letter. I am very glad I did!

Dirk Koopman, La Jolla, California

Tom, I got a lot of great advice from you when you were at Stansberry Research. I followed you over to The Palm Beach Letter and you have continued to impress!

David Pyndus, North Bergen, NJ

Tom, I just want to say how much I enjoy The Palm Beach Letter. You and Mark have shown me a whole new perspective in creating wealth. I have traded for almost 20 years and I have never seen an approach likes yours. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Fred, Phoenix, AZ

Tom, we excitedly subscribed to The Palm Beach Letter because we had greatly benefited from your advice given in the 12% Letter and we wanted to continue to profit from your recommendations. You have done a great job.

Dan and Catherine Packard, Phoenix, Arizona

Tom, I was a subscriber to your 12% letter. Since I found you and Palm Beach Letter, I am even more pleased with your work and recommend Palm Beach Letter to investors of all ages.

Tom Thackson, Surf City NJ

Tom's down to earth, sound analysis on the best investment values are just what I need in these very uncertain times.

Dan Wolff, Wausau, Wi.

Truly invaluable information. Thank y'all so much! At the end of the day wisdom always topples force. If you want to be prepared for the coming storm, you need to subscribe now!

Johnathan Hunsinger, Atlanta Georgia

Two months ago I decided to cancel my membership to Palm Beach Letter. While I had read the majority of the issues I received, I didn't act on any of the investment choices. Having re-evaluated my decision I've decided that the service is worth far more to me than the investment choices. It is the stories and explanations that have changed my attitude about investing and personal finance that are worth far more than the annual fee. I'm now considering gifting subscriptions to my adult children in the hopes of raising their own investment IQ.

Pat G., Maryville, TN

Unbelievable value!

Soumangue Basse, Saint Petersburg, FL

Unlike others The Palm Beach Letter does not offer "Get rich Quick" schemes but instead offers advice on steady and relatively safe investing to bring consistent growth. I had not thought of investment beyond retirement but the letter has changed my mind.

Alex Schaffer, Butler, PA

Using the techniques taught in The Palm Beach Letter I now can rely on an extra income stream every month to make my life-style just a little bit sweeter.

David R. Geocaris, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Very good newsletter. It has allowed me to add several reliable income generators to my portfolio

Dom Brunone, Austin, TX

Very helpful to a novice like me. Knowing where to put your money and when to get out. Thank you

Wuilliam Davis. Claremont, CA

Very informative and sound advice in a volatile market. Also great educational material makes this newsletter worth many times its price. Highly recommended!

Bill Clearfield, Forty Fort, Pa.

Very informative newsletter that keeps you current on the right investments to help grow your income with lowering your risk.

Greg, Lone Tree, CO.

Very informative newsletter, their insight is amazing.

Eric L., Mojave, CA

Very thoughtful newsletter. Really makes you examine the way you approach the way you think about finances.

Kevin, CT

Very well written with great supporting detail. Both Mark and Tom cover the bases of investing and growing your wealth.

R. Kelly, Houston TX

We eagerly look forward to each issue of The Palm Beach Letter. It is so refreshing to get the perspective of someone who can make sense out of this crazy world of ours.

Forrest Hawkins, Panama City, Panama

We just started receiving The Palm Beach Letter less than a month ago - but FINALLY, my wife and I have access to sound, reasonable investment strategies that we can agree on! We've already taken action on several of your recommendations, and are working on a strategy to pull our IRAs out of the insurance company "variable annuity handcuffs" that were sold to us years ago and putting that money to work in our own self-directed IRAs. We're looking forward to learning about your new retirement income strategies as we're less than 10 years away from "retirement" - whatever form that is going to take in the 2020s!

David and Paula G., Bluffton, SC

What a blessing it is to get weekly information that will help me become financially secure and retire soon!

Ron Holcomb, Vicenza, Italy

What a breath of fresh air. No "Guru" hype, just great information delivered as if I was sitting with a few friends discussing "what the next best thing" is. Just friends kicking around a few ideas. The plus side, they all work. What a huge benefit of having "friends" at The Palm Beach Letter to guide me and my family. My thanks and keep up the good work. You have a friend for life.

Doc, Orlando, Florida

What a wonderful financial newsletter. Straightforward and to the point. I must read for anyone serious about building wealth.

John Penny, Springfield, Missouri

What I like the most about The Palm Beach Letter is its calm tone. They don't hype; they teach. They don't criticize; they explain. It is the work of people who don't appear to have ego issues. Well done, issue after issue.

