Tim's Update #2: Club Publishing Schedule and Components
By Tim Mittelstaedt

This email is very important because it will explain just about everything you will be getting from the Palm Beach Wealth Builders Club over the next 12 months.  

Be prepared. We will be sending you a ton of very valuable information and advice. I've been involved in dozens of meetings since we began this project and, at every session, someone comes up with another great way to help club members achieve our goal: to help you become wealthy in fewer than seven years.

Already, we have identified nine distinct wealth-building programs for the club. Some are teaching programs, some are investment advisories, some are financial recovery and development courses, and some are individual reports, manuals, and books.

We are currently working on an exclusive club member website that will identify all of our programs, along with their schedules, which will make it easy for you to track the avalanche of wealth-building services coming your way.

In the meantime, please print this email out and keep it somewhere close to your computer.  

Your Assignment for This Week 

So far, you have received seven essays from Mark on the psychological preparation you need to be successful as a wealth builder. We also gave you a pledge to sign, indicating your commitment to change. I get a huge stack of pledge mail every day. I'm excited you're taking this seriously.

You have also received a new e-book published exclusively for club members. It too was written by Mark. Its title is 11 Secrets Every Wealth Builder Must Know, and it contains Mark's entire wealth-building philosophy. Every time I read any of these essays (and I've read them each at least 10 times already), I learn or glean some new bit of information. Your only assignment for this week is to read this e-book.  

So please read it. If you somehow missed it, you can download the e-book here.

What's Next? 

After you've read that ,you will have the mindset, the commitment, and the fundamental knowledge you need to continue with the rest of our programs.

And if you're like me, you're probably extremely eager to get started building wealth. So beginning next week, here's what we have planned for you…  

Right now, the Palm Beach Wealth Builders Club consists of NINE mini-programs, each with its own schedule. Mark will be writing the first six of these.

1.   We're calling the first series "The Extra Income Project." This is a brand-new, unique program designed to help you create a second or even a third stream of income. As Mark has explained many times, "There is no faster or surer way to become wealthy than by creating extra income and allocating it toward one's investments."

This program will consist of two parts. The first part will be a series of essays on Mark's favorite extra-income opportunities. These will include ideas for making extra income from your current career, plus many great ideas for accessing extra income from side businesses, freelancing, investment "jobs," and so on.

The second part will be a series of companion reports and manuals that will explain just what you need to do to initiate any of these extra-income streams. These reports and manuals will all be authored or co-authored by industry experts that Mark recommends. In my opinion, this is the most important series of the entire club.

2.   The second series of lessons is called "Rental Real Estate 101." As you may remember from reading previous essays in The Palm Beach Letter, the largest portion of Mark's very substantial wealth has come from investing in rental real estate. Mark is convinced that this is best time to buy rental property in his 30-plus years investing. I'm very excited to get started with this program, because I've wanted to invest in rental real estate since I graduated from high school in 1999.

3.   We're going to call the third series "How to Retire Like a King on a Pauper's Budget." We developed this program after we learned from a survey we recently sent out that 66% of Palm Beach Letter subscribers want to retire in fewer than 10 years—yet aren't financially ready to do so.

As a consultant to International Living for 20 years, Mark knows dozens of ways you can enjoy a happy, rich, and fulfilling retirement in beautiful places around the world and even in the United States. Like the Extra Income Project, this program will have two parts: Mark's essays and a series of "how to" manuals or blueprints, if you will, on how to replicate these exact lifestyles anywhere in the world.

4.   The fourth series is called "Living Rich." This is one of Mark's pet projects. It is not about adding income or investing, but it's about living richly on the income you currently have.

Mark is always telling the PBL staff and me that living rich has very little to do with how much money you make or how many millions you've socked away in brokerage accounts.

In a series of essays, Mark will tell you about how to enrich every aspect of your life, from the house you live in to the car you drive, to the vacations you take, and so on.

5.   The fifth series will be called "How to Start a Million-Dollar Business for $25,000." This will contain all of Mark's best ideas about entrepreneurship from the 2,500 essays he wrote at Early to Rise and his six best-selling books on entrepreneurship, business management, and marketing.

6.   We're calling the sixth series "The Rich Mind." This will be a series of never-before-published chapters of a book Mark is writing about understanding the nature of wealth and how you can create it by proper thinking. I've seen just the introduction, and I can tell you that this book will blow your mind.