Claudia, Chico, CA

What refreshing information!! Thanks so much!!

D.J. Snelling, Wellsville, Kansas

What's more fulfilling then to be engaged in your own success in any venture especially building wealth. That's what can happen with a quality education and a competent partner you make quality choices. Thanks Palm Beach Letter for being a very unique newsletter.

David Meddaugh, Clinton, MD

Whenever I notice a new email from The Palm Beach Letter, I read it first always, I've never found any other newsletter that really try to make me money like you guys do, with just take it or leave it facts, thanks a million for the info you guys provide.

Neil Bodden, George Town, Cayman Islands

While I have great trust in my retirement advisor, I know he does not have time to really focus on individual accounts. The Palm Beach Letter has given me the confidence that, should I choose to do so, I can actively manage my investments with the confidence that I can achieve very positive returns.

Steve Gideon, Houston, TX

While I haven't (yet) put any of your recommendations into practice (working on the bond ladder), I find your newsletter provides interesting ideas and is thoughtfully written. Thanks!

Miriam J., Alexandria, VA

While I run my own business, I fall short in investing, since subscribing to Palm Beach Letter I've learned volumes. Thank you for your help.

Charlie Gutierrez, Miami Lakes, FL

Wisdom and talent are combined in The Palm Beach Letter. I greatly appreciate the disciplined advice your service provides. It is making me a much more informed and prudent investor.

John Crawford, Asheville, NC

With life expectancy increasing and more difficulty finding income streams in retirement, your newsletter has given me the tools to stretch my retirement dollars to hopefully last my lifetime and be a gift to my children.

Kate Takacs, Tucson, AZ

With so much information around it's important to find some wisdom and have both trust and confidence in those words. The Palm Bach Letter is one of the few places I place my trust and confidence.

Ian Stewart, United Kingdom

With your eclectic approach to topics, I sometimes wonder what they have to do with investing, but by the time I am done with your weekly article, I know how that piece of the puzzle fits into my overall strategy. Thanks for the varying and sometimes contrarian viewpoint.

Doug Ebelherr, Lincoln, IL

Wonderful, commonsense information, easy to understand and apply. Thanks!

B.C. Floyd, Portland, Texas USA

Wow! Finally a newsletter that "teaches" the method behind financial success. Just the lessons provided from "Joe's Cigar Bar" have been worth the price of the subscription. These lessons have been so valuable that I've shared them with my two young nephews. These "financial lessons" should be taught to everyone, so that they are equipped to handle the real financial world as adults!

Michael A., Chicago, IL

You and the Palm Beach team have delivered more financial value than I have received over the last twenty-five years. I'm planning to share key strategies with my grandchildren.

Michael D. Atlanta, GA

You are a godsend! You do what no one else is doing, filling the financial gap for seniors like me. Please don't ever go away.

Roger DeKoker, Bedford, Indiana

You bring honest, helpful information to your readers on a regular basis. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Ray H., Columbia PA

You can tell Tom, Mark and Paul give advice from the heart. That makes them different from others!

Henry S., Torrance, CA

You give fantastic no-nonsense advice in your newsletter. None of the typical Wall Street junk.

Kurt M., Ann Arbor, MI.

You give me good ideas and analytical starting points, without a lot of BS, Thanks.

Charles Roseville, CA

You guys have educated me on the definitions of Savings vs. Investment, the "three bucket system", and other "non-conventional" thoughts of making, saving, and investing my $...Thanks for thinking outside the box, you've really opened my eyes and, yes, I'm making a little more $ each day!

Gary N. Grand Rapids, MI

You guys have taken up the challenge to teach an entire generation...I am in!

Shane, Austin TX

You have given me some great income investing ideas. I especially like the inflation protected investments.

D.L., Houston, Texas

You have given me a new perspective on financial planning. Thanks!

Lee Bodily, Eagle, Idaho

You have provided some of the best investing ideas that I've seen lately...

J.F. McDaniel, Cordova TN

You have some very valuable information that l been able to benefit from. Thanks.

John, Dallas, TX

You have started a great service for people who need sound advice. Your letter is very educational and honest. Thank you for the refreshing flavor in your newsletter.

Gary O., Canonsburg, PA

You write from experience and with a refreshing style. The best part is that your research (which drives your recommendations) appears to be exhaustive and covers all the bases.

Phil, Seattle, WA

You've brought investing sanity back into our lives. Your information is timely, appropriate, pragmatic, and useful. We still have a long way to go to reach our desired financial end state but we know we'll get there. The only caveat is that you need to just keep putting out your fantastic newsletter. A simple thank you seems inadequate but we'll say it anyways... Thank You!!!

Karl Keller, Spotsylvania, VA

Your advice has helped me to think long term and buy the most qualified stocks, bonds and commodities.

Bev Garrett, Houston, TX

Your advice is easy to understand and act on. Investment in stocks that let me sleep at night.

Kevin G. Shepardson, Massapequa N.Y.

Your advice makes sense and provides a better, clearer perspective on personal finance than most other publications I've read. Plus, it's easy to follow your recommendations and feel confident that I'm growing my wealth wisely.

Carla B. Fremont, CA

Your approach has led me to consider investments that I wouldn't have previously considered. Practical, too, since you advocate not investing what you don't have

Melissa Gastorf, Durant, OK

Your approach is simple enough even I can understand it! Thanks.

Bob, El Paso TX

Your approach to investing seems to be practical and tested using your own resources, which gives me more confidence in my investing ideas.

Frank A., Foster City, CA

Your bucket system is so simple, but so powerful. I wish I would have had this education years ago. I am teaching it to my young children to give them a head start! Looking forward to growing the investment bucket with your great ideas.

G.A.K., St. Louis, MO

Your content is concise and clear and delivers information that would otherwise not be accessible for those of us busy with our jobs and obligations.

Laurent Berman, Boynton Beach FL

Your group has shown me how to think outside the box when investing. I wish I could listen to it all the time I would probably be better off. Please keep it up and keep the ideas coming.

Will, Honolulu, Hawaii

Your ideas are easily understandable and actionable. It's given me strategies that work.

Jim Weber, San Rafael, CA

Your in-depth research and the clearly stated reasons for your recommendations are great tools for those of us who make our own investment decisions.

Mark Eldridge, Chicago, IL

Your information actually offers hope and change!!!!

Steve, Vacaville, CA

Your information is direct, effective and very useful for decision-making. I've been comparing (newsletters) for months now and I have a feeling that even for beginners like me you will be of great support because your insight in economics and finance is outstanding.

Leon Meerschaert, Bruges, Belgium

Your investment advice has given me good direction. Thank you.

Grant Nelson, Coatesville PA

Your letter has been a blessing beyond what I could possibly think or imagine. And you've given me contacts and resources that I previously did not know about. Thank you and may God continue to bless.

Richard-Everett Houston, Texas

Your letter has brought us new ideas, and strategies that we were not aware of, and given us the opportunity to invest in a more beneficial way.

Eric Borsvold, Tecumseh, MI

Your letter has given me safety and security in my investments. I now can feel secure with the thought that (with 25 percent stops) my allocations are winners. I so appreciate the lack of worry -- that is worth a lot more than money to me.

Harry Condon, Crete, Illinois

Your letter has helped me with many lessons and tips, in a short period of time. I look forward to more learning from your continued research. Thanks.

R. Lindemann, Buffalo, N.Y.

Your letter has opened my eyes to more possibilities than I have seen before. I feel confident in the strategies you have shown me and are certain I can now build a retirement fund independent of the mainstream market.

Brett T Beene, Bartlett, TN

Your letter has simply confirmed strategies that I used over a 25-year span to become quite will off while also showing me some ways to protect what I have and grow it.

David R. Fritschi, Glen Ellen, CA

Your letter is honest info among all the sales pitches. It is the first thing I read in all of my emails. Keep up the good work.

Sallie Smith, Medford, OR

Your letter is motivational. After some serious financial setbacks since 2008, I have been planning my comeback. I print and catalogue your every issue so I can jump on the investments I need, as soon as I can unload a couple that are weighing me down. Thanks for the great ideas!

Richard C. Imming, Sugar Grove, Illinois

Your Letter is my favorite of the few investment advisories I receive. That's because it seems that you are speaking directly to me; teaching me the way to correct my many mistakes and poor investing judgment. I'm particularly grateful for your leading me to the investments you have, as well as your essay on keeping an "active income" after retirement. I've been retired for ten years, and the need for me to generate supplemental income has now become obvious.

Toby Iszard, Rockport, TX 78382

Your Letter is very down-to-earth and has given me specific information that I have found to be very solid. Looking forward to a great future because of this valuable insight. Truly exciting stuff!

Nick, Fort Worth, TX

Your letter seems to meet the goal set out by Mark Ford, which is outstanding. Anyone can learn and trust what you have to say and it's all done without hype. Thanks so much.

Bonnie G., Cleveland, Ohio

Your monthly letter and information is allowing me to further my financial knowledge and is well worth the subscription fee. Thanks again.