Tom and I will be responsible for delivering three additional programs. Each of these came out of the many discussions we had about what a not-yet-wealthy person needed to become wealthy in seven years or fewer.

7.   The seventh series is called "Income for Life System." You've never heard of this system. Wall Street has kept its powerful strategies hidden from the mainstream public, even though it has put billions of dollars into it. It's a vehicle that's been around for 200 years… longer than anything Wall Street has invented.

The companies that help administer the Income for Life System are so safe they've paid dividends upward of 150 years in a row… through every recession, depression, world war, or crisis our world has faced. Best of all, your money grows tax-free AND you can take it out and use it tax-free. Tom and I are going to teach you how to set up and use this system to create a lifetime of income.

8.   The eighth program is very exciting. It is a unique investment portfolio that is tailor-made for the not-yet-wealthy investor. Each of the investments we recommend will be stocks that you can buy for $100-200 each. We will keep only $1,000 in total at play in 10 stocks at anytime. But every stock in the portfolio will be one that Tom and Paul have chosen because of its immense upside potential.

This portfolio is not meant to be a substitute for the Performance Portfolio, which you already receive as part of your Palm Beach Letter subscription. It is meant to satisfy the urge you may have to swing for the fences and hit grand slams. Many of these stocks won't work, and they don't need to. But if only a few of them do, we will all be very happy. We are calling this the Palm Beach Lottery Portfolio.

9.   The final and ninth program will be "The 12-Month Credit Score Repair and Financial Makeover." If you have read the several short essays Mark has written on the subject this year, you know that we are very concerned that a good number of Palm Beach Letter subscribers are in financial jeopardy due to the 2008 real estate collapse and economic slowdown since.

Debt is something we generally don't like at The Palm Beach Letter, but if you are in financial distress with your debts, you need quick and serious help immediately. We have surveyed the "credit repair" industry and have discovered, to our dismay, that most of the programs out there are not worth the paper they are printed on. We have identified a true expert in this field, and he is helping us put together this very valuable program.

As you can see, we have lots of material to cover. And it seems every week that Mark, Tom, and I meet, we come up with new topics and ideas we want to teach club members.  

So you can be sure we're going to continue to add to this list.

Next Month's Publishing Schedule 

Going forward, you can expect to get two or three communications from the Palm Beach Wealth Builders Club every week.

Every Monday, you'll get an essay (and sometimes a report or manual) from Mark on one of the six series he'll be covering. Next week, for example, you'll get the first installment of The Extra Income Project. I just read Mark's essay… and I can promise you that this is a lucrative income opportunity you don't want to miss.

Then, each Monday thereafter, we're going to cycle through each of Mark's other series. You'll get the first installment of the Rental Real Estate 101 lessons the following week. Then, the next week after that, you'll get the first installment of the How to Retire Like a King on a Pauper's Budget and so on.

On Wednesdays, you will get a communication from Tom and me that will cover one of the four topics that we are responsible for. One Wednesday it will be on the Income for Life System, the next week it will be on The 12-Month Credit Score Repair and Financial Makeover, and the third Wednesday it will be The Palm Beach Lottery Portfolio.

Plus, every Friday, you'll get an update from me, your liaison. You'll be able to recognize these emails; they'll have the subject line "Tim's Update #1" or "Tim's Update #2." 

In these updates, I'll recap what Mark has taught us about that week, give you any relevant announcements, and answer the most frequently asked questions. From time to time, I'll update you on my own wealth-building journey.

So here's the tentative schedule we have planned for the next few weeks: 

Monday, September 3rd – The Extra Income Project #1

Friday, September 4th – Tim's Update #3

Monday, September 10th – Rental Real Estate 101 Lesson #1

Wednesday, September 12th – Income for Life Lesson #1

Friday, September 14th – Tim's Update #4

Monday, September 17th – Retire Like a King Lifestyle #1

Wednesday, September 19th – The Palm Beach Lottery Portfolio #1

Friday, September 21st – Tim's Update #5

Note: This schedule may change. I'll let you know in my weekly update email if we're changing the schedule.  

Here's to your wealth-building efforts, 

Tim Mittelstaedt 

Member Liaison, Palm Beach Wealth Builders Club
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