Adam B., Fort Wayne, IN

Your new letter keeps me grounded and focused on building wealth in a steady and consistent manner without the need to chase the next big thing. Your "three-bucket" system is a great idea, one that I have started to employ. In addition, I will be looking into your recommendation of picking up some real estate in Palm Beach County. I like the fact that your letter talks about many different areas of investing, not just stocks. I.E. the bond ladder, real estate, etc. What really stuck is you advice on position sizing. It really brings a piece of mind especially in today's up-and-down markets. Keep up the great work.

David, Clovis, CA

Your newsletter has been a true "Godsend" for my wife and me. Had I had been fortunate enough early in my life to have access to not only your investing advice but also your life lessons regarding saving and investing; we would be in such a better place financially. But we feel blessed that it has happened now, and we are already reaping the financial benefits from your newsletter. So no matter where a person is in his/her life journey, it is never too late. With deep appreciation.

Dennis Ragain, Salem, Oregon

Your newsletter has been an amazing education for me! It has completely changed how I look at money and investing. Thank you!

Joel Dahlin, Aurora, Colorado

Your newsletter has been entertaining, informative, and profitable. What more can I ask? Keeps the information coming!

John Cyr, Beverly, MA

Your newsletter has been very refreshing as it covers areas that are foreign to most investment letters. You actually do and believe in what you cover.

Dave Holmberg, St. Paul, Alberta, Canada

Your newsletter has confirmed things I thought I understood and has helped bring my wife to a better understanding of our financial future. Thank you.

Robert R., Pine Ridge, FL

Your newsletter has given me a different angle of views, financial approaches, investing methods and values than I have collected and tried to understand over many years.

P.J. Sabata, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Your newsletter has given me interesting and helpful information about investing I had never heard before. Thanks!

T. Elwyn, Burlingame, California

Your newsletter has opened my eyes to other forms of investing from coins to art that I have appreciated.

Carl Jones, Houston, TX

Your newsletter has opened my eyes to what real wealth building and investing is and I'm learning something new whenever I read your issues. Following your advice I know in time I can be wealthy. I can't wait to learn more from you guys!!

Andronicus Kok, Singapore

Your newsletter has provided a clear, logical process to approach my investments. Something I have never utilized in my many years of investing.

Tom S., Berkshires, Massachusetts

Your newsletter has provided me with some great investment ideas that I hadn't considered before.

Michael Paul, Laguna Hills, CA

Your newsletter has shown me a different way to view investing.

Ray A., Edison, NJ

Your newsletter is an education. It gives investing advice, which a beginner can easily use to start growing wealth. This knowledge would take years of experience and practice to acquire. Thank you for sharing.

Becky Richardson, Chattanooga, TN, United States

Your newsletter is exactly what I have been looking for. I have cancelled the other junk that I have been subscribing to. I feel like I am ripping YOU off for what you charge for your knowledge. Thank you!

Joe G., Voorhees NJ

Your newsletter is excellent. Your non-mainstream, down to earth approach makes all the difference. Thanks for the great practical advice and for the wake-up calls we regularly get as savers and investors.

Rod M., London, United Kingdom

Your newsletter is extremely down-to-earth and practical. I've used information from the newsletter to pursue solid, dividend paying stocks to supplement my income.

T.J. MacKay, Millarville, Alberta, Canada

Your newsletter is helping me secure an added level of income as I get closer to retirement.

Tim Castora, Rockford, MI

Your newsletter is providing the financial education I never received in college. It's like having a couple of financially savvy uncles showing me the ropes.

T. Simon, Kentucky

Your newsletter is quite good because it offers a down to earth understanding of the financial universe and explains how to put Palm Beach Letter ideas and suggestions to practical use.

Pat Clark, Randallstown, Maryland

Your newsletter is refreshing and I like your approach to investing during these uncertain times to invest in solid companies that are proven dividend growers.

Frank, East Brunswick, NJ

Your newsletter is very understandable and full of common sense. I am trying a couple of the ideas and appreciate the collected wisdom that has gone into it.

Charlene Henry, Bremerton WA

Your newsletter provides a valuable service, both in the advice it provides, and in the specific recommendations.

Richard Boaman, Telford, PA

Your newsletter represents a better financial education than most people are ever exposed to. Thank you for teaching me so much.

Chris Castle, Jonesborough, TN

Your Palm Beach Letter has eliminated much of the clutter that is embedded in other newsletters I have subscribed to in the past two years. As these subscriptions expire, I have no intention of renewing them. I do intend, however, to maintain yours for its succinct explanations and analysis, as well as great results. It's a great value.

Irv Weinberg, CFP, MBA, Phoenix, Arizona

Your Palm Beach Letter has given me valuable ideas for ways to invest very conservatively with the reasonable expectation of growth and income.

Dave, Vancouver, Canada

Your Palm Beach letter on the bond ladder was very helpful for me. I learn something new in my financial life. Thank you very much for all the help.

C. Konya, New Jersey

Your Palm Beach Letter is always very interesting. I hope to crank up the courage to apply some of your suggestions in the near future.

J.M.D., Atlanta, Georgia

Your publication has taught me a lot about some of the basics of finance as well as investing for a safe retirement. I look forward to getting this publication for many more years.

Clay J., Wake Forest North Carolina

Your recommendations have been insightful and profitable.

Pat, Wellington, Florida

Your recommendations have done a great deal to teach me some fundamentals of investing using The Palm Beach Letter approach that have made investing enjoyable again. Keep up the good work.

John Jones, Houston, Texas

Your research really rocks! The expert advice and sound wealth compounding principals found in The Palm Beach Letter are just what I needed to instill a heightened sense of confidence in my investments; particularly in these crazy economic times. Thank you and looking forward to more Palm Beach Letter compelling strategies and opportunities for safe returns.

C. Anthony Trankina, Bartlett, IL

Your simple practical advice is better than is given in most of the services I see regularly.

Richard Noel, Bluefield, VA, USA

Your stock advice has been pretty good, although I would like to get more. Two out of three are up 20% in just a few months.

Tim Jenks, Tangent, Oregon

Your team has provided a steady flow of ideas and ways to profit from the current financial conditions. The precise application of the various techniques and timing are very helpful.

Nate Gray, Seguin, TX

Your team has been giving me a new approach to investing. It is really refreshing to learn new ways to create money, especially safe money! Thanks for your newsletter - I can´t wait to open each time it drops in to my mailbox!

Magnus Nilsson, Göteborg, Sweden

Your website has given me some solid investment ideas which I'll surely profit from.

Dan K., La Canada, CA

You've given me a new way to looking at investing and I appreciate the insight and education on a weekly basis.

J E Brenner, Torrance, CA

You've showed concrete examples of things that I've often thought about, but wasn't quite sure how to do, like your Bond Ladder. A clear and precise set of steps to ensure regularly recurring income. Thanks!

Jeff Johnston, Cuenca, Ecuador

The Palm Beach Letter has opened my eyes to new and safe ways to build wealth. They have showed safe ways to build money in these turbulent times.

M.J.J., Omaha, Ne

The Palm Beach Letter always brings me timely and accurate information that I can use to bring my investment income to a whole new level.

Matt Cordaro, Patchogue, New York

First-class newsletter. Have been a stock market investor for a long time but these guys come with great ideas and companies that I would have never ever thought about investing in. These are rock solid, money-making, risk-adverse plays that everyone should have in their portfolios.

Phil F, Florida Beaches, Panama City Beach, FL

I've made an additional $3700 in three months.

Donald Putman, Abilene, Texas

The Palm Beach Letter brings a straightforward approach to financial and investment education that I can put into action immediately. I find the stories informative, the strategies useful, and the investment research very helpful. Most importantly it helps to keep me focused through these volatile times.

Jim Sicotte, Spruce Grove, Canada

The Palm Beach Letter has opened up many doors on how to invest, other than the typical save and invest for the long term we are all taught. Palm Beach Letter is like a road map to different investment strategies to building greater wealth.

Jimmy Adamson, Yokohama, Japan

The Palm Beach Letter has shown me new and safe ways to make money that I never knew existed before. It has been a big help in my financial education.

Ron, Portland, Oregon

Finally, a newsletter for me! Palm Beach Letter uniquely focuses on conservative, safe, and simple investments. A very refreshing--and profitable--approach. Thank you Mark and Tom.

Greg W., Anchorage, Alaska

The Palm Beach Letter explained how to set up an investing plan for retirement to me in easy to understand plain English. I am enjoying high yields and fixed income investments that are very safe and nearly guaranteed. Thanks a million!!

Tami L Roberts, Gulf Shores, Alabama

After employing personal financial advisors and not being satisfied, I'm very glad to have found Palm Beach Letter when I did.The types of investments that you feature are exactly the types of investments that I am looking for, which is quite different from what the majority of the people in the industry are preaching. When it comes to the markets, you are really giving a great education in personal finance.

Justin Hanus, Osaka, Japan

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